A Product To A Client Is More Complex Marketing Essay


To sell a merchandise to a client is more complex that it might look to get down at first position. There are two chief types of selling – transactional merchandising and relationship merchandising. Different clients have different demands and as a sales representative you have to assist the client to run into their demands and work out their jobs.

There are two chief points, which are the key for a good relationship between the marketer and the purchaser: trust and committedness.

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Group undertaking

Our undertaking was to fix a gross revenues conversation with an Arab client, who is interested in an Azimut 103 S. The end of the group undertaking was to research, analyze and understand the client ‘s demands, his substructure, his civilization and the market cleavage of the Azimut 103 SL. At the presentation the aim was to carry the client that he is taken attention of and to construct a long-run relationship with him.

Background information

The really first 103S was launched in Dubai with a fabulous event where, as invitee star, the Azimut Ferreti Group engaged a local female vocalist. The presence in the district as a amalgamate trade name with offices, web relation and a high local repute is one of the facet that influences the dialogue procedure.

The president, Mister Vitelli, of the Azimut Benetti Group was go toing the launch and welcomed personally the royal household members on board after the show. The regard, attending and being local is really much valued by the Arabian civilization. In add-on to that it impresses the Arabs if the royal household has a relationship to that trade name and reflects positively on the dialogue procedure.

Our client is a member of the royal household and he was on board of the yacht already one time and made his wants and thoughts about is individualized yacht clear.

Costumer ‘s profile

Apart from being an expert on your merchandise another feature is of import at in a – hearing. It is perceived to listen two tierce of the conversation to your client. To listen to your client is major, as you can calculate out his exact demands and wants. With that given knowledge it makes it easier to sell as the salesman is able to react on their demands.

“ We all know a yacht maps in much the same manner as a Villa ; so detecting how people interact of infinite. Some are laid back about separations with staff ; others are non. Not all parts of the universe are rather so broad minded. In the United Arab Emirates labour rates tended to be a batch lower than in the West and accordingly more people have more retainers. Such outlooks translate to yacht crews. ” ( Troisi and Rana 2010, 116 )

The Arabian society is extremely hierarchal and requires a clear separation between proprietors and crew. The civilization places great value on concern amusement in order to construct relationships.

The costumier – Sheik Mohammed

Our costumier was defined as Sheikh Mohammed, a member of the royal household, 28 old ages old, born and raised in Dubai. To analyse his demands, research about his civilization, faith and tradition were made. Dubai itself is known as the most western oriented metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, which reflects on the clients.

: client: Folie08.jpg

Cultural facets and demands of Sheik Mohamed

The Arabian civilization is supposed as sensitive and really proud people. Rationality and logic are non one of their highest precedences.

Forming a personal relationship in your concern traffics is really of import. Although it can take clip to construct, one time a relationship has been developed, it tends to last for a really long clip and can be advantageous over the more ‘shallow ‘ relationships found in Europe and the United States. Constructing relationships can be the base for a potentA concern tool, In the Arabian concern civilization, so it is of import to take the clip to set up such relationships with prospective clients.

Not sing the location, it is really of import to be witting of the many cultural differences that exist between the different states, faiths and values. Taking the clip to understand those features and the differences in cultural and concern etiquette can intend the difference between concern success and an unsigned contract. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //hubpages.com/hub/Why_Observing_Foreign_Culture_Can_Lead_To_Business_Success )

On our undertaking the constitution of a relationship has already been made, through meeting at the yacht menu and giving the client our full attending to his demands.

The chief feature of our Arabian client combines a western oriented position with a deeply frozen civilization in Muslim faith. Our client, wears for illustration his Dishdasha and headscarf for concern and public events, but is a fan of western high-end trade names in his leisure clip.

It is of import as a salesman to non merely accept but besides knows and accommodate to your clients civilization. Arabians have a really high outlook of good manners and respectful intervention, so the marketer has to be certain to be prepared and in cognition of that. To foreground one of those features – it is non allowed to imbibe intoxicant ( officially ) , which means to ne’er offer drinks as it would be seen really violative. The Arabian civilization is besides really hierarchal so to guarantee separation between him and the crew is a cardinal factor.

Another of import fact about the Arabian civilization and our client is that household and friends play a great function in their lives and cordial reception is a basic mode for them. Even though it is non merely cordial reception for the Arabs but even more to demo off what they have. The more glamourous and glistening it is, the better. It is really of import to our client to hold the ability of ask foring his household, friends or concern spouses to the yacht and offer the comfort with the confidence of complete privateness.

