Abortion is an emotionally charged subject of debate Essay

Abortion is an emotionally charged subject of public debate

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In medical terms, Abortion is defined as the premature extraction of a conception from the female uterus. The term refers coldly to the loss of pregnancy, without any regard to the cause as to why the conception was aborted. In the past, an abortion was observed only when circumstance of the likes of premarital sex or rape led to unwanted conception. However, the present day scenario is not even close.

Let us consider a term referred to as “Infanticide”, where the newly born baby is murdered within a day or two of being born. This has come out to be the modern day version of abortion. Abortion was being recorded as a procedure that caused much harm and pain to the mother, so much so that at certain times, the woman becomes incapable of ever being pregnant again. As a way out, the logic of illiteracy and ignorance has now led people to opt for infanticide, where the child is usually murdered by being fed poisonous edibles within a day or two of birth. If the murdering of a newly born child is unjustified, then what justice is there in the murdering of life before it has even stepped into the world?

Besides this reason, it is also considered unjust to take a life that has not yet been given a chance of choosing between right and wrong in the universe (Slick, 2008).

Also, many critics argue that mankind is the only species on the planet that has taken to killing its child before birth. No other species created by God kills the child in the womb of the mother (Slick, 2008).Common circumstance where abortion is considered an option is when there are grounds for speculation that the pregnancy may lead to sex linked disorder. A sex linked disorder such as hemophilia and dystrophy is more than often considered untreatable and are the pregnancy is aborted. This reason can be given space for consideration on the grounds of saving a child from future pain and possibly a painful death. It is a concept that appears to be along the lines of euthanasia.

On the other hand, many medical practitioners argue that when the conception is in the phase of a fetus or an embryo, it cannot feel anything at all and is not even aware of its own existence (Member, 2007). It is not until weeks after conception that the element of awareness of existence develops in the fetus. Hence, the very debate of whether or not abortion is a proper practice or not is redundant.

I personally believe that abortion is an act that is case-specific. If a life has been destined for pain and misery for as long as it will be in this world, there is no point in letting the pain and misery get to it. On the other hand, when a pregnancy has to be an aborted simply because the child has been discovered to be a girl, as was the practice in third world Asian countries in the past, abortion is nothing but cold blooded murder. I believe that every case that opts for abortion has its own specific attributes in light of which it should be considered. Abortion is a matter of life and death and such a matter is not one which can be generalized upon (Kandotti, 2007). Every case of abortion should be given proper medical and legal treatment before it is established whether the abortion will be performed or not.

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