A Study On Automobile Industry Marketing Essay

Executive Summary

This papers discusses the selling schemes for Ashok Leyland and its raid into little auto section. Ashok Leyland is establishing a new auto with the name of”Leyland next” and this papers supply an efficient and feasible selling program for the merchandise.

In India car industry is turning at a rapid gait. The demand for autos in India over clip has increased a batch due to growing of economic system and stableness of people economic status. This has attracted a figure of manufacturers towards the market. Leyland along with other manufacturers like Toyota, Suzuki and Honda etc. is a participant in the car market.

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Now Leyland has planned to establish a new auto with important inventions. For the success of the auto in industry a deep survey and research has been undertaken to develop an effectual and efficient program.

Some of the of import countries covered in this papers while developing a Selling Plan for the selected company is:

* Discussion of the Industry

* Analysis of company ‘s place

* Marketing aims

* Promotions schemes

* Pricing schemes

* Product schemes

* Distribution schemes.

Furthermore, action program lays out successful execution through monitoring has besides been included.

1.1. Global Industry for Automobile [ 1 ]

Car Industry is a concern of fabrication and merchandising vehicles. It has encouraged the enlargement of route systems and leting consumers to transpose long distances. It has besides allowed other industrial merchandise to lend every bit good, such as steel and therefore is the cardinal determiner for economic growing.

Globalization of automotive industry accelerated exponentially after the 1980 ‘s. This was due to the building of of import abroad installations and amalgamations alongside with improved production techniques adopted by Nipponese in the 1970 ‘s.

By 2005, the industry ‘s planetary end product touched 64.6 million vehicles. The car market today is one of the largest sections in universe trade. Today the one-year automotive exports have reached a degree of $ 600 billion which histories for 10 % of the universes export.

With addition consciousness in consumers about possible jeopardies, car industries are in changeless competition with each other to bring forth a better vehicle for the right consumer. It is estimated that the auto industry will go on to thrive to increasing tendencies as national economic systems and population additions. Mobility 2030, of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, reported that per capita mobility of China, Latin America, Russia and remainder of Europe would duplicate by 2030 to 5000-14000 kilometers per twelvemonth. This will lend to the automotive industry a large trade.

1.2. Car Industry Overview of India [ 2 ]

In India car industry is turning at a rapid gait. There have been immense demand for autos in India over clip but in the last few old ages due to betterment in economic system of India this demand has increased enormously. Entire figure of cars in usage today in India is 5 million. About two-third of the market demand is being met presently by local production and imports from other states and tierce is left unmet.

So there is a immense spread in market demand and supply which is still there to be met. Major manufacturers presently in the market are Toyota, Suzuki, Leyland, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai.

The authorities is besides back uping the investors to put in India this has attracted more manufacturers of autos to come in India and appreciation market portion from India car market.

2.0. Leyland: History
2.1. Introduction [ 3 ]

Leyland Motor Co. is one of the major heavy vehicles makers in the universe. Leyland Motor Co. is in car industry for over 70 old ages. Leyland has spread out its fabrication over all major states and districts of the universe.

In India Leyland is runing with local trade name name of Ashok Leyland Limited. In India Leyland ‘s net gross revenues for twelvemonth stoping 30th June 2006 were about Rs. 4 billion.

2.2. Leyland ‘s Vision [ 4 ]

Leyland ‘s vision is to heighten the quality and safety of travel and accomplish client satisfaction. Leyland focuses on maintain and implement better quality criterions to guarantee people with more comfy and safe thrust.

There vision is expressed in their statement as: “Leyland-Enriching people ‘s Lives.”

The significance of this is that Leyland aims to take part in the development and advancement of society through its concern activities worldwide. This is merely achieved through set of aims that needs to be focused and better implemented through effectivity and efficiency.

2.3. Leyland ‘s Mission [ 5 ]

“Leyland provides alone and advanced automotive merchandises and services that deliver superior mensurable values to all stakeholders”

3.0. Leyland following: Selling Environment
3.1. Micro Environment
3.1.1. Consumers

Consumers are the chief mark which needs to be understood and satisfied in the market. Their buying behaviour will most probably be an impact impacting an organisation in several unprecedented ways. It is of import to understand their mentality forms of buying a household auto, the basic form includes affordability, fuel efficiency, safety and comfort giving the consumer a temper of credence and grasp. The chief focal point of the Leyland will be the low degree auto proprietors and low income consumers. It will besides aim merchandise to bicycle proprietors as they are really insecure.

