Abortion ethics Essay


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            Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It is either accidental or voluntarily. (Baird 355) Most of the discussions about abortions are either political and with regard to the law, or ethical based on morality. Questions that linger are, “Should abortion be legalized and left to the women to decide on the fate of their unborn babies or should it be treated as any case of murder done upon a human being? In today’s modern world, abortion is a commonplace phenomenon. It has even become part of every day life. It is viewed as an easy, quick and convenient solution to unwanted pregnancies.

            Abortion is murder whichever way one looks at it. This is because on conception, the fetus formed is already a living thing, a form of life.  Aborting it means denying it a chance to live hence is killing it. Many argue that one is called human only after birth, but even in the womb, the fetus has life. An embryo that is as a matter of fact growing is human because it has got heartbeats which are felt as early as 21 days after conception. (360). although it has no noticeable human appearance, it has the prospective to have it once given the chance to grow inside the womb. In that respect, abortion is cold blooded killing of a human form. Therefore, abortion can be considered as an atrocious approach of denying the unborn baby in the womb an opportunity to grow and be born, a chance to have a full life. This is why it is outlawed in many countries and strongly condemned by religious bodies.

            Women have over the years tended to use abortion as a contraceptive or some sort of birth control.(356) This is where by women tend to have casual sex anyhow and use abortion in case of a pregnancy. This in turn promotes and encourages promiscuity and unfaithfulness. It is a way of encouraging irresponsibility in people. They do not want to take the required accountability for their actions and for this reason opts for the easy way out which is to get rid of it. This gives them the liberty to be careless in their activities especially concerning sex. To avoid it all, one should not be indulging in irresponsible activities and end up landing in such a state like getting  pregnant and having the life of an innocent unborn baby pay for it. It is a real moral inconsistency to use abortion as a last minute contraceptive resort and go ahead to caution the young ones on the evils and consequences of casual sex.

            Abortion due to its brutal and gruesome nature can cause infections, a sequence of frequent miscarriages and even loss of the woman’s life. To add on that, abortion has some very serious psychological destruction to the woman who undergoes it. She can go through things like severe depression due to the guilt of what she has done to the innocent unborn being.  (358)

            O n the other hand, abortion is already apart of the society and it will always be. People have different feelings towards it. To a particular person, abortion can be traumatizing while to another, it can be a solution to a traumatizing of forced child birth problem. It is quite impossible to design a set of rules that would be fair to all and consider everyone’s needs. That is why, it is important to keep in mind that for a woman to decide on having an abortion, she must have had very concrete reasons. Many a times, abortion helps in the protection of a woman’s life. There are women who suffer from complication after pregnancy and carrying the pregnancy to full term could end up being detrimental to both the mother and the unborn baby. Logic dictates that the mother’s health is at that time very important as compared to that of the unborn therefore terminating the pregnancy. Here abortion is the most necessary measure for the mother’s sake because if the mother is not saved, both mother and child could lose their lives.

            Most of today’s societies are filled with the male chauvinistic ideologies. This is the viewing of women as incubators and nothing more.  Abortion hereby gives the woman a sense of identity that is individual. The woman here has the freedom to decide whether to carry the pregnancy to full term or terminate it. She has the power to decide the fate of the child. It also helps in keeping check of the family size. Contrary to beliefs that abortion only happens with young girls, it also is done by married women. They have abortion to prevent them from having more children than they can cater for. Though there are other means of preventing pregnancy from occurring in the first place, abortion has served as a potent tool to undo mistakes and help prevent mothers from being forced to raise children they had not planned for.

            In cases where the pregnancy occurred as a result of rape, abortion is like a breath of fresh air to the victim. This is because, rape in itself is a very traumatizing ordeal, having to carry the pregnancy that resulted from it is worse. This is like a constant reminder of what transpired during the rape. Getting rid of the pregnancy which is through abortion is like the first step of the healing process. A woman should therefore not be forced under any circumstances to carry a pregnancy that occurred from being raped.

            In as much as the laws and religious doctrines condemn abortion, it is still going on and it is not stopping any time soon. The authorities and government as a whole can decide to legalize it or not but it will still remain a part of the society. More over

, the attempts to put a ceiling on and prohibit abortion will not only lead to the increase of the proportion of abortions occurring but also the amount of money used in the process. Women and girls will always find a way of having an abortion if they want no matter what laws are put in place against it. No matter how risky it may be they will have it. Therefore, the government should formulate a law that would give women a right to decide if they want to have an abortion or not. This in the end would be profitable in terms of revenue to the government. The women who spend a lot of money going to quark doctors would instead go to credible doctors who will perform the procedure professionally and give them the best medical attention and in turn the money used reaches the government in terms of tax.

            I n essence, despite the fact that abortion is murder, there are certain reasons that force women to go through with it. Instead of taking the moral high ground and be judgmental, it’s important to look at the facts of the situation. People should be given the right to choose what they really want and be given adequate education on the dangers of the whole thing. A solution like giving the child up for adoption should be offered so that when a woman decides to have an abortion, she has the facts first at hand.

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