Our client is affluent and used to a glistening life style, trade names and position symbols are really of import to him. With his western orientation our client is really sportive and into all sorts of H2O activities, like Jet Ski. Apart from this, proficient device play a great function to him and he is really enthusiastic about high terminal merchandises in that sector, which fits absolutely to the Azimut, as they are equipped with Bang & A ; Olufsen in the yachts.

Decision of the specific demands of our client

Status and lifestyle statement

Epicurean, branded and glistening design ( aˆzmade in Italy ” )

Great comfort

Complete privateness assured

Suitable for leisure, athletics and concern

Fully equipped with high tech devices

Water athletics activities and velocity

Independent countries for crew


With the gathered cognition about the behaviour, demands and perceptual experience of our client we had to calculate out a proper scheme to convert him to purchase the Azimut 103 S.

Bing cognizant of the fact that Sheikh Mohamed is a member of the royal household we had to transcend his perceptual experience with affecting him with a elaborate program about the customized Azimut 103 S.

We besides kept our rivals in head, like the Pershing 92, which is prized lower. It seemed clear to reason this with an honest statement that the Sheikh is non merely purchasing any yacht, but a really good known trade name in Dubai with a complete different value of customization. With the concrete offer of our redesign for his personal yacht we increased the yachts value and lowered our rivals on the other manus. At last but non least our end was to “ seal the trade ” with a handshaking, as that is common in the Arab civilization and procedure all bank inside informations with his helper.

Merchandise analysis

To be successful in a gross revenues conversation, the salesman must be an expert on his merchandise, which non merely gives him the entree to great debate but besides strengthens his dependability and credibleness.

The merchandise – Azimut 103 SL

To analyse the Azimut and being capable of comparing it with its rivals it is really of import to cognize every item of it. For this undertaking the group invoked to the SWOT analyses to measure the merchandise.

SWOT analysis of the Azimut 103 S

The Azimut 103 S, which has a base merchandising monetary value of euro 8.000.000, is a market leader within its section. The Azimut 103 S stands out with its confidant and private infinites to be experienced at up to 34 knots put the proprietor and his invitees at centre phase. The yacht stands for its elegant lines, broad Windowss and a crystal difficult top that conjure to give the feeling that your are populating perched between the sea and the sky… they are all design elements ready to have the cast of the proprietor ‘s personal gustatory sensation.

Azimut 103 S – cardinal facts

Cruise Speed

30 knots

Max. velocity

34 knots

Entire cabins

4, slumbers 4 ( Master & A ; VIP room, amusement room and Spa

Crew cabins

2, sleeps 4

Max. invitees



Jet Ski, Tender jet, Donut, Snorkelling equipment

( Azimut )


AZIMUS 103 SL is a really esteemed athleticss yacht with a slick form and really clean. For the exterior Azimut ‘s a alone Bordeaux Red was chosen giving this theoretical account a alone and exciting personality. It is non merely fast, but already looks like a race driver from the exterior.

Another high spot of the Azimut 103 S is the alone construct of two galleys: an upper galley is designed chiefly for the proprietor ‘s usage and is an country where the proprietor can bask his ain personal privateness thanks to a separate entryway off from the crew ‘s quarters. Freedom for the proprietor and invitees to to the full bask the familiarity of the countries designed for them, with the crew countries holding to the full independent entree thanks to careful design. The inside is designed with every bit much love to inside informations as from the exterior: lone luxury stuffs are used to make an sole manner, which genuinely represents the true kernel of the most sophisticated aˆzmade in Italy ” . ( Azimut ) It is likely to compare the yacht with the interior design of Armani Home and the outside of a ruddy Ferrari. A combination that is attractive to Arabs.

As the Azimut 103 S has besides been integrated into the Azimut Benettis Grande range the service of supplying a superior degree of customization flexibleness is guaranteed.


One failing of the Azimut is that her maximal velocity is “ merely ” 34 knots, which is about 10 per cent slower than her rival, but on the other side the Azimut 103 has so called “ stableness wings ” which guarantees a comfort stableness by full velocity.


The Azimut Benetti Group is really good known and connected in Dubai, as the company has offices and webs at that place. The company saw and reacted on the chance to show them in Dubai locally, which comforts the Arabian civilization. Azimut Benetti Group knows how of import that is and ever keens to maintain this relationship good treated. 6 from 8 Azimut 103 S have been sold in Dubai, which emphasizes the placement and trade name consciousness of the company. In add-on to that it is a great benefit to hold royal members as clients.


A menace for Azimut 103 S is their base merchandising award, which is higher than their rivals, and in that market section value still affairs – at least a spot, but as the Azimut offers a customization service like no other trade name in the section of athletics yachts, the statement is that you pay non merely for the boat itself but besides for the service and customization.