3.1.2. Rivals

With strong economic growing and authorities relaxation on revenue enhancements, several companies are emerging to set up their market place. Leyland following stands a good opportunity of viing with bing rivals as it has a built repute in the market due to its better services and best of the merchandises in heavy weight vehicles. Leyland will place the new merchandise with characteristics such attractive look-n-feel. Direct – rivals are Toyota and Suzuki which have significant market portion.

3.1.3. Mediators

Leyland will follow both distribution channels, direct and indirect. Mediators ( i.e. authorised traders of Leyland ) are of import, since indirect distribution of its merchandise is carried out through them. This will assist to farther heighten the reach-ability of the auto.

3.1.4. Populaces

Populaces are the general populace who are involved in the repute of Leyland and its merchandises. Leyland has to supply several strategic attacks in order to stand out with the public sentiments. Any critics against Leyland would impact the gross revenues and reputation. With such diverse civilization, consumers are extremely deterred with public sentiments. This really thin line, the public offers, can consequence production, distribution and variegation of Leyland. Leyland will hold to stand out in their primary aim and non free that place.

3.2. Macro Environment
3.2.1. Demographic Environment Education

The literacy rate of the state is increasing and as a consequence it has increased the consciousness in people about safety and quality of travel. Peoples are now more sensitive about how safe and comfy is the car they are utilizing. With the increased consciousness in people they have now shifted towards the cars which are harmonizing to safety criterions and give more comfy travel. This displacement is besides assisting Leyland Motor Co. ‘s concern as people are traveling towards it. Population

Population of India is increasing at rapid gait and has touched the figures of 120 crores. This addition in population has besides increased the figure of purchasers and expanded the market of cars. Requirement of more cars has grown. Car industry has besides responded to this scenario. But there is still a immense spread between people demand and supply of autos. Leyland focuses on this spread and is seeking to avail this chance to its best.

3.2.2 Economic Environment

With the rapid growing of national economic system purchase power of people has besides increased. Besides the precedences have changed a batch. The affordability of autos has improved and this resulted in immense addition in the gross revenues of autos. This provides Leyland an chance to leap into market with strong impact and catch a major portion in car industry.

3.2.3. Technological Environment

Rapid betterment and promotions in engineering impacts the car industry a great trade. It impacts the fabrication, piecing and buffing of cars. New technological promotions gait up the operations ; consequences in more rapid production of autos. Technological betterments besides impact Leyland ‘s operations a great trade and forces towards technological displacement. Leyland keeps on bettering its technological construction with clip and has to go on its scheme of regular betterments.

4.0. Leyland following: Merchandise Evaluation
4.1. Core, Actual and Augmented Product

* The Core Product is an easy low-cost Vehicle for consumers.

* The Actual Product is “Leyland next” auto which is a new launch of Leyland. It provides its users with an low-cost pick to purchase and ensures a safe and comfy travel.

* The Augmented Product is the added characteristics this auto provides to its purchasers. Major add-on characteristics Leyland following provides to its purchasers are:

o 1 twelvemonth parts and service guarantee.

o Integrated Tracking System.

o Highly attractive design.

o CNG installed in auto for user convenience.

4.2. Consumer or Industrial Product?

“Leyland next” comes under the class of consumer merchandises as it is designed and launched for the satisfaction and installation of single or household users of in-between category and low-earning income population.

4.3. Convenience, Shopping, Special or Unsought Product

“Leyland next” is a shopping merchandise, as there is high engagement of purchasers while purchasing autos. They want more information about the merchandise and besides this is non day-to-day purchase or frequent purchase merchandise. There is a immense demand of low-cost and safe cars in the market. Geting a comfy travel installation has become a desire of every individual as frequence of travel has increased a batch. “Leyland next” will supply users will all three major factors in demand for cars i.e. economic system, comfort, safety.

