A Over View Of The Product E Books Marketing Essay

The development of books is from oracle bone to parchment, from paper-based book to e-book reader. In recent old ages, the engineering is traveling so fast, every bit good as the people ‘s ability to accept new things. We will non cognize if the e-book readers will to the full alternatively of the paper based books, but there is no uncertainty that the e-book readers are acquiring more and more popular and it is one of the most advanced merchandises in the universe.

Until now, there are three coevalss of e-book readers. ( Table 1.1 )

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Coevalss Time periods Merchandises


1990 Sony ‘s Data Discman

Franklin Bookman

NuvoMedia ‘s Rocket Ebook


1998-1999 SoftBook Reader

Everybook Dedicated Reader


2006-2010 Sony Reader

Amazon Kindle

Table 1.1

( Beginnings: Nancy K. Herther, 2008 )

In the 1970s, e-paper was developed by the Xerox company. The engineering did non alter a large trade until 1990s. The eBook readers were on the scene. Those early theoretical accounts of e-readers were based on the new LCD screen engineering. Although they were good performed at the beginning, they failed shortly. One of the most of import grounds was that the LCD screens were non that easy for the eyes to read during a long period and they sometimes did non respond good under sunshine. In the first half of 2004, Sony, one of the biggest the Nipponese consumer electronics companies, announced that the e-Book reader were available commercially. From that clip, more and more companies have launched their ain trade name e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle 1, 2 and 3, the iRex scope, BeBook, the fetid Cool-er, jetBook, Papyrus, etc. ( Swinton N. K. , n.d. )

1.1.1 The E-Book Readers

The e-book readers are devices ( Figure 1.1 ) which can unite the storage, hunt capablenesss, and adaptability of a computing machine for sing books on a show screen and which besides can supply users with the same touch-and-feel experience as reading from a paper-based book. ( Herther, 2008 ) E-book readers are portable, low-power, high-resolution devices specifically designed to expose digital versions of written stuff from books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed beginnings. Some multi-functional e-book readers besides can entree to blogs, web sites. They will show electronic versions of text, typically utilizing e-ink, a show engineering designed to imitate printed paper. They offers similar declaration as newspaper and, comparative to an LCD screen, eliminates blaze and reduces eyestrain. Because e-ink utilizations power merely when the text alterations, as when a page turns, a battery charge can last 7i??C10 yearss. ( Seven things you should cognize about e-readers, 2010 )

Figure 1.1

( Beginnings: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.coolest-gadgets.com/20081030/sony % E2 % 80 % 99s-new-reader-mistaken-for-etch-a-sketch/ )

In Singapore, the sellers sell the e-book readers to mass people. But most of users are new coevalss particularly pupils and professionals. The sellers focus on these people as their mark market.

1.1.2 Benefits and Drawbacks

Jeff Gomez pointed out that the e-book readers are non about the page versus the screen in a technological score lucifer. They are about the screen making a twelve things the page ca n’t make. The existent things are traveling to be transformed are non merely the reading of one book, but the ability to read a transition from practically any book that exists, at any clip that you want to, every bit good as the ability to snap on hyperlinks, experience multimedia, and add notes and portion transitions with others. ( Herther, 2008 ) In add-on, e-book readers are much cheaper than paper-based books. For illustration, one of the biggest e-book publishing houses, Amazon which presently controls about 90 per centum of the e-book market, sets the monetary value criterion of its major e-books merely as $ 9.99 which is really competitory to the ordinary books. ( Musil, 2010 ) Beyond these, the e-book readers besides have others benefits, such as salvaging trees, salvaging clip to buy books, salvaging infinite to hive away, etc. ( Sasson, n.d. )

There are besides some drawbacks of e-book readers. First, digital rights direction is the beginning of most possible drawbacks. The device you buy can bind you to a specific file format which is agencies you are difficult to exchange to other trade names because they are non back up the file format. Second drawback is how much control the clients have over purchased files. Through the client purchased the files from the online shops, the publishing houses still can remotely command the files, even deleted them for some grounds. In add-on, current e-book readers focus on the long book, but non many magazines, newspapers and web logs. As a effect, the clients ‘ picks of e-books are limited. All in all, the e-book readers have many drawbacks now, but future loop of these devises will probably rectify for user interface and experience drawbacks. ( e-Reader Tech + Trends, 2009 )

