A Case Study Of Factors Influencing Purchase Intention Marketing Essay

Introduction of survey

During the economic recession, consumers have to pass more economically and alter their ingestion behaviour. Food which people around the universe ab initio thinks of and enables people to salvage more is instant noodles which are really inexpensive and have diversified trade names and spirits. Therefore, the instant noodle market can do a batch of money when compared with other ingestion goods because consumers like to purchase and hive away the instant noodles during the economic recession period.

About every household in Thailand ever shop and eats the instant noodles as a repast or exigency nutrient. When people are hungry at dark and they want to salvage money, the instant noodles are their first pick. The survey of Nano Search Co. , Ltd showed that, at present, consumers buy and eat the instant noodles with which they have been familiar or a long clip. Thai people in all ages know the instant noodles in diversified trade names and original and new spirits which meet consumers ‘ demand.

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Most pupils at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi ( RMUTT ) have domiciles in assorted states while some pupils ‘ houses are from the university. Therefore, they have to populate in the residence halls outside and inside the university. As most pupils have no incomes, they have to salvage their outgo on ingestion. Therefore, the instant noodles are their first pick because there are several trade names and original and new spirits of the blink of an eye noodles which meet consumers ‘ demand. Therefore, the thought to larn about what events or factors impacting the ingestion of instant noodles pupils.

Instant noodle is really celebrated in Thailand. It has assortment of trade name and mark to many age scopes. Many kids love to eat instant noodle particularly non when they are non boiled. They eat it as bites.

Instantaneous noodles sold in ready-to-prepare bundles country popular industrially processed nutrient in Thailand. Six million bundles are produced each twenty-four hours, 80 % of which are made by merely three companies. Most are consumed domestically, although they are besides exported. In 1993instant noodle ingestion in Thailand was 30 battalions per capita [ Anonymous. Reaching the multitudes. Asia Pacific Food Industry 1996 ; 8:38-45. ] . Over 90 % of these instant noodles are of the deep-fried type, which are sometimes classified by faculty members as “ debris nutrient ” due to their high salt, fat, and carbohydrate content and low-quality protein. Therefore, the label on the bundle suggests adding meat or egg and veggies, which is the traditional manner of eating noodles in Thailand. However, because of incommodiousness, this suggestion is rarely practiced by consumers. Both males and females aged 15 to 49 old ages from all socio-economic strata in Thailand consume blink of an eye noodles. The ingestion of the merchandises harmonizing to the state ‘s parts and zones is shown in table 1. Forty-one per centum of the merchandises are consumed in Bangkok, at the same per centums as in up-country rural countries.

Table 1. Regional and zonary per centum distributions of instant noodles




Capital of thailand











Capital of thailand


Rest of state





Beginning: Thai President Foods Public Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand, 1996.

There are many trade names present i.e. MAMA, WAI WAI, YUM YUM, and etc. The instant noodle war is really competitory. As the information on 21st June, 2010, the leader trade name is MAMA of Thai President Food. It has market portion 53 per centum or around 5,000 Million Baht. Meanwhile WAI WAI- the market follower of Thai Preserved Food Factory takes merely 25 per centum [ www.banmuang.co.th ] . For MAMA cup, it has been grown by 50 % when comparison with the gross revenues at the same period last twelvemonth. That is the highest gross revenues volume during last 20 old ages. The growing in market value leaped in important degree in last 6 old ages, as seen in below tabular array.

Table 2: Market value of instant noodle


Market Value ( Million Baht )






5.26 %



15.00 %



4.35 %



-16.67 %



3.00 %

2. Statement of the research

Instant noodle is widely eaten all around Thailand. As we can see in intelligence during recession period, we will see in the intelligence maintain stating about “ Mama Index ” . The index is the entire ingestion of instant noodle.

The study is interested in buying behaviour of the pupils at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The research would wish to analyze the relationship of buying. The research is conducted within RMUTT and informations aggregation will be gathered from RMUTT pupil.