4.4. Merchandise Uses and Consumer Acceptance

The consumer credence for this auto will be extremely as people are going more and more sensitive towards going. Peoples now prefer autos which are more comfy and look attractive. Economic strengthening of the state has besides improved the economic status of people ensuing in more demand of cars. Therefore there is a immense spread in market and Leyland next through its low pricing, more safety and comfort will acquire immense consumer credence.

4.5. Distribution – Wide Spread or Not?

Distribution of “Leyland next” will be widespread as Leyland want to make all the major countries of the state. It will be launched in about all the provinces.

4.6. SWOT Analysis
4.6.1. Strengths

Following are some of the major strengths of company:

* Brand image of Ashok Leyland Limited.

* Variety of Automobiles being produced.

* Local Production of autos / low cost of production.

* Financially Leyland is a strong company.

* High Quality merchandises.

4.6.2. Failings

Following are some of the failings of the Product and company:

* Currently Leyland has low portion in market.

* Leyland following is presently being launched in two assortments merely.

* Leyland has little distribution web presently.

4.6.3. Opportunities

Following are some of the chances which Leyland can avail in future to increase its market portion:

* Increased consciousness of people.

* Improved economic status of people.

* Increased population/consumption

* Increased media influence on people.

* Increased market demand.

4.6.4. Menaces

Following are some of the menaces which may be faced in the hereafter:

* High competition in the market.

* New Entrants can besides add to the competition.

* Presence of other trade names in the market and their substructure.

5.0 Consumer Evaluation
5.1 Type of Purchase Decision

Car industry has a figure of manufacturers already in market including Leyland ; Leyland next will present a new image of the company and will most likely attract consumers as it will be a customized theoretical account for the people. Since any consumer will be a long lasting relationship, it is of import that it stands out in forepart of its rivals and has a competitory border. There will be high engagement of user as it has to do a large purchase determination and besides there are rivals like Suzuki and Toyota etc. giving services to people ; so this purchase behaviour will be categorized as Dissonance-Reducing Buyer behaviour.

5.2 Consumption – consumer response

Commute has become a necessity and more roads substructure has been established. More people are interested in buying as their demands and involvements additions. As competition is on the rise so public is more informed about autos. They are more witting about the safety and economic characteristics of the auto. This consciousness and consciousness is increasing the purchasing and there is already a spread in market so production of Leyland following will be enormous.

5.3 Quality, Comfort & A ; Safety

Ashok Leyland Limited is working in coaction with its female parent company in Japan, Leyland motor Co. Frankincense it has an international image in local market & A ; public head bases on good evidences when sing Quality, comfort and Design. The new image will supply a new quality, monetary value and comfort form which will be really favourable to consumers. Since consumers relationship is traveling to last, it is of import that these variables are invariably improved. Leyland following will be low-cost most of all, and safety should be first precedence so that the consumer ‘s first impact would be that this is a auto for my household. Design will be alone from the remainder of its rivals and will be designed after measuring client purchasing forms.

5.4 Customer Awareness and Brand Switching

Since this is a high value purchase, it is most likely that the trade name loyal consumers are loyal to the company and believe that the Leyland merchandises are much better than others. The new auto will pull our bing clients as it will incorporate extra unique characteristics. Leyland following purpose is to capture the new market of its degree and supply its bing client a new chance to see a new drive experience. Leyland will supply unique differentiated points to make consciousness and presentations turn outing the consumers the advantages and luxury it can supply to a little household. With addition in consciousness in consumer heads, it is imperative that safety characteristics are emphasized and supply nucleus values which the consumers like to see.

5.5 Brand Prospects — Location and Influence

In India, 33 % of the population is populating below the poorness degree and really less no of people comes under elect category. Therefore Leyland next will supply a really different degree of customization to different locations which will be favourable to low-income households. Most of them travel by motorcycles and coachs. Leyland will present a better displacement to its new auto which is Compaq, secure and most economical.

6.0 Competitor Analysis

Major rivals of “Leyland next” are Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai and Marti. All merchandises of these companies of same size and capacity will give tough competition to “Leyland next” .

6.1 Pricing

As doing autos more low-cost is the major aim of establishing this auto therefore the monetary values of this auto are kept lower than that of all the current rivals in the market. This will assist hold oning larger market portion and vie good in market.

* CNG plus AC auto will be available at Rest. 3, 50,000 merely.

