A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius

The scene begins with a sense of unhappiness and an overpowering feeling that something atrocious is about to go on. We are foremost introduced to Dave, a adolescent of merely We subsequently find out that Dave ‘s female parent is easy deteriorating due to malignant neoplastic disease, as Dave takes us through every tormenting item of his female parent ‘s painful journey, we learn that she is n’t the lone one pestilence vitamin D with this atrocious disease.The male parent, who has a long history of smoke and imbibing, dies due to lung malignant neoplastic disease, but manages to maintain it a secret from his household.

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Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? “ mill ” , field, unfertile, lifeless, non someplace you ‘d voluntarily desire to be

aˆ? Societal force per unit area is taking a toll on the Eggers ‘ household, particularly Dave

aˆ?Dave ‘s choler and defeat towards the people of society for non genuinely understanding what his household is traveling through

aˆ? Dave fantasizes of gruesomely slaying the people who are fortunate plenty to non be enduring through the hurting of a loved one plagued with malignant neoplastic disease

aˆ? Dave describes his female parent as a strong willed adult females who is willing to contend for her household and “ protect what she cares about ” ( pg 16 )

aˆ?Dave says “ our house sits on a swallow hole. Our house is the one being swept up in the twister, the small train- set theoretical account house drifting impotently, pitiably around in the ululation black funnel. ” ( pg 17 )

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

Puting -As we are foremost introduced to this narrative, the writer instantly starts off by depicting the scene, which tells us merely how of import it is. This feeling that he envelops in readers in merely the first few sentences leaves reader ‘s feeling uneasy and the sense that something bad is about to go on.

Plot -it reveals the struggle between Dave and the community as he feels his household is being watched invariably, their sense of privateness within the community is gone

Plot -the struggle with people in the society develops as Dave ‘s choler and defeat additions

Imaginative Characteristics -it shows Dave ‘s devotedness to his household and how much he cares for them, he shows this by utilizing imagination of slaying the people who know about their household ‘s state of affairs in a humorous sick and bloodstained manner

Character Development ( Dave ) -he has an interesting manner of depicting his feelings towards his household, but it shows his true nature and personality — he is non afraid of showing himself otherwise

Character Development ( Dave ‘s ma ) -she is a loving and caring ma who would set her household ‘s demands before her ain and do whatever it takes to support their safety and wellbeing

Imaginative Characteristics -uses imagination to assist readers visualise the province of hurt and catastrophe the household is traveling through

-of all houses it had to be theirs that was plagued with decease and unhappiness and they have no control over it, waiting impotently


aˆ? ” Through the little tall bathroom window the December pace is grey and scratchy, the trees calligraphic. ” ( pg 1 )

aˆ? “ But the household room, the lone room where any of us has of all time spent any clip, has ever been, for better or worse, the ultimate contemplation of our true dispositions. It ‘s ever been jumbled, the furniture viing, with clenched dentitions and crisp cubituss, for the award of the Most Wrong-looking Object. ” ( pg 6 )

aˆ? “ Everyone knows. Everyone is speaking. Waiting. ” ( pg14 )

aˆ? “ I have programs for them, the nosy, the inquisitive, the pitying ; have developed luxuriant phantasies for those who would see us as grotesque, hapless, our state of affairs chitchat booklet. ” ( pg 14 )

aˆ? “ I picture strangulations-Tsk tsk, I hear she’sgurgle! -neck breakings-what will go on to that hapless small bo-crack! – I picture kicking organic structures as they lie curled on the land, ptyalizing blood as they-Jesus Christ, Jesus sleep togethering Christ, I ‘m regretful, I ‘m regretful! -beg for clemency… . ” ( pg 14 )

aˆ? “ We are ready. We are non ready. Peoples know. ” ( pg 17 )


-This quotation mark reveals the ambiance which envelops the narrative for illustration, the pace described as “ grey and abrasive ” gives the feeling that this is an uneasy and instead bland ambiance

-The winter scene could stand for the character, Dave ‘s feelings of being frozen, mentioning to clip standing still

-It could besides typify loss of hope or even decease

-The trees are described as “ calligraphic ” which is a signifier of ocular art, this could be interpreted as an unreal, dreamlike vision that Dave wishes he was seeing

-This quotation mark reveals the province of pandemonium and confusion the household is in due to this atrocious destiny. Dave describes this feeling in reader ‘s when he says that the household room reflects the household ‘s province of being

-This quotation mark reveals the milieus of the Egger ‘s household, the force per unit area of society observation, detecting their every move. Knowing that one twenty-four hours their household will interrupt apart and they will be able to watch the devastation of this household.