3. Research Aims

Aim of this research are listed as below ;

1. To analyze the ground for the purchase of instant noodles pupils.

2. To analyze the advertisement is to pull the ingestion of instant noodles pupils.

3. To analyze the satisfaction of the pupils in the appropriate monetary value and quality.

4. To analyze the satisfaction and popularity of the pupil with spirit of instant noodles.

4. Scope of the Research

We will analyze about instant noodles consumption behaviour of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Students by doing selected representative sample of 100 people resided in residence halls of internal and external university to take Questionnaires on assorted subjects related to the purchase of instant noodles such as the ground for the purchase, advertisement of instant noodle, appropriate monetary value and quality and spirit of pupil satisfaction. We will roll up informations to analyse the behaviour of pupils instant noodle ingestion.

5. Restrictions of the Research

Problem of informations mistakes may hold findings that do non fit world because the university has pupils many which representative samples are less than 10 % of all pupils. Researcher still has restrictions in footings of research and continuance of storage could non increase the figure of representative samples.

6. Significance of the Study

Significance of the survey about instant noodles consumption behaviour of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Students. To cognize what the factors impacting ingestion of pupils and pupils have any sentiment about the instant noodles today. To makers and distributers preliminary consequences of this survey can be used as guidelines for betterment of instant noodles better and for this research will enable pupils devour Instant noodles even more desirable. Provided the job and do suggestions, maker and distributer of lead analysis and action.

7. Definition of Footings

1. Instantaneous noodles means:

Product line which dwelling of noodles or cooked and partly cooked. Garniture different flavor.A Oil and flavorer in the appropriate ratio.A Packed in little envelopes. Entire containers and packaging in the sameA Cook without eating more than five proceedingss.

2. Economic recession agencies:

Lower economic growing sulky start trading conditions.A Sellers are lessA Operators to cut down production losingss due.A Consequences are the expiration of employment.A

3. Changing consumer behaviour agencies:

That the look of persons straight related to the usage of merchandises and economic waiter.A Process, including determinations impacting look.

Chapter 2 Literature reappraisal and old surveies

2.1Definition and Features of the Independent Variables

For the literatures reappraisals and related surveies portion, there are 3 major subdivisions as the followers:

Health Awareness

Health becomes a hot issue for today ‘s talk. There are many studies and intelligence that related to wellness attention. Peoples are concern to wellness more than by. As we can see from the merchandise which has sold in the market, they are presented as organic merchandise, non-chemical merchandises and many things those were labeled as chemical-free. There are some supermarkets that has organic corner. Furthermore a corner in the supermarket, there are supermarkets those sell merely organic food- Whole Food food market store. Whole nutrient has dedicate all the shop are to organic because there are many client that want to utilize organic merchandise as we can see from the gross revenues gross. The gross of Whole nutrient has climbed up every twelvemonth. It has increased by 70 % in past 4 twelvemonth ( Fiscal Year 2005 – 2009, beginning www.wholefood.com ) . It means there are many people interested in wellness more and more. Furthermore this tendency is still increasing.

Monetary value

The survey found that instant noodles are a low cost of production is sold on the inexpensive, but in footings of nutrient quality noodles are semi-successful low nutritionary value, if excessively many consumers will negatively impact the body.A Student RMUTT take into history the monetary value and quality instead than measure of nutrient.


Convenience is easy to purchase and easy to eat. Instant noodle has convenience as its point of gross revenues. Convenience besides means easy to purchase.


Income is money which is paid to the pupil. It means money that has paid by their parents, by employer of their portion clip occupations and other ways.