* Merely AC auto will be available at Rest. 3, 15,000 merely.

6.2 Promotion

Major rivals of “Leyland next” like Toyota and Suzuki and Marti, are passing immense gross on publicity of their trade name and merchandises. Leyland will besides do extended attempt and heavy investing on making consciousness about “Leyland next” in market. Promotion of “Leyland next” will be done at state broad graduated table as Leyland purposes at aiming all major countries of state.

6.3 Distribution

Leyland has presently distribution apparatus in the major divisional central office merely but the rivals specially ; Toyota and Suzuki has a wider web. There presence in more countries than Leyland is giving tough competition to Leyland. For Leyland following, Ashok Leyland Limited will come up with a new scheme of distribution to make all those countries where there they are non presently present.

6.4 Future Competitors and Replacement Merchandises

In future the most effectual rival for “Leyland next” can be a little auto from Honda Limited. Honda is a big auto fabrication company but non presently bring forthing little autos in India. Therefore a measure of bring forthing little autos by Honda can give tough clip to Leyland following. Leyland should develop scheme to get by with the state of affairs if Honda besides jumps into the market with little autos for consumers. as now Honda and decree has introduced little autos in India.

7.0 Selling Aims

The ends and aims of the selling program are normally defined under the visible radiation of certain public presentation indexs which are related to the likely addition in growing, gross revenues and public presentation degrees in footings of increasing overall company grosss and image. Marketing aims leads to the increased gross revenues if they are clear and apprehensible

For “Leyland next” we ‘ll specify public presentation parametric quantities and baseline in visible radiation of Leyland ‘s vision to accomplish client satisfaction. Besides the growing of car industry in India and increase in demand of cars is kept under consideration.

Goals and Aims

* Capture at least 25 % of market portion for little autos in defined Target market.

* Occupy good place in the market following Suzuki Motor Company.

* Target in-between category and low gaining income category specially by supplying them an low-cost option.

* Create consciousness among mark audience. Use inordinate advertisement particularly utilizing media preferred by the mark market.

* Use alone characteristics like good design, low monetary values and comfy environment to make attractive force towards merchandise.

* Create merchandise belonging and place among purchaser ‘s head.

8.0 Selling Schemes

This subdivision of the program fundamentally outlines Leyland ‘s program to accomplish its aims that are mentioned above every bit good, it is the most indispensable portion of the selling program.

8.1 Target Market

Leyland following mark market will be the low-level income group, in-between category and motorcycle proprietors. Bike proprietors are the most critical as big figure of consumer presently in India travel through motorcycles. Safety jeopardies of this type are enormous sing the increasing figure of accidents that occur due to insecure motorcycles. With changeless consciousness and instruction about Leyland affordability and safety characteristics, this type of group could be acquired ensuing in addition of trade name loyal consumers. Peoples are more cognizant and hence, they are invariably more peculiar when make up one’s minding which auto to buy. With strategic advertizement, consumers can be attracted with its latest characteristics and a new image Leyland will supply to proprietors.

8.2 Leyland following Target Market: Geographic Segment

The major concern of Leyland following is to capture all the territory central office of the state ensuing in its coverage of about all over the state.

8.3 Leyland following Target Market: Psychographics

With new image Leyland next will supply to its purchasers, proprietors will experience more confident and proud sing that Leyland is an international organisation with strong background ensuing driving Leyland next a position symbol. Besides safety and comfort are large factors of considerations in a consumers mind so Leyland by concentrating on these factors will pull safety and comfort witting people. Sing its possible, consumers will most likely displacement to Leyland next.

8.4 Leyland following Target Market: Demographics

Primary Target market belongs to middle category, upper in-between category and low gaining income people in society, falling in income bracket of below Rs. 50,000. Besides the mark will be people from 25 – 60year old who are major car purchasers.

9.0 Marketing Mix Schemes

“Leyland next’s” marketing attempts will be based on the precedence of spread outing its market portion and increase the trade name trueness among purchaser ‘s by accomplishing client satisfaction.

Leyland is establishing “Leyland next” at this peculiar clip because of roar in the car industry in India. The demand of autos for private use is increasing a great trade but there are a few auto production companies presently in the market. Leyland feels that there is a really good chance to leap into the market at this clip with a quality merchandise and hold on a major portion in market.