-This quotation mark reveals Dave ‘s emotional province at this point, his fury towards society, whether it be the people who are nosey and ca n’t assist but acquire into others ‘ concern or those who feel sorry for this household, whatever the ground Dave is enraged by these people.

-Perhaps they are giving him force per unit area by being watched or possibly Dave is covetous that these people do n’t hold to endure through this atrocious state of affairs every bit good

-This quotation mark reveals Dave ‘s ill temper, bloodstained sense of imaginativeness when it comes to depicting his feelings about his household.

-It shows his devotedness and echt attention for his household as he ‘s willing to make anything for them -he would kill for their ain safety and protection

-Personality is really protective and

-This quotation mark reveals the household ‘s emotional province of confusion and feelings of freak out as they can are diffident of their province of head in this state of affairs

-This quotation mark connects to the subject of decease and loss because the Egger ‘s know that it ‘s merely a affair of clip before their female parent breathes her last breath

Part II -Please expression. Can you see us, ETC.

Short Summary:

After the sudden deceases of both parents, merely five hebdomads apart, the three eldest kids are left with detention of their younger brother, Toph. Dave and Beth decide to sell their place in Illinois, there are merely excessively many memories and minutes of felicity and unhappiness in that place that traveling on would be impossible. They decide to travel to California trusting to get away their awful yesteryear and get down a new life, the three unrecorded under one roof. Since Dave graduated from college he devotes his full summer to Toph seeking to do up for the unhappiness in the old winter. Meanwhile Beth prepares for jurisprudence school and Kirsten, Dave ‘s girlfriend hunts for a occupation. Dave finds it hard to be fit in with society, as he is diffident what to name himself now, is he a female parent, male parent, brother, or all of the above. At Toph ‘s small league game he tries to take on the function of “ individual female parent ” but realizes that he could ne’er suit in like the other female parents and that he ‘ll ever be different.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Setting- the sublease that Dave, Beth, Kirsten and Toph live in is wholly foul, struggle between the three of them about hygiene

aˆ? The “ snappy game ” that Dave and Toph play where Toph pretends to be the kid being abused and Dave the parent who is floging him with the belt

aˆ? Dave calls the parents of Toph ‘s schoolmates

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-This province that their life in represents their interior pandemonium and confusion that they ‘re all traveling through as a consequence of their parents ‘ sudden deceases

-Reveals conflict edifice between the characters as they are put to the ultimate challenge of life together without parental assistance and counsel

-This game reveals both of their emotions and their personality, they play this game for the amusement of feigning to be parent and kid contending when in fact they are genuinely taking on those functions

-Their personalities are both cockamamie and hideous as they find this game really amusive and merriment

-He does this as a buffoonery to other child ‘s in Toph ‘s category who do n’t to the full understand Toph ‘s hard state of affairs and what he ‘s gone through so Dave teaches them a lesson by informing their parents of this behavior


aˆ? “ They worry for us. I worry for us. I worry that any infinitesimal someone-the constabulary, a kid warfare bureau, a wellness inspector, person — will split in and collar me, or possibly merely jostle me around, make merriment of me, name me bad names, and so take Toph off. ”

( pg 82 )

aˆ? ” We are ever tardily, ever half done. All school signifiers need to be sent twice, and I have to manus them in late. ”

( pg 83 )

aˆ? “ They are scared. They are covetous. We are hapless. We are stars. We are either sad and sallow or we are glamourous and new. ” ( pg 96 )

aˆ? “ But we! -we are great looking! We have manner, which is mussy, dapper, yet so intriguingly so, remarkable. We are new and everyone else is old. ” ( pg 96 )

aˆ? “ My end, a end I candidly


-This quotation mark reveals the confusion and concern that Dave feels taking on the function of his parents so that Toph can populate a life every bit normal as it can be

-This quotation mark connects to the subject of loss as we are shown how hard a clip this was on all of their lives ‘ and how it ‘s get downing to impact them

-This quotation mark reveals the unorganised disorientated province Dave is in as he is freshly seting to parentage, it shows us merely how unready Dave was to take on this function

-At Toph ‘s unfastened house they realize merely how different they are from the remainder, everyone is either a parent or kid, no other. They stand out in either a good or bad manner.

-Shows the impetus between them and the society, they feel isolated because they are non the typical “ household ”

-Reveals Dave ‘s laid back unorganised manner and how he chooses to raise Toph populating under these conditions

Part III: The enemies list, ETC.

