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Abortion ends life of the fetus in a snap. It ends up pregnancy and removes the developing child inside the womb. Thus, abortion should never become legally wrong under all circumstances. It involves a decision of terminating life which goes against the law of God, and of the State. It takes away the lives of unborn innocent children by means of medical processes. It is also dangerous since it puts both the life of the mother and child at risk during the abortion process.
I. Abortion is Immoral

Abortion equals murder. Abortion is unbiblical, and once a woman undergoes abortion, she becomes immoral in the truest sense of the word. No one is allowed to take away the life of another aside from God, as stated in the Fifth Commandment. This also includes the life of an unborn child. Moreover, the sin of the father and mother is not the sin of the child; the child should therefore be given the right to be born into this world. Hence, abortion should be made illegal.

There are millions of surgical abortions that happen every year in countries around the world. According to an article about the immorality of abortion, “[s]tatistics show that many women believe in the immorality of the abortions but still have them for two distinct reasons: lack of financial resources and lack of emotional support” (“Abortion”). Societal groups such as pro-life Christians and feminists argue that “it’s plain and simple murder” and an implication of the endless struggles that women endure “in the workplace, at home, and in society” (“Abortion”). However, there are instances when abortion is done against the mother’s will, such as when the parents of a pregnant teenager want to have the baby aborted without their daughter’s consent. Nevertheless, most cases of abortion can be attributed to unwanted pregnancy caused by rape and incest. Studies show that incest victims are more likely to voluntarily agree to have an abortion (Maloof 84). Although these cases can be considered reasonable grounds for abortion, they do not justify the need to disregard an unborn child’s life. Hence, abortion due to these reasons is still immoral and its legal practice should stop.
II. Abortion is Dangerous

            Since abortion involves surgical processes to fully remove the fetus out of the mother’s womb, it is extremely dangerous and puts the life of the mother at risk. According to a website article entitled “Abortion as your Option,” the greatest risk involved in an early abortion is when the doctor performs an “incomplete abortion.” This means that body parts of the baby are left inside the uterus which can cause infection and damage the female organ.  The instruments used by doctors and abortionist can also cause damage to the uterine walls. In cases that the crushed parts or bones of the baby are not removed thoroughly, it can poison the mother’s system and cause death. Tiny bones may also cut or puncture the uterus while being removed. The loss of blood from this may lead to death. Furthermore, after an abortion, a woman could become sterile (i.e., unable to become pregnant) or miscarry the next baby (“Abortion as Your Option,”). There are also instances when the pregnant woman decides to have an abortion during late pregnancy. During this stage, aborting the fetus is difficult. Thus, the mother may successfully give birth to the unwanted child resulting in a premature baby. Thus, having an abortion once may save a woman from unwanted pregnancy but one mistake in the process may remove her gift of bearing a child for the rest of her life.

The evil side of abortion has also been presented in movies such as Vera Drake (2004) which is set in the 1950’s, a time when abortion was against the law and frowned upon in Britain. The movie features the main character (Vera Drake) as an altruistic abortionist who tries to justify her actions by thinking that she is helping the women who are enduring an unwanted pregnancy. Although the movie presents how abortion can relieve women from an unwanted pregnancy, it concludes with the arrest of Vera after one of the women gets an infection from having an abortion. Thus, the movie implies that abortionists like Vera Drake should be punished since she takes away the life of infants and at the same time puts the lives of mothers at risk.

III. Conclusion

            Abortion is immoral in all circumstances. It involves a life-altering decision of murdering an unborn child. It is immoral and unethical because no one is given the right to take away the life of others. In addition, it puts the mother’s life at risk. Complications in the surgical process of abortion can lead to death. Thus, it should be illegal. Any law made either to limit or to protect the choice of abortion is unconstitutional by religious freedom. Only if laws reflect the consent of the individuals affected can this contract become binding. Otherwise, if state authority is abused to endorse one position over another, such imposition clearly violates the equal religious freedom of the opposing side. Abortionists kill a person not yet born. Abortion is a mortal sin. Abortionists are the medium of this sin. It is a dangerous activity that will forever haunt their conscience as they take away the lives of innocent children waiting to be born into this world.

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