A Tree A Rock A Cloud English Literature Essay

Doctrine of the modernism and postmodernism period takes turns and bends at every opportunity it can. As the universe begins to alter at a velocity antecedently unobserved, people all over the universe are confused and scared of what might come following. Though today authors have taken to the cyberspace to demo the universe their thoughts, authors during these periods expressed the emotions human existences felt through many different genres of literature. First a adult male must assist those around him but so the doctrine displacements to a adult male must assist himself to derive significance in this life. As each adult male struggles to happen a topographic point for himself in the universe, each adult male is besides capable to the actions of others. So each adult male is a maestro of his ain fate but yet he is besides a slave to the caprices of others. This cognition scares work forces, adult females and kids all over the universe. Yet human existences continue to happen themselves among the fright. We all find significance for ourselves yet sometimes inquiries arise after we find the significance which defines our life. Some inquiries being: Is this the significance I wasted my clip on? Is this worth all the clip I spent entirely? In “ A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud ” by Carson McCullers these inquiries pop out to me after reading the hobo ‘s so called “ scientific discipline of love ” .

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The hobo in the narrative had his bosom broken by a adult female so badly he believed he could ne’er love once more. While the doctrine of love today would propose otherwise, the hobo wandered the state in isolation, seeking for his lost love and seeking for love itself. He believes he has discovered the scientific discipline of love, his ain personal doctrine he uses to specify his life in the universe. He ne’er finds the adult female he held to be so beloved nor does he happen another adult female he loves every bit much as her even after he develops his “ scientific discipline of love ” . The disenchantment the hobo faces after losing his first love cryings down the natural beauty of what love truly is. Natural non scientific I should state. Science can state many things and uncover many truths but one thing scientific discipline has no power over is the ability we have to love freely. This I believe the hobo fails to understand.

The hobo tried to break up love. That ‘s like seeking to rupture Mount Everest apart with a gum elastic mallet. It ca n’t be done. Nor can you use logic to love. You can non use logic to something that contradicts itself every bit much as love does. Yet the hobo did non recognize this as he tried to interrupt down love. The hobo tells the male child he speaks to “ I meditated on love and reasoned it out ” . All he reasoned out was how to believe he loved something or person. He believed love was merely one love. Harmonizing to his “ scientific discipline ” you could love a stone as easy and every bit profoundly as you loved a adult female or your kid. This is non the instance as most would hold. I myself have ne’er loved my iPod or my auto every bit much as I have loved my girlfriends or my household. The hobo failed to recognize many things but head among them was that love comes non from what others can give you to do you happy but instead love exists when your desire to do another happy lucifer ‘s your ain desire to do yourself happy. An inanimate object could ne’er return the love that work forces trail, so this scientific discipline of love is base on false beliefs.

Another inquiry that comes to mind after reading the narrative is how can you love an inanimate object every bit profoundly as you could a individual and so loss said object? Do you respond the same manner you would if your parents died? If my iPod interruptions ( once more ) you wo n’t see me shouting and mourning something that can non be replaced with a few hundred dollars. While I wo n’t precisely be thrilled to manus out that money, it ‘s easier than losing a loved 1. Once once more the scientific discipline of love is wrong.

The hobo was isolated from the human universe as he traveled the state developing his scientific discipline. He tried to replace the love he held for this adult female with a love for other things. As Thoreau one time said “ There is no redress for love but to love more ” . Possibly this is what the hobo thought as he traveled the state. He could non love the adult female who left him any longer so he began to love everything he could in hopes of happening a love merely every bit strong as his first love. Although I could non happen his last name a adult male named Jeffery one time said “ Love ne’er dies, even if you have found a new love, the sweet memory of the yesteryear will go on to run you for the remainder of your life. ” So no affair what the hobo did the memory of his past love would remain with him everlastingly. He might believe about her less and less but she will ne’er genuinely be gone from his bosom. This is true to me because even though I seldom think of her, I can still retrieve the feeling I got when I held the first miss I of all time loved in my weaponries. Such deepness of love does non vanish we merely go accustomed to the lost. Once once more the scientific discipline of love could non explicate the true deepness of love.

The hobo should hold labeled this theory on love as the doctrine of love because that ‘s all it truly is. To utilize the universe scientific discipline is to connote that there are difficult facts behind the theory.

This work of literature aimed to make a atomization and disenchantment of love. The disenchantment came from the smashing of the naivete of what love is. The atomization came from the effort to use concluding to something every bit complex as love. While in the present twenty-four hours most would hold that this “ scientific discipline ” is untrue and full of false perceptual experiences, how it was received in the station modernism period reflects how the universe society felt about love. With the rise of all the new scientific disciplines and the struggle of World War II, many people around the universe were lost and seeking for replies. At the rapid rate the universe seemed to go engulfed in the war, people everyplace must hold questioned when they were traveling to be swallowed by the war. So at a clip of war love was a really cherished thing. Yet what was love? For people all across clip have had inquiries about love, and this narrative attempts to explicate what McCullers had to believe of love.

In decision, while this narrative has a patched doctrine on love at best, it does open the head to believe a spot about love. Love itself is an experience to hold in any life we might conceive of for ourselves. We all must understand nevertheless that love will strike us nevertheless and whenever it so chooses. Love is an emotion and all emotions rise when we least anticipate them. Logic can non be applied to emotion. Mccullers tried to use logic to love through this narrative but like William Shakespeare one time said “ To state the truth, ground and love maintain small company together now-a-days. ”

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