Short Summary:

They shortly find out that populating under one roof is non desirable or good to either of them, so they decide to travel into separate topographic points. Beth and Kirsten find separate topographic points in Berkley, while Dave and Toph move into a little house. We are introduced to Dave ‘s enemies list, which is based on girlfriends unfit to be an influence to Toph. Dave tries to happen a manner to integrate Toph in every bit good, doing certain he is ever holding merriment. But if at any clip Dave feels this individual is unworthy of Toph ‘s presence they are automatically considered an enemy to him.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave and Kirsten are taking a interruption which they ‘ve twice already, he explains that he could bask freedom and travel out but alternatively he chooses to remain with Toph

aˆ?Enemies list Dave has made is based on Toph ‘s best purposes in head, Dave no longer thinks that his ain sentiment about that individual affairs, every bit long as they are unfit to be around Toph, they are every bit good to him

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-Reveals how much Dave attention ‘s for Toph, giving up his former socialite and partying scene for the individual parent function

-Reveals subject of household, what Dave is willing to give for Toph ‘s benefit of turning up without people that are unfit to be near Toph


aˆ? “ Beth and I are still believing it ‘s excessively early to go forth Toph with anyone but household that to make otherwise would do him to experience unwanted and entirely, taking to the warping of his fragile psycheaˆ¦ ” ( pg 106 )

aˆ? “ The no baby-sitter regulation is merely one of many, so so many, all necessary to maintain this thing together, maintain it from whirling out of control. ” ( pg 107 )

aˆ? “ As for my ain dating, if I am traveling out on something like a day of the month, and wee travel out early, and the day of the month involves an activity that Toph might bask, so of class Toph comes along ” ( pg 107 )


-This quotation mark reveals motive for taking attention of Toph and non desiring anyone else to make it but them

-Shows they have Toph ‘s best purposes at bosom and that they have put a batch of idea into this determination

-Reveals their concerns about go forthing Toph with a alien

-does n’t desire Toph to turn up losing more members of household than he already has

-Reveals Dave ‘s willingness to give up everything he had including dating to his new precedence, Toph.

-He even incorporates him into his day of the months and attempts to entertain Toph alternatively of the adult females he is dating at that point in clip.

Part IV-Oh I could be traveling out, certain

Short Summary:

Dave is presently taking a interruption from dating Kristen. This gives Dave a opportunity to travel out but is paranoid because he does non hold a baby-sitter for Toph. Dave creates a set of regulations to for any future girlfriend that he dates. All of these regulations evolve around how Toph gets treated. Dave said that Beth and her group of friends are non allowed anyplace near Toph merely because her friends tend to speak about how they got rummy among other topic. Dave believes that if Toph is surrounded by Beth and her friends, Toph will larn their bad imposts. Besides, the “ day of the month individual ” would non seek to “ understand ” Dave ‘s state of affairs. By state of affairs this means speaking about Dave ‘s dead parents and seeking to state him that they understand.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ?Rules sing dating


What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-This reveals the subject of household since Dave does non desire to day of the month for Toph ‘s interest. Besides, Dave makes a set of regulations for himself if dating. These regulations are to forestall Toph from seeing that Dave will day of the month anybody.

-Dave concerns when he leaves Toph with a baby-sitter. This is because Dave believes that the baby-sitter will make something incorrect.


aˆ? “ If the star of the something-like-a-date expresses any reserves about holding Toph along, she is clearly a really bad individual. If she thinks that because Toph is brought along to dinner, that it means I like her lupus erythematosus, that he is functioning as some sort of buffer, so she is ill-conceived and egoistic and besides a bad individual. If when she comes over she inquiries anything about the province of the house- ” Oh God, there ‘s nutrient under the sofa! ” or even “ Holy unmarried man tablet! “ -or worse, any parental determinations made in her company or otherwise, she is foremost glared at in Toph ‘s presence, subsequently lectured out of his earreach… .. and how dare they say anything these people, these lotus-eating simpletons who have ne’er known battle, who would ne’er oppugn other parents ” ( pg 107-108 )

aˆ? “ You do n’t hold to transport this alone ( pg 108 ) . ”


-Describes all the people Dave consider to be “ really bad people to day of the month ” every feature of the ground for thought they are bad is in consideration for Toph non Dave ‘s ain grounds for disliking that individual in peculiar

-He says these people are non able to understand their state of affairs and grok the type of devotedness and work it takes to care of a kid

-It reveals that Dave ‘s universe now revolves around Toph and what is good to Toph ‘s life, non his ain anymore

Part V -Outside it ‘s blue-black and acquiring darker, ETC.