1.1.3 Tendencies

With the environmental pollution and natural catastrophes are acquiring worse, some people already have consciousness. “ Go Green ” is non new to people. Harmonizing to Singapore Environment Council, traveling green is non every bit difficult as typically perceived. With a small spot of inspiration, motive and attempts, we all can be taking sustainable life styles. ( Singapore Environment Council: Overview, 2010 ) One facet of Go Green is utilizing less paper to salvage trees. As frequently happens, every twelvemonth 1000000s of tree will be cut and made into documents for newspapers, books, notes, tissue documents and so on. There is no uncertainty that utilizing a e-book reader is a good pick to accomplish this end. The ground is that e-Book readers do non utilize paper from trees, but a screen that can be read in sunshine. ( Dybkjaer, 2010 )

There is a good execution in California, USA. The California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that his province was the first-in-the state to replace traditional paper text editions with free online digital text edition. This alteration will non merely salvage 1000000s of money for the province and the schools, but besides the pupil will easy and rapidly update their text edition due to the technological progresss. Furthermore, this determination is a win-win state of affairs and will salvage 1000s of documents and trees. ( Hayward, 2009 )

In Singapore, the pupils from four schools have begun utilizing iPads to alternatively of their all text books and notes. The four schools are Nanyang Girls Secondary School, Tampines Secondary School, Nanhua Primary School and Dunman Secondary School. The pupils thought that utilizing iPad is really convenient and more freedom to larn themselves which could alternatively of trusting entirely on the instructor in traditional schoolrooms. The officer of school besides said that it was non about the iPad. If some other better device comes along, they will exchange. ( Xue, 2011 )

At present, many people taking to purchase an e-book reader is non merely to follow the popular, but besides want to lend their attempts to protect the environment. All these tendencies will supply e-book readers a large chance to develop their markets. On the other manus, in the hereafter, the merchandise itself will add more maps and introduce the engineerings to run into customersi??i?? demands.

1.1.4 Competition in Singapore Market

Harmonizing to Johnson, the competition can be direct and indirect. Direct competition is when merchandises or services perform the same map viing against each other. The indirect competition is when merchandises or services are close replacements for each other. ( Johnson, 2009, p200 )

The direct competition of e-book reader industry is rather high in Singapore. Amazon and Sony are the leaders in the e-book reader industry. But more and more manufacturers saw this chances and launched their ain e-book readers to portion the market, such as the local manufacturers such as Icell & A ; Creative Technology.

The indirect competition besides affects the e-book reader industry. These replacements besides provide this map for clients to read e-book on these devices, and normally they provide more other maps than the traditional e-book readers. The chief replacement of e-book readers is iPad. The clients ever consider iPad as the e-book reader. But really, iPad is the tablet computing machine which provides the map for clients to read e-book on it. IPad is celebrated for its multi-function, fashionable design and good trade name name. Other replacements include tablet computing machine, mp4, even nomadic phones.

1.1.5 Problem Statement

E-book reader is one of the most advanced merchandises in the universe and it is acquiring more and more popular now. We will non cognize if the e-book readers will to the full alternatively of the paper based books, but there is no uncertainty that the e-book reader is the tendency. In add-on, the e-book readers can assist to salvage documents every bit good as salvaging the trees and protecting the environment.

But refer to Experian Hitwise, a taking on-line competitory intelligence service, the Singapore e-book readers market still really little. ( Singapore Internet users most interested in nomadic phones and computing machines in the first half of 2010, 2010 ) The acceptance of e-book readers in Singapore is low. Customers even do n’t aware the benefits of this merchandise. This will supply the e-book reader sellers a large chance to enlarge the market portions. The appropriate selling activities, such as taking the right mark market, publicities, analysing client buying behaviors and accommodating the macro-environments of the markets, etc, will assist the sellers to accomplish the ends.

1.2 Research Aims

The aims of this survey are:

? To happen out the ground why consumers acceptance of e-book readers in Singapore is low.