2.2 Theories Related to the Independent Variable ( s )

2.2.1 Health consciousness

Food safety is an of import issue that has shown a thoughtful consequence on the consumer ‘s behaviour in the nutrient industry. Besides the turning consciousness about wellness & A ; wellness play an of import function in act uponing the consumers demand for healthy nutrient merchandises. Peoples are concern to wellness more and more every twenty-four hours. Junk nutrient is suggested non to take excessively much particularly taking balance dietary. Besides many organisations promote wellness consciousness to the populace. Regular breakfast feeding, physical activity and regular slumber forms were associated with good Quality of life among early striplings [ Chen, 2005 ] . Unhealthy sleep wonts are increasing and related to several other behavioural and emotional jobs among kids [ Lui et Al, 2002 ] . In add-on, although protein-energy malnutrition in Thailand has lessened in badness over the past 10 old ages, lacks of certain micronutrients, such as I, chainss, and vitamin A, are still important. Among the many control and bar schemes that have been implemented, munition of industrially processed nutrients is now emerging as potentially of import, since a turning trust on such nutrients by the Thai people has arisen due to the state ‘s quickly spread outing industrialized and cash-based market economic system. One such nutrient is the instant noodle, which is acceptable, available, and low-cost in Thailand. Woman with high age, high instruction has positive consequence on consumer likeliness to concern on wellness [ Wied, 2006 ] .

2.2.2 Monetary value

First, the noodles fabrication is confronting ferocious competition domestically because of rapid development of alternate nutrient. The instant noodle market is making adulthood position, decelerating growing. That is to state, operators have to develop new merchandises to spur purchasing sentiment. To avoid competition, operators should construct a sound trade name image and reenforce selling schemes and trade names to increase gross revenues. A big grade of convergence in noodle merchandises should cheer houses to better their abilities to command costs in order to guarantee net incomes. Furthermore, operators should besides trust on joint purchases to cover with surging monetary values of natural stuffs. First-tier houses may trust on parent companies ‘ resources, while little and average endeavors on joint-purchases to take down costs. Next the cost of a 55-g bundle of instant noodles is merely 3.50 to 4.00 tical ( US $ 0.14-0.16 ) , whereas one helping of Thai fast nutrient costs at least 10-15 tical ( US $ 0.50-0.60 ) . This monetary value increased in October 1996 after staying at about 3.00 tical ( US $ 0.12 ) for about 16 old ages. The monetary value was antecedently fixed because of high market competition. Instantaneous noodles are a low-profit-margin merchandise, but they can be distributed to consumers all over the state. While The attitude distribution study found that the mark clients of instant rice noodle merchandise had attitude types chiefly belongs to Reformer and Mainstreamer category. These types of attitude categories had a important correlativity to the merchandise features of centripetal quality, added nutrition, convenience and monetary value. Such information could be used for merchandise communicating. Furthermore in Thailand, the cost of a 55-g bundle is about 5 tical, whereas one helping of Thai fast nutrient costs at least 20 – 25 tical. Instantaneous noodles are hence an low-cost dish for people of all socioeconomic degrees. And In the United States, the cost of a volumetric feeder varies widely between US $ 5,000 and 7,000, while that of a thread or paddle Blender/mixer varies between US $ 9,000 and 15,000. This equipment, nevertheless, may be available locally at lower monetary values. Following to Instant nutrient go more and more necessity in fast gait ages. Instant noodle and rice etc. are featured as the virtues of low monetary value and convenience but the demerits of high-calorie and nutrition deficit. In China, the major consumers of instant noodle can be divided into two classs: one is travellers and the other is individual young persons, such as university pupils and so on. In China, the monetary value of instant noodle packed with bag is below two Yuan ( 0.29 USD ) and the monetary value of instant noodle packed with bowl is less than four Yuan ( 0.58 USD ) . However, the mean monetary value of a counter is more than eight Yuan ( 1.14 USD ) in the large metropoliss in China. In 2008, the gross revenues volumes of Chinese instant noodle, rice and vermicelli were over 5.5 million dozenss valued at least 6 billion USD, in which instant noodle accounted for about 95 % market portion of gross revenues volumes and 90 % market portion of gross revenues grosss. However The monetary values of instant noodles have scale up with the addition in the monetary values of basic stuff including the chief basic stuff – wheat flour. Now the monetary values of instant noodle have risen to more than Rp 1,000 per 60-68 gm battalion. As the latent demand for instant noodles in India is non existent or historic sale nor is a latent demand future sale. In fact, latent demand can be either lower or higher than existent gross revenues if a market is inefficient ( i.e. , non representative of comparatively competitory degrees ) . Inefficiencies arise from a figure of factors, including the deficiency of international openness, cultural barriers to ingestion, ordinances, and cartel-like behaviour on the portion of houses. In general, nevertheless, latent demand is typically larger than existent gross revenues in a market. Finally, the domestic participants hold the advantages of lower cost of production and distribution, competitory retail monetary values, local cognition and web, but they are comparatively weak in gustatory sensation, assortment, advertisement and packaging.