9.1 Merchandise Schemes

The name of the auto will be “Leyland next” . It should be a extremely choice merchandise concentrating on three of import parametric quantities of economic system, safety and comfort to vie the major rivals in the market i.e. Suzuki and Toyota.

9.1.1 Packaging

Leyland following will be built on one criterion size. It will be available in both colour types i.e. Metallic and Non-Metallic. The colour scope will be 5 major colourss red, white, black, bluish and green with capacity to increase other colourss on demand. The design of the auto will be smooth and catchy.

Imp. Recommendations

* The form of the auto should be kept different from the form of rival ‘s merchandises.

* The design of the auto is recommended to be kept advanced and alone in order to pull clients.

* The design should besides be kept on bettering on regular footing.

9.1.2 Labeling

The Label of auto nowadayss merely basic information about the auto i.e. trade name name and auto name.

Imp. Recommendations

The name of the auto proposed is “Leyland next” . The name represents invention and motion in front as is the program to travel the auto in front of its rivals in facets like Affordability, comfort, design and safety. The label of the auto should be advanced and attractive. The founts used should be nice and attractive. Merely precise text should be presented.

9.1.3 Product Line

Leyland following will be available in two major types of autos:

1. Leyland following CNG/AC

2. Leyland following AC

Imp. Recommendations

It is recommended both merchandises should be launched at the same time with major production and portion to CNG auto as demand of CNG is much more than that of simple auto. After three months clip a study should be conducted to judge client ‘s response to the auto.

9.2 Pricing Schemes

The monetary value of the autos will be as followers:

· Leyland following CNG/AC — — — — — — – Roentgen. 3,50,000/-

· Leyland following AC — — — — — — — — Rs. 3,15,000/-

Imp. Recommendations

The monetary value of the auto should be kept lesser than the rivals as Leyland next ‘s major aim is supplying economical auto to users. Besides the mark market of the auto is Middle and low income category so it should be kept in their affordability. This is accomplished by cut downing the overhead costs like OWN payment etc. by developing efficient distribution mechanism.

9.3 Distribution Schemes

Basically there are two types of distribution channels available: Direct distribution and In-direct distribution


Leyland following will follow both distribution channels for distribution of auto.

Use of Direct Channel: Leyland has its salesrooms in major divisional central office ; at these Stationss Leyland next will utilize its direct distribution channel. Besides it is recommended to increase the direct distribution coverage country by puting up salesrooms in more countries to hold better control over distribution.

Use of In-direct Channel: In those countries where Leyland does n’t hold its salesrooms it will utilize its concatenation of authorised traders to sell out its autos in these countries.

9.4 Promotion Schemes

Promotion is one of the most of import factors of selling ; it is done to impact the consumer behaviour in order to accomplish gross revenues and increase merchandise image. In publicity the major undertaking is to do consumers cognizant of the merchandise and to pull consumer towards the merchandise by foregrounding the advantages of the merchandise. Besides it keeps consumers cognizant and good informed about merchandise ‘s characteristics and betterments.


* Leyland can utilize electronic and print media to publicize about its auto.

* Leyland can publicize on hoardings, flex marks, coach boards, telemarketing etc.

* Special advertizement runs can be launched e.g. seminars, route shows publications etc. to make consciousness about Leyland following.

* Leyland will patronize particular events like concerts etc. to present the auto to populace.

9.4.1 Environment Research

An extended market research will be conducted to hold better thought about consumers ‘ perceptual experience about Leyland and its rivals. For this purpose Leyland will get services of selling and research bureaus to better analyze market environment. This will enable Leyland to larn about the consumers ‘ behaviour, how they perceive us and compare with the rival. The media of the advertisement a merchandise is ever chosen after the market environment research to acquire cognition that if the mark audience is interested in that manner of advertizement or non

9.4.2 Ad

To publicize the merchandise better and make consciousness about merchandise ; Leyland will utilize different advertizement methods to near the consumers. The diverseness of advertizement channels will assist in making the multitudes of different mentalities.

Following Advertisement methods will be used:

* Leyland will utilize print and electronic media to present the merchandise to consumers.

* Particular events will be sponsored by Leyland.