Short Summary:

Toph ‘s new baby-sitter Stephen comes to take attention of Toph. While Stephen is with Toph, Dave decides to take a interruption from place so he goes to this saloon. At first, Dave is really relaxed at traveling out but so he starts to worry. In the saloon he meets tonss of friends in the saloon including John who besides lost his parents. Dave feels comfy with his friends because it reminds him of the ties in Chicago. John starts to inquire about Toph but Dave changes the topic because he does n’t desire to speak about him. Dave besides meets this miss named Jenna. Dave starts to do up narratives about his life. After he finishes his narrative he goes directly place because he is worried about Toph.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ?Stepping off from being “ the parent ”

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-In this subdivision, we see that Dave is taking a interruption from remaining place. After go forthing Toph with a baby-sitter, although still worried, he leaves to travel to a saloon.


aˆ? “ I ‘ve risked everything for this ( pg 133 ) ? ”


-Dave says this while he is in the saloon. He says this because he sees that everyone around him is relaxed and holding a good clip. Dave is non holding merriment because he is worried about Toph at place and whether or non the baby-sitter is taking attention of him.

Part VI -When we hear the intelligence at first

Short Summary:

A magazine is made with the aid of Dave ‘s friends. The age scope for the magazine is for 20 twelvemonth olds. While working on the magazine, Dave wants to seek out for a topographic point on the MTV show. MTV host wants to inquire him how Dave ‘s life is and everything. These inquiries that are asked makes Dave believe decently about his state of affairs with everything that is traveling on about his life.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ?Taking attention of Toph

aˆ?Talking about his male parent and female parent

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-While MTV is inquiry we besides start to understand what the character traits is for Dave.

-Near the terminal of the inquiring, Dave starts to speak about his male parent and female parent. Dave ‘s male parent used to acquire rummy and his female parent used to hit him.


aˆ? ” I am emboldened by young person, unchained and hopeful, though inextricably tied to the past and future by my beautiful brother, who is portion of both. Can you non see that we are extraordinary? That we were meant for something else, something more? All of this did non happened to us for nothing, I can guarantee you – there is no logic to that, there is logic merely in presuming that we suffered for a ground. Just give us our due ( pg 236 ) . ”


-Near the terminal, Dave says he is extraordinary. This is because although he has suffered since his parents died, he is seeking to be the best parent for Toph.

Part VII-Stupid show.

Short Summary:

Dave does non acquire picked for the show. Alternatively the show chooses Judd, a cartoonist. When Judd sends Mightmagazine a group of his sketchs and asks to be a subscriber, Dave jumps at the opportunity to interviewhim, cognizing that the show ‘s cameras would be required to follow him. Dave and his fellow editors have several meetings with Judd. The meetings are everyday and evidently contrived for the cameras, but they do pull off to look on one of the episodes of the show. Dave and his fellow editors decide to hold another bare exposure shoot, this clip with the thought of demoing how different everyone ‘s organic structures are. More people agree to the shoot since Dave promises that their faces will non be shown and they can maintain on their underclothes.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave seeking to conceive of Toph when he is older

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-Character is shown though this duologue. When Dave imagines Toph to be older he wants Toph to be proud that Dave raised him decently.


aˆ? “ I ‘ll ne’er bury my brother, who tried so difficult and enduring so long, lifted me over the caputs of the multitude to run into my fate ( page 291 ) . ”


-While conceive ofing Toph going the president, Dave believes that Toph would state these words because he believes that Toph will go an graven image when he grows up.

Part VIII-We ca n’t make anything about the body waste on the floor.

Short Summary:

In the thick of being kicked out of their office, Mightputs out an issue that includes editor-created awards for made-up famous persons. One of these “ famous persons ” is a musician that the telecasting show, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? now wants to engage to be on their show. Amused by the misinterpretation, Mighteditors set up the visual aspect without stating the show ‘s manufacturer their gag. Acerate leaf to state, the instrumentalist does non demo up. Dave and Kirsten, who have been dating away and on since go forthing Illinois, have eventually broken up and Kirsten has moved to San Francisco. At this point, Beth has graduated from jurisprudence schooland taken a occupation with a jurisprudence house in San Francisco. Beth decides to travel in with Kirsten.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave speaking with Toph

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-This besides reveals Dave ‘s turning character because Dave does n’t desire to straight inquire Toph when speaking about issues. Alternatively, Dave is really elusive when speaking to Toph


aˆ? “ I weigh my options carefully and, because I am a maestro of scheme, make up one’s mind that the lone manner to acquire any information at all is to add every bit small as possible in the manner of, say, ridicule to the conversation ( page 299 ) . ”


-This “ equivocation ” technique is seen throughout the book. This method ensures that Toph will open up to Dave. If Dave asks straight, Dave believes that Toph will non be as honest.

