?Running head: Becoming a chef and the responsibilities you must take Essay

Running head: Becoming a chef and the responsibilities you must take

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The reason people want to become a chef is because cooking is something they enjoy doing with the spare time that they have while at home or anywhere else , me personally have a good feeling that some would get far in life becoming a chef if they like to travel cause chef’s travel to places such as Italy, London, Europe, japan, China, Paris, and so on, those are places that a lot of people never visit…. Most people never left the united states and I know they want to see the whole world and want their family to be able to see it, becoming a chef is the best way some people will even have faith into doing those things.

Most people fail at becoming a chef because they don’t cultivate an awareness and appreciation of food and that’s where they fail at because you must look at food and see how and when it grows, the way it needs to be prepared, how to pair it to bring out flavors and if they do all those things then he or she will enjoy cooking, Without a passion for food, cooking will never be more than just a hobby to some people

Becoming a chef you must take the time to get exposure to the conditions, techniques, equipment, and culture that surround restaurant work, dedication is required to become a chef because everyone know in order to be successful at something you must be dedicated, without dedication you will eventually get bored at anything you’re doing and stop because everything gets boring at a certain point and life and those who stop, well that means they wasn’t with it from the start they was just doing something that others was doing, most great restaurants are clean in the dining area but inside they kitchen they use the motto “A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen and this kitchen is delirious”. Most people achieve that executive chef goal by going to college and cooking with the spare time that they have and doing just about anything that anybody else would to do achieve their goal, some fail at achieve their going cause there’s never a summer break in the culinary, know in advance that school’s out for the summer is not likely to happen. Keep this in mind and the chances to succeed are greater, another reason is some don’t have a good attitude and are not very open to learning everything possible and be respectful to everyone in the kitchen and they most likely get fired

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