* Use of Billboards, flex marks etc for monolithic debut of auto ‘s launch.

* Special route shows and shows will be set at traders mercantile establishments.

* Prize competition will be conducted to pull people towards the auto.

9.5 Positioning Scheme

Leyland next will utilize the image of LEYLAND MOTOR CO. and hope that it will pull the clients towards the auto. Besides Leyland next ‘s extended selling with focal point on its particular characteristics like economic system, safety and comfort will pull attending of purchasers and make room for the merchandise in the market

10.0 Evaluation, Monitoring and Control

The end of the selling program is to sketch the schemes, tactics, and plans that will do the gross revenues ends outlined in the Leyland following concern program a world by the terminal of the season.

The monthly and the one-year gross coevals, so the sum of disbursals incurred in a month or in a twelvemonth, so the increased degree of client satisfaction and guaranting the trade name loyalty..

For following with these scenarios the advertisement attempts made by the company, strength of the distribution channels, launch of the new merchandises and the pricing will be measured. The possible addition in growing of the mark market besides depends all these attempts made by Leyland following.

The people who are responsible for the monitoring and control of the selling program involves, the Marketing Executives, Gross saless Directors, Media Managers, Market Research Departments, and the Production Managers.

Some activities must be carried out for exactly and closely measuring the effectivity of the schemes and tactics for illustration the assemblage and structuring of informations sing market, merchandise, consumers and the pricing tendencies, so the coevals of day-to-day gross revenues study should be maintained and so in the terminal uninterrupted reconfirming of the selling budget and activities by the directors of different divisions.

11.0 Budget

As Leyland has a tough competition with some large names like Suzuki and Toyota so there is demand of strong fiscal support to all selling activities. Leyland has allocated ab initio Rs. 30 1000000s for the selling of Leyland following.

This sum will be farther sub-allocated to different countries. Rs. 15 1000000s has been allocated to the budget of initial cost for the selling analysis and all activities of advertisement and publicity during first one-fourth of the twelvemonth. For the continuity of the promotional and advertisement activities Rs. 15 1000000s has been sub-allocated for each one-fourth over the old ages as Rs. 5 million per one-fourth.

* These allotments of fundss can be altered with regard to the hereafter demands

11.1 Market Analysis Cost

Leyland ‘s selling section includes professionals for market analysis, rival analysis, etc. These people are advised to make their best and for more extended attack. Leyland has besides acquired the services of marketing research and analysis bureaus for better attack and more in-depth research. The cost estimated for market research is Rs. 2 million.

11.2 Questionnaire Cost

Leyland ‘s has conducted an extended questionnaire with general populace to hold better thought about the mentality and apprehension of general populace. This study costs for its development, executing and so procedure of reading. Cost estimated for this study is Rs. 1 million.

The farther subdivision of this cost is given below in table 1.3 in Appendix B.

11.3 Ad and promotional cost

The cost allocated for advertisement and publicity is Rs. 12 million. This cost is allocated to the countries of advertizements, sponsorships, promos, etc.

11.3.1 Ad cost

Ad costs includes advertizement on electronic media, print media ( intelligence documents, magazines, etc. ) , hoardings, route shows, shows etc. etc. These all activities have been allocated Rs. 8 million.

11.3.2 Promos Cost

Promo cost includes the cost of press releases ; information books, award competitions etc. these all promo activities will be around Rs. 2 million.

11.2.3 Sponsorships

Leyland will patronize different events like concerts, seminars and other societal activities etc. to advance the auto in multitudes and attract people. This sponsorship of a concatenation of activities over clip will be about to Rs. 2 million

Car Traders Survey Summary


Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are basking the most market portion in India with approximately 55 % and 35 % jointly severally. Maruti is successful due to its local production and economical autos but they have major job of sustainability and designs of their autos. Hyundai is basking good market portion because of good quality and extended production. If Leyland is establishing new auto and want to hold on market portion so it has to concentrate on designs of autos and besides supply more low-cost option to purchasers. Besides Hyundai and Maruti do good selling and to crush them Leyland must develop efficient selling scheme.


