Abortion is wrong Essay

                                          “ABORTION IS WRONG”

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            An abortion refers to killing of an embryo, which will be in the process of growth inside the uterus of a woman body. Abortions that occur due to natural trauma and under special conditions like to save the life of pregnant woman are                                                                                                                                             unavoidable but the elective abortions performed due to accent given by the pregnant woman to meet her own conveniences isn’t it wrong?

               Abortion is not so easy to get over with. The latter effects of abortions on health are the person may have to suffer from breast cancer or fetal pain, which is the existence or absence of fetal sensation during abortion or even have to suffer from post-abortion syndrome which characterizes a set of mental health characteristics like intense feelings like guilt and need to repair. Since the abortion has been barred by laws of many Nations the women resort to unsafe methods of abortions which may even lead to their deaths. Abortions may even cause social imbalance like sex selective abortions lead to over population of a particular sex endangering the other kind of sex.

Now let us just have a look at the statistics of abortions in different Nations

 It has been estimated that yearly, approximately 46 million abortions are

Performed.Of these,26 million are said to occur in places where abortions Is legal;other 20 million happen where it is illegal.Some countries such as

 Belgium   (11.2 per 100 known pregnancies) and the Netherlands (10.6         per 100), have a low rate of induced abortion, while others like Russia (62.6 per 100) and Vietnam (43.7 per 100) have a comparatively high rate.According to a study conducted in 1998  from 27 countries the reasons for women to have abortions are wish to avoid child-bearing ,concern over the job or studies,financial instability,some of the societal pressures

Like disacceptance of single mother,importance to male sex and others. The most astonishing fact is that a survey conducted in 2002 established that 42% of women using condoms for the pupose of abortions faced failure through breakage due to inconsistency in the usage.

Even though laws of some Nations permit abortions as a legal issue does spirituality permit it.Catholic church condems abortion as a grave evil.Everyone has the right to birth and right to live on the earth it is a sin to grab the life of a child just because of some disageerable reasons.Jainism teaches that evn to kill an insect is a sin then to kill the life of an innocent child is not done at all.Nobody has the right to kill.People in many parts of the Nation believe that persons who intend to abort a child will go to hell after their deaths.

Every Nation should enforce strict laws against abortions and should decrease the rate of abortions in the forthcoming days.When there are more minus points in abortion than plus points why to opt for abortion.Anti-abortion violence has raised against those Nations which which permit abortions as legal which has given raised to bombings,murders and other violent activities which are resulting in the huge loss to the mankind.A wise person thinks a million times before attempting to abortion.We are in the need of large human resource inorder to the development of the mankind so there is no neccessity  for the Nations to support abortions in the name of population explosion.So “say no to abortions and yes to births” and by this I rest my aeguement.

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