Abortion is killing Essay


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“Singer believes that there is a single goal for human conduct- Satisfactions of preference and avoidance of suffering.”

Singer’s assertion is that there is no sanctity or holiness of human life that it cannot be ended. Our real essence is that we can abandon life if it ends sufferings for other people. So abortion must be permitted as it would end suffering of a woman. He believes that humans are humans and not an extraordinary holy thing that his/her life cannot be ended if he’s a cause of suffering for others. In fact, we should believe in our preferences and satisfaction. If abortion ends sufferings for other humans then it must be ended.

“Believes that birth is not morally significant because a newborn isØ incapable of regarding itself as a “ distinct entity with a life of its own to lead.” “Says infanticide is not morally important its like killing a happy cat.”

Since, a newborn has not yet able to perform his own tasks his occurrence is insignificant and his killing would be similar to killing of happy cat. This is because a newborn is not being able to do any of his jobs by himself. He’s yet not aware of his existence. This statement above is not agreeable. Since, God is a creator. If life does not begin then how will it flourish? It has to be started at some point and then develops into whole living being. If we’ll keep killing newborns then there will be no life on earth.
“A person is never its own person and everyone goes through different stages of dependency throughout there life.”

Even when a child is born, our life is dependent on others. First of all we are dependent on our parents or guardians, who take care of us during infancy and childhood. When we reach adolescence we still are dependent on our families and parents for support. After marriage we are dependent on our spouse and on our children when we get old. Hence, at every stage of life we’re dependent on someone for something. Therefore, finishing life of a fetus on the basis that he/she has not yet arrived into this world or still dependent is baseless.

Abortion is killing of an unborn child in womb. The beginning of life starts from the conception. There are several moral, ethical, and religious beliefs involving abortion. There are two positions set for this, a pro-life and pro-choice. For pro-life, human life starts from conception while pro-choice say that life begins when fetus is implanted on the wall of uterus. For pro-life, abortion is unlawful and government should set rules to interfere with woman’s decision to abort a child or not. While pro-choice proposes the opposite.

It is defined as, “purposeful termination of pregnancy with intention other than to produce a live born infant or to remove a dead fetus.” (Division of Biostatistics)

            However, in any way abortion must not be allowed under any circumstances other than when woman’s life is in danger. It is purposeful killing or termination of pregnancy without having any risks health for woman. It is considered immoral to terminate pregnancy and end a life without having any valid reasons. Abortion must not be done solely on woman’s decision to remove the fetus. As women are emotionally weak and may be depressed after getting pregnant. “In the United States, women choose to end about 25% of their pregnancies through abortion” (American Statistics).

Once man and woman perform sexual intercourse it is their moral duty to take care of child that God has gifted them. God is sole powerful and take care of the living beings He creates. He feeds them. Once fertilization of an ovule is completed with spermatozoon, a life starts in the womb of a woman. It is immoral and unlawful to remove the unborn baby without having any risks involved in woman’s health.


American statistics are listed by Baptists for Life, Inc. at: http://www.bfl.org/stats

Pregnancy: Definitions and associated formulas,” Division of Biostatistics and Health GIS, Government of South Carolina, at: http://scangis.dhec.sc.gov/

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