Due to increase in economic activity in the state, demand of cars particularly autos for private usage have increased enormously. Currently Maruti is basking the major portion in the market due its low-cost autos, handiness of trim parts and good selling. Maruti is ruling the market but there are a batch of jobs which are being faced by users. Particularly the hebdomad countries are design and safety criterions. If Leyland wants to vie with Maruti in the market and interrupt into its laterality it should supply purchasers with extremely first-class designs of autos and besides autos which are safe and comfy to go.


The most of import parametric quantities while purchasing autos a purchaser looks for are its Price, Safety criterions, Design of auto and how much comfy the vehicle is. Presently some of the autos implemented the design, safety, comfort criterions are really expensive and immense market portion goes to those autos which are less standardised but are inexpensive. Leyland can stand in market and be successful if it make an ideal combination of Affordability, design, safety, comfort and do a better and inexpensive merchandise for purchasers. Presently less choice autos of Maruti are basking majority of market portion due to deficiency of better options available in market. Leyland is presently non so much successful in India market but they can better their place by concentrating at this country and developing effectual selling scheme to interrupt the influence of Maruti and Hyundai.

Consumer Questionnaire

What is your Gender?

a. Male

B. Female

What is your age?

a. 18-25

B. 25-35

c. 35 and above

What is your income?

a. Below 50,000

B. Above 50,000

What comes to your head when you think about Leyland?

a. Low-cost Cars

B. High quality Cars

c. Trust Worthy

d. Expensive Cars

e. Safety

f. High trade name image

Make you have a auto?

a. Yes

B. No

If yes, which auto do you prefer?



c. Others, delight stipulate …………… .

Make you prefer public conveyance to private autos?

a. Yes

B. No

Are you satisfied with safety of autos already in market?

a. Yes

B. No

What is your major penchant when purchasing a auto?

a. Monetary value

B. Safety

c. Comfort

d. Design

e. Other please stipulate ……… .

What power of auto do you prefer?

a. 800 milliliter

B. 1000 milliliter

c. 1200 milliliter or more

What type of colour you like?

a. Non-Metallic

b. Metallic

How satisfied are you with monetary values of autos in market?

a. Satisfied

B. Not – Satisfied

c. Neutral

How much are you willing to pay for 1000 milliliter. Cars?

a. Rs. 300, 000/- to Rs. 450, 000/-

b. Rs. 450, 000/- or more.

If one of the companies plans to establish a new auto of great design, safety, comfort and low-cost which 1 you will prefer?

a. Toyota

b. Maruti

c. Leyland

d. Local companies

e. Other please stipulate

What influences your purchasing determination?

a. Television ad

B. Magazine

c. Word of oral cavity

d. Bill board

e. Other, Please stipulate ………………..


Analysis Summary

Harmonizing to study people with an income bracket less than Rs. 50,000 per month prefers purchasing little autos for their private usage. A big per centum of people prefer purchasing their ain autos so to utilize public conveyance but most of them are non satisfied with the safety criterions of the autos in the market.

Harmonizing to study the most of import considerations by a purchaser of auto are monetary value, safety, comfort and design with monetary value holding major influence. About 65 % of the people surveyed were of age group 25 to 60 who are the major purchasers.

Most of the purchasers are non satisfied with the monetary values of the autos and are willing to purchase 1000 milliliter. autos for Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 but most of the autos in the market acquire more out of them as they are expensive. They consider Maruti and Hyundai successful in establishing a auto. Peoples seem to be more extremely influenced by the Television ads and hoardings.

12.0 Bibliography

§ ALLEN, G. ( 1998 ) . Introduction to Marketing. Addison-Wesley. Fifth Edition. London.

§ SAMUEL, B. ( 2003 ) . Marketing for Beginners. Pearson Education. 2nd Edition. Boston.

§ MERCER, D. ( 1996 ) . Selling. Blackwell Publishing. 2nd Edition. London.

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[ 1 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 3 ]

[ 4 ]

[ 5 ]

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I studied English language at school and in university, but when I started to work in Russian-American it-company I met several difficulties with my English. I understood that my English wasn’t perfect and I need study more to build my career,, because in this company and generally you have to …

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Cell Phone Essay

Many kids these days have cell phones. You often see teenagers talking on their phones, or, just as often, texting. It has become a part of everyday life, and a part of our society. It is encouraged socially, especially among teenagers, to have a phone. Cell phones can be very …


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