? To measure purchasing behavior of the consumers of e-book readers in Singapore.

? To analyse the challenges and chances which faced by e-book reader sellers in Singapore.

? To propose appropriate selling activities to e-book reader sellers to enlarge their market portions.

1.3 Research Questions

The undermentioned research inquiries are brought up harmonizing to the aim mentioned above:

1. Why e-book readers are non popular and widely adopted by consumers in Singapore?

2. Which is the most of import factor act uponing consumers purchasing behavior in Singapore?

3. Are current selling activities which had been done by sellers effectual?

1.4 Research Hypothesis

The research hypotheses are:

Hypothesis One:

Hypothesis 1A: 70 % of the clients in Singapore are non cognizant of e-book reader


Hypothesis 1B: Less than or equal to 40 % of Singapore clients considered e-book

readers which were hapless values for money.

Hypothesis Two:

Hypothesis 2A: The civilization factor is the most of import factor act uponing

consumers purchasing behavior in Singapore.

Hypothesis 2B: The societal factor is the most of import factor act uponing

consumers purchasing behavior in Singapore.

Hypothesis 2C: The psychological factor is the most of import factor act uponing

consumers purchasing behavior in Singapore.

Hypothesis 2D: The personal factor is the most of import factor act uponing

consumers purchasing behavior in Singapore.

Hypothesis Three:

Hypothesis 3A: The sellers did non sell e-book readers at right topographic point. This current

selling activity is non effectual.

Hypothesis 3B: The sellers did non put the right monetary value for e-book reader. This

current selling activity is non effectual.

Hypothesis 3C: The sellers did non utilize right beginnings to make publicity. This

current selling activity is non effectual.

1.5 The Significance of the Research Problem

In this survey, the research findings are non merely of import to the research worker, but besides of import to other people.

The research job is traveling to happen out why e-book readers acceptance is low in Singapore, the factors impacting consumer purchasing behavior. Then, the research worker will give some recommendations to assist e-book readers to enlarge their market portions and prolong competitory advantages. On the other manus, this survey besides can be used as a resource by other pupils or people who interested this subject.

1.6 Research Scope

This survey focuses on analyzing the client acceptance of e-book readers in Singapore. Besides to measure the most of import factor affect client purchasing behavior. Last, the research worker will propose appropriate selling activities to e-book reader sellers to enlarge their market portions. The research Scopess are demoing below:

? The research focal point on the Singapore market.

? Based on observation of the research worker, most of the clients of e-book readers are pupils and professionals and the research worker will take them as the study marks.

? The recommendations which suggested by research worker are suited for Singapore market and may non accommodate other states.

1.7 Structure of Dissertation

There are five chapters in this thesis.

? Chapter one: a basic debut of e-book readers industry and merchandises, its drawbacks and advantages and the tendency of market. Besides the research objectives, research inquiries and hypotheses will be shown.

? Chapter two: a literature reappraisal is necessary to the research worker. It contains the basic theories of procedure of client acceptance, client demands and wants, client determination devising and factors impacting client purchasing behavior. This literature reappraisal will give the research a basic thought of this research.

? Chapter three: in this chapter, the research worker will explicate the doctrine of the research, take the suited methods such as study and interview to roll up the primary informations and explicate the trying marks. After roll uping all the informations, the research worker will utilize package to analysis the information.

? Chapter four: shows and analyses the research findings and discusses the dependability of the hypothesis.

? Chapter five: the research worker will sum up this research and give recommendations to sellers about effectual selling activities to enlarge their market portions. The restriction of this research besides will be discussed in this chapter.

1.8 Summary of This Chapter

In this chapter, the research worker introduced the background and merchandise of e-book readers which is one of the most advanced merchandises in these old ages. The research worker besides listed down some of the benefits and drawbacks of e-book readers. The tendencies and competition state of affairs were analyzed following by the research worker.

In add-on, based on the researcheri??i??s ain observation, the acceptance of e-book reader in Singapore is low. The research worker pointed out the research jobs of this survey and gave some hypothesis to prove.

At last, the significance of the research job, research range and construction of thesis are shown.

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