2.2.3 Convenience

There are many grounds that people eating. Hungry is the basic ground but there are many others. For illustration want to eat, convenience, follow the co-worker. However the ground for eating instant noodle may be a spot different. Nano research found that the behaviour of consumers of instant noodles is “ I think eating ” 22.8 per centum followed by “ hungry ” and 16.3 per centum, “ to salvage money ” and 15.6 per centum from the behaviour of purchasing instant noodles with assorted sizes that the enquiry found. As we know that instant noodle is semi-cooked nutrient. One of its gross revenues points is convenience. It aims to be convenience food- ready to cook and cook to eat. Major cooking methods for instant noodle are as below.

Tear the bundle

Put the noodle into a bowl

Tear all ingredient which contain in the bundle

Pour hot H2O into the bowl

Near the palpebra

Wait for instant noodle for 3 proceedingss

Enjoy the blink of an eye noodle

The waiting clip is 3 proceedingss, the waiting clip is faster than cooking or purchasing the nutrient. Convenience besides means easy to purchase. Instantaneous noodle can be found in every food market store. Not merely in papa-mama store to super hyper shop.

2.2.4 Income

Instant noodle in Thailand has known as low monetary value nutrient. It has indicated the economic in Thailand. The index is really celebrated. It is called “ MAMA Index ” . This index ever converted with economic system position. When the index has risen, Thai economic is about falling down. Low income people who have money deficit will increase purchasing instant noodle.

2.3 Critical Analysis/Discussion of the Theories Related to the Dependent Variables

Kent Wolfe, Marketing Analyst, the University of Georgia stated that “ purchase determination ” occurs when the consumer really makes the purchase. It includes the merchandise, method of payment, bundle, location of purchase and all other factors that are associated with buying the merchandise.

2.4 Discussion of the Dependent Variables

This measure is straight influenced by sellers. If the selling run was effectual, consumers purchase the merchandise. Sellers have an impact on this part of the procedure by their interaction with consumers. Advertising straight impacts the purchase determination by exciting consumers ‘ consciousness of a demand, supplying relevant merchandise information and assisting them measure the merchandise and derive that this is their best purchase option.

2.5 Relationship of the independent variable to the Dependent variable.

Research indicate that consumers will step behaviour of instant noodles are consumed.

When pupil demand to eat instant noodles

Student will demand to purchase noodles semi

Finished signifier and the buying behaviour

Student to compare the suitableness of the monetary value

And some pupil will considerA the nutritionary value

And these factors will ensue in Instant noodle ingestion Behavior

of RMUTT Students

2.6 Previous Surveies

Nano Search company, survey about the behaviour of instant noodles were consumed.

