A First Queen Of England English Literature Essay

England had many Queens and Kings but one Queen of England truly standout during the reign of England. Catherine of Aragon was the first Queen of England married to King Henry VIII.

During the reign of England Catherine of Aragon and King Henry VIII had some problem in their matrimony that led to each holding misgiving in God.

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December 16, 1485 Catherine was born at Archbishop ‘s Palace in Alcala de Henares to Madrid. King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile the parents of Catherine. Catherine was the lone lasting kid. The English Royal house Catherine was descended from her great grandmother Catherine of Lancaster.

Alessandro Geraldine was a coach who instructed Catherine. She studied the classics, faith, Latin histories, civil jurisprudence and family tree. Catherine spiritual was strong on religion which would major subsequently on in her life. She spoke Gallic, Grecian and learned to read, and compose in Spanish and Latin. Catherine was taught domestic accomplishments to intertwine devising, point lace, dancing.

Arthur Prince of Wales was considered a suited married woman for Catherine. Arthur Prince of Wales the eldest boy of Henry VII of England. Due to her female parent Queen Isabella I of Castile, Catherine was heir to the throne. Catherine had a strong claim to the English throne. After Catherine and Arthur married, Arthur passed off five months subsequently.

After the decease of Arthur Catherine considered herself a widow. Henry VII considered Catherine to get married his boy Henry Duke of York. Henry Duke of York was five old ages younger so Catherine. Seven old ages subsequently after Prince Arthur ‘s decease Catherine married Henry VIII on June 11, 1509.

In order for Catherine to get married Arthur ‘s brother Henry, the Pope had to allow them a suspension of the canon jurisprudence. Harmonizing to the canon jurisprudence, a adult male was non allow to get married their brother ‘s widow that being said the jurisprudence besides said that a matrimony was non valid until it had been consummated so in order for Catherine to acquire the Pope to give a suspension of the canon jurisprudence, she testified that her matrimony with Arthur had ne’er been consummated. ( Starkey, pg. 62 )

Henry VIII who merely acceded to the throne married Catherine in a private ceremonial at the Greenwich Church. Catherine was five old ages older so Henry VIII when they got married he was crown male monarch when he was 18, at the clip Catherine was 23.

On Saturday 23 of June Catherine and Henry VIII attended the traditional Eve of Coronation was greeted by a big crowd. June 24, 1509 Princess Catherine and Henry VII was anointed and crowned at a ceremonial at Westminster Abbey by Archbishop of Canterbury. In the Westminster Hall was a feast after the enthronement.

( Triplett, Giles. pg 72 )

In the same month Catherine attended many societal occasions showing the new Queen of England to the populace. Catherine made a all right feeling and the individual of England was glad she was Queenaˆ¦

January 31, 1510 Catherine gave birth to a abortive girl, she was prematurely.

On New Years Day, 1511 Catherine had a boy Henry Duke of Cornwall, he lived merely 52 yearss. Catherine became pregnant once more in 1513, she had lost another boy, and he had died after birth. Prince Henry was born in December of 1514, but died shortly after he was born. It was February 1516 Catherine eventually delivered a healthy babe miss name Mary I. Catherine became pregnant for the last clip, she gave birth to a miss on November 10 but

the babe miss was really weak and lived a twosome of hours before gluing off. The entire times Catherine was pregnant was six times.

( Gelardi, Julia P. pg 56 )

Catherine was no longer to bear kids at her age. Henry VIII was genuinely disquieted because he had no boies to inherit the throne. Of class Henry was non childless but a girl was non the inheritor he needed, was a boy. Henry VIII started to believe that his matrimony was cursed. He started to hold uncertainty in God because what the bible says, which he interpreted to state that “ if a adult male marries his brother ‘s married woman, the twosome will be childless. ” ( Gelardi, pg 58 ) Henry believes that the scriptural transition in the bible meant that their matrimony was incorrect in God ‘s oculus.

King Henry VIII looked at the text in Levities which straight refers to his ain life.

“ My trials are so great, my life so disturbed by the programs daily invented the King ‘s wicked purpose, the surprises which the King gives me, with certain individuals of his council, are so mortal, and my intervention is what God knows, that it is adequate to shorten 10 lives, much more mine. ” Henry VIII ( Lewis, Jone Johnson. pg 92 )

Henry now steadfastly believed that his matrimony had been doomed from the start with. He began believing how he could invalidate the matrimony.

Henry believes the bible straight contradicted their matrimony ; the royal matrimonies had been annuled for far less. The Pope at the clip of Henry and Catherine matrimony had right to over govern their matrimony. Catherine was kept in the dark do to their matrimony for every bit long as the King could pull off it. Catherine knew of the love affair between her hubby Henry VIII and mistress Boleyn.

While Catherine was in the dark she knew that Henry was avoiding her company. King Henry VIII ever had respected Catherine but his love for her had stopped.

Catherine turned to the Spanish embassador and close friends at tribunal for support.

Catherine encouraged Mary, her girl to be protected in her rights as princess and future Queen. Mary lost her male parent ‘s favour and was forbidden to see or even see her female parent. In 1533 Henry did the lone thing he could to stop the matrimony between Catherine an him, he rejected the writer of the sanctum and declared himself Supreme caput of New England Church.

Catherine would mention herself as Henry ‘s merely respectful wedded married woman and England ‘s faithful Queen.

Henry VIII refused to give her the rights to any rubric but “ Dowager Princess of Wales ” in the replacing acknowledgment of her place and his brother widow.

Catherine went to populate at The More Castle in the winter ; in 1535 she was transferred to Kimbolton Castle for she would non hold any contact with her girl Mary.

Catherine was permitted to have visitants and forbidden to see her girl and communicate in composing but sympathisers discreetly letters between them two, do to the up coming tribunal day of the month.

Henry offered both Catherine and Mary better Turners and permission to see each other if they would knowledge Anne Boleyn as his new Queen and married woman. Catherine and Mary both refused to knowledge Anne Boleyn as Queen of England because Catherine was still Queen of England at the clip.

In late December 1535 about to her decease Catherine made her will and wrote to her nephew, the Emperor Charles V inquiring if he would protect her girl Mary and to do certain she gets her heritage right to Queen.

On January 7, 1536 Catherine pasts off at Kimbolton Castle. The following twosome of yearss the intelligence of Catherine ‘s decease reached the King Henry VIII. There were rumours at the clip that she had been poisoned by Anne. At the same clip rumours were that Anne had threatened to slay both Catherine and Mary, on different occasions. The medical experts are in understanding that the cause of Catherine decease was her bosom ‘s jobs non due to poisoning but by malignant neoplastic disease. Catherine was buried at Peterborough Cathedral with the ceremonial by Dowager Princess of Wales. Henry did non go to the funeral and forbid Mary to go to her female parent funeral.

Make to Henry VIII holding uncertainty and misgiving in God he lost the love of his life and decided to get married person else to bear a boy.

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