Customized characteristics for our client, Sheik Mohamed

To supply our client with his demands and wishes the Azimut Benetti group exposures several thoughts with design solutions that better suits his needs.A


Communication and assemblage together is really of import to our Arabian client so the company redesigned the deck country with supplying a larger sitting infinite surrounded by small circular tabular arraies. Besides we installed an sole awning so that our client is non exposed to direct sunshine.


As our client wo n’t remain nightlong really frequently with a batch of people and instead enjoys leisure clip and affecting his invitee. Our suggestion to increase the indoor amusement is following: the Azimut Benetti Group transforms one of the invitee ‘s suites into a epicurean watering place, for a restful clip in entire privateness.

The other invitee room will be transformed into a high-end amusement sofa with electronic devices from Bang & A ; Olufsen, the latest picture games like Wii and Playstation, and once more a big sitting country to better suit the guests.

The maestro ‘s sleeping room and VIP sleeping room will stay the same to hold the ability of holding invitees overnight. “ The proprietor ‘s Suite is one of the largest in its class ( over 30 square metres ) : the excess infinite provides alone degrees of comfort and manner, with a centrally positioned, bow-facing bed. On the right rampart, a authorship desk that faces the sea is under the square windows that are one of the S Collection hallmarks. ” ( Azimut )

To indicate out that the company offers complete support through the whole customization of the client ‘s boat, vouching that everything comes out with flawlessness is soothing the client and increasing his trust.

General customization service

As mentioned above the Azimut Benetti Group developed a full scope of services and customization plans to personalise the Azimut 103 S to the exact demands of each client.

Yacht Configurator

The Azimut Yacht Configurator is an application that guides the client in the constellation of the coveted yacht. Thankss to an highly accurate 3D interface, it ‘s the ideal tool for visualising and supplying the yachts of the scope in existent clip by experimenting with the singular customization possibilities of the theoretical accounts.

This synergistic experience is perceived as the lone one able to offer genuinely outstanding support during the of import stage in which the equipment, systems and internal design of the boat are chosen. ( www.Azimut.com/services )

Degree centigrades: Users
enata.salaroDesktopESECapturar.JPGC: Users

Azimut Styling Lounge

To assist the proprietors of big yachts to give a personal touch and manner to their hereafter boats, the Styling Lounge, an synergistic, multimedia salesroom, has been opened in Viareggio, the headquarter of the Azimut Benetti Group. Advised and assisted by extremely qualified interior decorators and designers in the country of “ interior construct ” proprietors are allowed to visualise and buy trappingss, choose the best accoutrements, experience with different types of lighting, sound systems etc. ( AZIMUT SERVICE )

After gross revenues service

A cardinal factor to a successful relationship with your client is to “ follow up ” and “ maintain in touch ” . With the purchase of such a high terminal merchandise included the client perceives after sale service today. The Azimut Benetti Group reacted to this outlook with developing a Care plan, yacht service and supplying aid with the recruiting procedure of the crew.

Maintenance Scheduled Program

Proper care is the best manner to maintain public presentation and safety high and ingestion depression. The Maintenance Scheduled Program is a complete care plan designed for Azimut clients.

In the first twelvemonth following bringing, Azimut offers two free services at any Azimut franchise for the Azimut 103 S. The first service, after the first 50 hours of pilotage, consists in a cheque of basic functionalities like the electrical equipment, fresh H2O and sewerage system, engine instrumentality, pumps, and so forth. During the 2nd service the boat is besides hauled.

The hull is cleaned and the antifouling pigment is reapplied, the Zn anodes are replaced, the shafts, propellors and through-hull at no cost to the proprietor, each service visit includes over 100 controls. ( www.AZIMUT.com/SERIVCE )

Courtesy Yacht Service

Equal yachts are offered to the client if their Azimut is temporarily unserviceable. This service is reserved to proprietors of Azimut boats that are still under guarantee and is offered on the footing of call precedence and the clip required repairing the job. . ( www.AZIMUT.com SERIVCE )

Crew Recruitment

The largest yacht crew arrangement bureau in the universe, wich counts more than 50.000 contacts, is available to help the costumier in their hunt for quality crew campaigners. A squad of 18 members located in 8 metropoliss around the universe are trained to happen the perfect crew for the client. As a sprecial service to our Arabian client the Azimut Ferretti Group is taking attention of the complete enlisting procedure. www.AZIMUT.com

Rival analysis

The rival analysis is one of the chief parts of the readying in the merchandising procedure. Bing able non merely to reason for your merchandise but besides to cognize how to get by best with the competition ‘s strengths, and the ability to foreground their failings is an advantage in a gross revenues conversation. In add-on to that is the sale individual deriving even more dependability and trust with being an expert on the market and the ability of reasoning on a professional base. One of rivals we are traveling to hold a expression at a small spot closer is the Pershing 92, which is a merchandise from the Ferretti Group.

