Abort Essay

There are few issues in American politics that are more controversial than the issue of abortion. Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, more than thirty million fetuses, or as many consider them to be; unborn children, have been killed. (Zoroya, 2005 pg. A1) Only God knows who or what these people could have become. Perhaps a possible inventor of an antibiotic that would be used to cure various forms of cancer or even to eradicate the HIV/AIDS virus.

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There will be no way of knowing. What is known is that since President Bush took office, further restrictions have been put in place against abortion and with the addition of two Catholic Supreme Court Justices, who despite not answering specific questions about abortion during their Senate confirmations and with no abortion cases to appear before them, it still serves as a source of hope that one day, the unborn child will be seen as it always meant to be, protected by both God’s law and the law which is derived from the Constitution of the United States when read in the way our forefathers meant. (Zoroya, 2005 pg. A1) When debating abortion and the validity of it, there are three main points which must be considered.

The first two are supported by science; a science that was not available in 1973 to those who do cannot see that humans are made in the image of God and that as it states in the Bible; God knew us while we were in our mother’s womb, but who base their opinion on the destruction of a human embryo solely upon the scientific evidence that it yielded. The last point is one that not everybody will agree on and never will in this lifetime. It is a point that is very important as it serves as the most important motivating factor for those who identify themselves as pro life; the belief that even though God gives us freedoms living in America that are not enjoyed in most parts of the world, and that we have free will, that does not give us a blank check to end a human life simply because it is convenient.

One of the reasons which derive itself from common sense and proper planning, is the self evident conviction that abortion is avoidable. True self defense that results in the death of an individual, is not viewed as a punishable offense by the courts as the action of the individual was unavoidable. The view of the courts are different when one, for whatever reason; envy, hatred or revenge, kills another person. This is called murder. The difference is that the latter example was avoidable and the former example was not.

These main differences are also present in the issue of abortion. It would behoove most sexually active people to absorb into their hearts and minds, a century old proverb which reads: “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”(Johnson, 2007 pg. 28) Instead of being faced with the decision of either having a baby without the benefit of a stable marriage in which both people have planned for the addition to the family, or deciding that what the parents will do is kill their baby, or as the more soothing euphemism: “terminate the pregnancy” would be the best solution to their problem. In this situation, taking the truly easy way out, unlike many problems in life, is the best thing to do. What is much easier than being faced with the aforementioned problem, is not to put oneself in that position in the first place. Even though abstinence is laughed at by not only our young people’s peers, but also Hollywood and the school systems, it still remains and always will remain, the only practice which promises a 100% success rate.

If this still does not come to fruition, then there are a number of birth control measures and protection that when used properly, can significantly reduce the possibility of getting pregnant. A third sub point to this idea, comes when young women are encouraged to be a bit more selective when deciding who they will engage in intercourse. Women are supposed to be liberated. Women have more freedom and power than every before in American history. However, during the last four hundred years of American history, there was scarily a woman who would consent to one night stands or casual sex upon the prompting of a man. Even though women could not vote and were basically considered the property of their husbands, they still possessed enough pride in themselves not to submit to such passes and if ever confronted with such an option, even the most timid woman would react in the negative as forcefully as she could. This is not the case today. Statistics show that the average women will have had five sexual partners by the time they get married. For men, that number is even higher.

This is certainly not to place the blame upon women for abortions. Both are equally at fault. However, it would behoove all women to recognize that there is a 40% chance that upon getting pregnant, one’s boyfriend will not be present to conduct all of the fatherly duties. For African American women, that number reaches as high as 75 to 80%. (Johnson, 2007 pg. 28) The probability that the woman will have to raise the child on her own, only further encourages that mother who now feels abandoned and helpless, to end her pregnancy. As serious and tragic of an epidemic as this is in our country, it is completely avoidable.  That truth however, only compounds the tragedy of those who are unaware of such statistics and continue to believe the promises of their boyfriends in the weeks and days before they become physical.

There are some who will ignore this last point. However, as it serves as the chief motivating factor for a large majority of those who identify themselves as pro life, it is important to list. There are those within the pro life community who do not know the science that is involved in the birth of a child. They do not know what the baby feels like or in what stages of each trimester, certain characteristics become apparent within the baby. They do not know how many babies are killed each year in this country or what exactly partial birth abortions are exactly. However, when they hear about the life of a baby being cut short, not by an accident or because he or she was still born but because of the improper planning and apathetic attitude of both their parents, something resides deep down inside that person and the offence hurts them to the core.

This is especially true when abortions occur in the 3rd trimester when science shows that the baby has most or all of its human characteristics and one realizes that baby was never given the opportunity to receive the world’s most precious gift; life itself. The preamble to the Constitution promises that one’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will be protected. The Old Testament, in the Book of Job; a book which Jews, Muslims and Christians retain as part of their religious liturgy reminds the reader: “Did not he who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same one form us both within our mothers?” (Job 31:15) (Bible, 2000 pg, 566) or “Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast upon you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God” (Psalm 22:9-10) (Bible, 2000 pg. 588).  There are many more verses in the Bible which speak to the life of the unborn and that it is the same as one who is outside of their mother’s womb.

However, those who continue to support abortion in America, act as though they believe that we are not humans but animals who are unable to control ourselves. America has become more sexualized. That is for sure and the saturation of sex and female degradation which is all too common in America’s most popular music, movies and television, serve as a huge and crippling impediment to the sexual purity of this nation. There is hardly a person who has been unaffected by it. Sadly, as movie and television producers have realized, sex sells and the continuation of its portrayal in the most graphic images possible, will result in large profits for them. Despite the continuation of such visual impediments upon the mentality of Americans towards sex and its consequences, both beautiful and absolutely crippling, must still remain in the forefront of every person’s hearts and minds.

Even if one believes that we are on this earth by accident and there is no God, upon being presented with the decision to either end the life of their unborn son or daughter, they cannot help but feel regret; regret that a bit more planning and precaution was taken before the conception of that child. In doing so, one avoids the necessity of being forced to make that decision. There have been many women, and men as well who either had abortions or who encouraged their girlfriends or wives to get one, who later regretted it and who still celebrate with sadness and regret, the expected birthday or their child that was never allowed to be born. Countries and people are judged in history, if not also by God, in the ways that people treat the most helpless and vulnerable members of their society. There does not exist a more helpless and vulnerable segment of the population than the unborn child who waits to be given a chance at life.

It should be these precious human beings which our government should protect. In the same way a pregnant women refers to her child as just that; “my child” or in the ways people heard the news in horror as the body of Laci Peterson and her unborn son Conner were murdered and considered to be two separate and precious people. (Zinko, www.sfgate.com) So too should be the reaction when one reflects upon the fact that ever year in America, one million babies suffer the similar fate as Conner Peterson; that their right to life is taken away by force which was derived from their own parents who failed to retain the necessary level of planning and responsibility in order to properly are for another human being.

Abortion is one of the biggest plights upon our culture. What makes it so tragic is two fold: that a human life is being extinguished before it even has a chance to defend itself. The other is that abortions, expect in the instances of rape or when the mother’s life is in danger, is avoidable and does not need to happen in the first place if this most precious child’s parents contain a bit of responsibility and selfless planning. This is what makes the fact that nearly a million babies are murdered each year in America, so very, very tragic. It would behoove every individual, regardless of their feelings about the morality of abortion, to be careful before they become sexually active and that such important decisions should not happen until the full consequences can be absorbed by its two participants. Anything other than that will result in major heartache and regret. Those who protect the practice of abortion out of the convenience of the person or in the belief that one’s body is completely their own, will have to answer one day for their actions.


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