A The sample is 48.0 per centum male and 52.0 per centum female, age scope can be classified into 3 age scope is 18-25 old ages old accounted for 63.0 percent age 26-35 old ages accounted for 34.5 per centum and over 35. in per centum 2.5 severally of the sample income non transcending 10,000 baht per cent 36.0 Income 10,001 – 15,000 tical per cent 28.5 and more than 15,000 per centum 35.5 for instruction grade Most degree 93.0 per centum severally, followed. Education Secondary School. / Secondary and Vocational / associate professionals, severally, private companies and 64.0 per cent to group pupils accounted for 17.5 per centum. The survey of the behaviour of consumers of instant noodles that In the grounds for eating instant noodles found a ground to eat it. “ I think eating ” 22.8 per centum severally, followed by “ hungry ” and 16.3 per centum, to salvage money “ and 15.6 per centum from the behaviour of purchasing instant noodles with assorted size that the enquiry found. Consumers have to purchase popular instant noodle. Pack a little 46.0 per centum and purchase a large bag. 24.0 per centum and purchase a battalion ( envelope ) of 24.0 per cent portion at the same topographic point to purchase instant noodles at a regular topographic point to purchase it. Revealed that location was purchased by the bulk is convenience shop, such as 7-11 as 54.0 per centum severally, followed. Department shop retail / wholesale ( District Council ‘s Department Store ) as Lotus, Big C, , etc. stand foring 14.5 per centum of the retail and on-line shops. Percentage 13.5, severally, for the cost of purchasing instant noodles per month, it was found that the cost to buy per month, about up to 50 per month, per cent 46.0 and more than 100 Baht per centum per month. And from 31.0 to ask about buying behaviour of consumers of instant noodles that With the behaviour. “ Buy the original trade name new gustatory sensation, but ” each clip a purchase. Percent. 53.0 severally, followed. The behaviour of buying trade name new But gustatory sensation is taste the same. Percentage. 20.0 and for the demand to hold instant noodles at place ever on them. Consumers see that Necessary to hold instant noodles on the house ever 68.0 per centum and 32.0 per centum, merely to see that non merely have to hold instant noodles in the house on the of import factors in determinations to purchase instant noodles, it was found that the chief factor. “ The good gustatory sensation / odor / gustatory sensation 24.9 per centum severally, followed. The advertisement media. 10.3 per cent and can be purchased easy Available online.6.9 per centum and the appropriate topic of enquiry in footings of quality and monetary value to purchase instant noodle. Found that most consumers agree on the appropriate monetary value and quality of the noodle-half old ages at Sam Century Direct gross revenues in general and the ground for that. “ Low-cost quality ” that consumers “ monetary value was good / non expensive ” and 58.1 per centum “ full power good ” 12.9 per centum.

3.2 Conceptual Model


Health Awareness

Purpose to buy instant noodle of RMUTT


Monetary value


Income of the pupil

3.3 Research Hypothesis

Ho1- There is no relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward gender.

Ha1- There is relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward gender.

Ho2- There is no relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward monetary value.

Ha2- There is relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward monetary value.

Ho3- There is no relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward convenience.

Ha3- There is relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward convenience.

Ho4- There is no relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward income.

Ha4- There is relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward income.

Ho5- There is no relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward wellness consciousness.

Ha5- There is relationship between purposes to buy instant noodle of RMUTT Students toward wellness consciousness.

3.4 Operationalization of the Independent and Dependent Variables

Dependent variable

Nominal Definition

Operational Definition

Degree of Measurement

Buying Decision

Action occurred when the consumer really makes the purchase.

Consumers decide to purchase CP ready meal merchandise.

Interval Scale

Dimensions ( Ten )

( Conceptual Definition )

( Operation Definition )

Degree of Measurement

Health Awareness

Bing cognizant of how your organic structure looks and feels and what is normal for you and to detect any alterations.

Scoring on consumers wellness consciousness by utilizing questionnaire to be evaluated by Likert Scale

Interval Scale

Monetary value

Monetary value of instant nutrient

Price is low

Ordinal Scale


Easy to purchase and easy eat

Merchandise can be found easy

Interval Scale

Merchandise can be eaten easy

Interval Scale


Money received, particularly on a regular footing, for work or through investings

Divide into two group

1 ) Less than 6,000

2 ) More than 6,000

Ordinal Scale

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