Pershing 92

The Pershing 92 is one of the chief rivals of the Azimut in respects to equivalent length and somewhat more power. “ The Motor Yacht Pershing 92 ‘ , is a racy and modern theoretical account, with maximal comfort on board, guaranting continuity between the insides and the outsides and uncomparable life infinites. ” ( Charter World )

Pershing 92 – cardinal facts

Cruise Speed

38 knots

Max. velocity

41 knots

Entire cabins

2, sleeps 4

Crew cabins

2, sleeps 4

Crew cabins

2, sleeps 4

Max. invitees



Jet Ski, Tender jet, Donut, Snorkelling equip

SWOT analysis of the Pershing


The Pershing has a slim and aggressive external profile, with tight lines and 10 % more velocity than the Azimut 103S. It has an elegant and rapid expression, yet non every bit eye-catching as the Azimut 103 S.


The placement in the Arabian market is non every bit strong as the Azimut Benetti Group and non as locally good connected, which is an of import factor to the Arabian civilization. Another failing in the Arabian market might be the visual aspect of the Pershing, as the named market is perceived to be instead impressed by attention-getting objects, the nice elegance of the Pershing seems to look instead “ deadening ” .


The Pershing is prized euro 2 million less than the Aziumut 103S, which is surely an chance in the dialogue procedure.


One of the chief menaces for the Pershing 92 is the fact that the Azimut Benetti Group is offering a customization plan which guarantees singularity for each costumier. This is an issue for the Arabian market, as this mark group is really acute on personalization.

Selling dialogue

The last portion of our readying of the group undertaking was to be every bit good prepared as possible in respects to the behaviour of an Arab client, which is rather different so to any other European for illustration. We have met our client already and the base of relationship was built, besides because the Azimut Benetti Group already has a long relationship with the royal household.

As Arabians are known as really emotional people on the one manus, the group was besides cognizant of the fact that this merchandising conversation is traveling to be instead transactional, as our client is purchasing a merchandise that he likes, but the negotiation portion is his field “ to play ” . Another chief point is the consciousness that our client will seek to dump the base award of the Azimut over 50 per cent.

A key to a successful is to be to the full prepared for a choice dialogue. To guarantee the costumier, Sheikh Mohamed a comfort we had to accommodate our ZOPA ( =zone of possible understandings ) to his outlook of being able to negociate. With this cognition we set a base award for our costumier 100 per cent higher, anticipating him to dump the award every bit much as possible. This is a chief portion of Arabian civilization to negociate, so to guarantee him a “ success ” in his dialogue leads to a positive terminal. While negociating the award it is of import to do lone really little grants to non loose dependability.

To beef up the side of the company we focused on an integrative dialogue, which means that we increased the value of the Azimut 103 S be foregrounding the particular services, customizations etc. By increasing the emotional value to the client it is more likely that this leads to a successful shutting.


Apart from the existent merchandising dialogue, the group discovered with each procedure how import it is to non merely accommodate your mentality but besides your visual aspect to your prospect client. We decided to split the chief characters of the Azimut Benetti Group into following characters: Head of Gross saless and Account ( Yadvinder Rana ) , Head of Design ( Renata Salaro ) and Iulia Bonderenko ( Head of Engineering ) . We assumed, as the Arabian concern civilization is really male driven, that a adult male should show the Head of Gross saless and Account and be responsibly for the dialogue portion. On the other manus we manus we highlighted that our Head of Design and Head of Engineering were adult females, advancing it with their detailed-oriented manner of working which has great value at their places. In add-on to that we dressed appropriate in regard to the civilization and faith: for the Head of Design and Head of Engineering a long skirt and covered shoulders were obliged every bit good as have oning a headscarf to conceal their hair, which is seen as violative and sexual in the UAE.

We added another character, which was the helper of Sheikh Mohamed, as in a existent life state of affairs we would talk through the helper to our client, which is normal in Dubai. We were cognizant of the fact, that our client would n’t hold a batch of clip for focused inside informations about the merchandise and its benefit. This is why we had to show merely the high spots to maintain our clients attending – a ocular booklet was given to the Sheik, the elaborate one to his helper.

The other portion of the readying was to be able to reply prompt and dependable without doing alibis. We knew that the award would be a cardinal point and with highlighted and explained the benefits and service that comes along with the merchandise.

After a though dialogue at our client ‘s favourite eating house in Dubai we were able to name Sheikh Mohamed a new client.

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