Part IX-Robert Urich says no.

Short Summary:

Dave and his fellow editors have come up with the thought of doing fun famous person necrologies by running a bogus necrology for a life famous person. Dave and his squad contact several histrions whose callings are on a down slide and can utilize that type of promotion, but none show involvement until they contact Adam Rich. Adam Rich, who is on the show Eight is Enough, agrees to be killed off by the magazine. The magazine runs a full spread in the magazine, claimingRich has been murdered. Right off they begin to acquire response from telecasting shows and other magazines, but are forced to acknowledge the gag when they can non turn out their narrative. Adam ‘s friends and household are traumatized by the article, believing its claims until they see Adam face to face.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave attempts to understand why Toph is moving the manner he is.

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-Throughout the narrative, we bit by bit see that Toph is acting otherwise. This shows Toph ‘s inward struggle.


aˆ? “ You like you ‘re pleading for aid ( page 322 ) . ”


-Dave is really disquieted about Toph. This is because Dave thinks that Toph does n’t see himself as the normal child.

Partially X-Of class it ‘s cold.

Short Summary:

Dave returns to Chicago one December to go to the weddingof a school friend. While there Dave decides he will see his childhood homeand the funeralparlour where his parents’bodies were processed before being donated to a local college. Dave imagines traveling to the college and speaking to the professorin charge of the organic structures, to inquire what it was like when he cut into his female parent ‘s tummy. Dave is obsessed with the image his imaginativeness provides in reply to this inquiry and he needs to cognize the existent reply. Dave is remaining with a twosome of high school friends while he is in town. They spend the first dark catching up on local chitchat, speaking about old schoolmates, particularly Vince Vaughn, who has a budding moving calling.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave imagine the rock as being “ ageless ”

aˆ? Dave tells John what he dreamed about

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-The rock in this instance is the inventive quality. The rock is represented as being “ ageless. ”

-When Dave tells John his dream, this puts more accent to the subject of decease.


aˆ? “ A rock would salvage me, would salve all the harm we had already done, all the things we had given up or lost ( page 381 ) . ”

aˆ? “ You know what ‘s amusing, the thing I was most disquieted about when I was down at that place, in the South Side, driving about and speaking into the tape recording equipment? I was worried that after I was shot near the lake, that the liquidator, who truly merely wanted the auto, would for some ground discovery and play the tape, the one where I ‘m depicting my conceive ofing person like him killing me, and all this material about happening the box, and that this liquidator would believe I ‘m this racialist weirdo- ( page 387 ) . ”


-The rock is seen as being ageless. This can be contrasted with how Dave is experiencing. Since the rock to Dave is ageless, Dave feels confused.

-This quotation mark is proof that the subject is around decease. Throughout the book, the decease of his female parent and male parent is seen. Dave likely dreams about this because he is non over his parents ‘ decease.

Part XI-Black Sands Beach is merely 10 proceedingss from San Francisco.

Short Summary:

Dave and Toph are on the manner to the beach. Toph is supposed to take a trial that twenty-four hours to acquire into a private high school. Dave has to drag Beth to the office when he registered Toph to turn out that their parentsare dead and Dave has detention. The whole thing is a large production. However, Dave decides that Toph does non necessitate to take the trial because he has decided they will travel to New York. Dave is ready to be on his ain with Toph, without Beth as a safety cyberspace. Mightmagazinehas lost its rental once more and is running out of money. The editors have been hotfooting all over seeking to happen fiscal support, but have failed to beat up any involvement. The magazine is eventually done.

Information/Details from the text:

aˆ? Dave is worried about being caught taking attention of Toph as a defender

aˆ? Dave is ill of people feel foring him and Toph

What is significant/Important about each piece of information:

-Since Dave is non technically Toph defender, this creates struggle. This is because later on, when Toph has to take the metropolis ‘s high school trial, he is non allowed because Dave does non hold cogent evidence that he is Toph ‘s defender.

-Throughout the book Dave does non wish it when others pity him. This reveals outward struggle.


aˆ? “ This had come up before, the guardianship thing, the proof-where is this cogent evidence? -and ever I had been afraid of being found out. All this clip, a fraud ( page 409 ) . ”

aˆ? “ Whatever. I ‘m merely another one of those people whose calamities you felt fit into the overall message ( page 432 ) . ”


-This quotation mark reveals conflict because Dave does non hold cogent evidence that he is Toph ‘s defender, Toph can non take the trial.

-Dave emphasizes that he detests how people around him believe that he is enduring because he has to take attention of Toph. This is how outward struggle is shown.

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