Abolish Death Penalty Essay

Abolish Death Penalty

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            Death Penalty has been a long-standing political, social and moral issue in the society. Different groups have already advocated towards either the strengthening of the system or the abolition of death penalty as a verdict for convicted criminals. The Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (ICADP) and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) are two of the most prominent organizations fighting to eradicate death penalty in the criminal justice system.

            In an article from the ICADP published in the Chicago Tribune, the organization stressed out that even the government and the current criminal justice system is vulnerable in committing mistakes. And as such, sentencing someone to death may shake the foundations of capital punishment and may render the justice system inept in providing people with the justice that everyone deserves (“Abolish the Death Penalty,” 2007).

            On the other hand, NCADP also believed that death penalty is an injustice if imposed on convicted criminals. According to NCADP, death penalty is not a feasible and effective system in order to prevent crime within the society. Death penalty only causes anxiety amongst the people rather than providing them with peace and comfort (NCADP Homepage, 2008).

            ICADP and NCADP also provided brief examples of cases that render death executions as unjustified. There are cases and situations wherein death penalty has been used as a punishment although the crimes committed and the court proceedings were deemed to be insufficient to render death to anyone as a verdict.

            As such, the two organizations are advocating towards the abolition of death penalty. These two organizations address this concerns towards every citizen in the society, with the belief that criminals or non-criminals, are all affected by such laws. These two organizations also provide people in the community with technical assistance, educational materials, trainings and forums in order to properly disseminate the information among the members of the society.


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