Abortion in the First Trimester is Morally Impermissible Essay

Abortion in the First Trimester is Morally Impermissible.

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            Different views exist on the opinion of whether a woman has a right to perform an abortion in case she doesn’t want to give birth to a child. Most people believe that it’s wrong to perform this operation when the fetus is more or less developed, when it has its organs formed. In the same time, lots of people consider the abortion on the first trimester, when the fetus is not so developed, to be a good way out for the woman who desires to end her pregnancy.

            When we think over this question we have to remember that an embryo on every stage of its development, from the first days of conceiving, is the organism that has a potential of developing into a normal human being. Thus we can conclude that abortion on any stage of pregnancy is a murder.

            It’s important to consider the fact that in most cases when a woman has sex with a man she understands that she is at risk of conceiving a child. The fact that she agrees to have sex with the man, means that she accepts this possibility, and that she is going to take responsibility for it. Abortion means that a woman is discarding this responsibility.

            The human’s health is one of the most valuable things a person has, as it allows him/her to lead the full and pleasant life. Healthy person is better of contributing to society than an ill one. People who dwell in the society should be interested in contributing it. Abortion is harmful to the woman’s health. Thus, a woman who performs abortion doesn’t care about contributing to it.

            Murder, discarding responsibility, and the denial to contribute to the society are considered to be morally impermissible in the society we live in. Abortion at any term of pregnancy is murder, discarding responsibility and the denial to contribute to the society, thus it is morally impermissible. In case the abortion is morally impermissible at any term of pregnancy than it is impermissible morally in the first trimester too.

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