Abortion: Morally and Ethically Incorrect Essay

Abortion: Morally and Ethically Incorrect

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According to the American Reference book Annual (Dillon), the definition of the word Abortion in medicine refers to the premature exit of the products of conception (the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta) from the uterus. A spontaneous abortion is the same as a miscarriage. The miscarriage of 3 or more consecutive pregnancies is termed habitual abortion. Such, at the contemporary issues we are facing today, many had considered this option to be the most convenient and possible way to avoid pregnancy or conceiving a child. Legal or not, there are many issues to be measured before performing one.

Abortion cases not only tackle the life and rights of the mother but also the baby or the fetus inside her womb as well. Taking away somebody’s life is like committing murder. What we see in here is the idea wherein a defenseless individual being declined of his or her right to live (euthanasia). Abortion is yet another illegal act. It should not be supported. Morally and ethically, abortion is wrong in any point of view.

Biblical Point of view vs. Modern Issues

We could say that in accordance to the Bible, abortion is incorrect to administer. Although there are no actual passages that said something against abortion, we can rely to the fact that it was indeed unthinkable during the time the Bible was made. There are no verses in the Bible that tells us about someone not wanting her child and tries to do something with it. It is also against the sixth commandment of God – ‘thou shall not kill’. It is inhuman for us to kill a vulnerable being with only a heart beat. Fetus or not, complete or incomplete, that being is still alive. We have no right to take away his/her life.  Even though there are modern issues to think about such as being raped wherein the mother cannot permit to bear something she know is the product of someone’s evilness, the fact that it is alive and that it is not our life to take is just another important matter to be discussed. Another is when the law itself permits or gives the alternative of obligating one. The overpopulation in China is one good example. Chinese women may think of having an abortion rather being jailed because of contributing to the number of population. Contraceptives and family planning could end the matter. Adultery could not be the only solution to problems such as these.

Pro-life and Pro-Choice.

 Pro-life advocates think that abortion is not the only alternative to take in case of having an unwanted child. Adoption could be taken in a way that you would not have to kill the child instead, let it be alive and let others take care of the child when it is old enough to be taken care of. There are still many people out there who do want a child but had not given a chance to have so. Only it could be taken as a serious matter when the life of the child is at stake. Meanwhile, the adherents to Pro-choice see abortion as a necessary option especially on the idea that different set of rights is the main issue. They also see that abortion as contraception when the other forms fail. Nevertheless, it is in the Pro life that we could see the rational idea that there are still many other choices to think of rather than committing abortion.

Abortion is a highly debatable matter to be discussed. The fact that the life being talked about here which we consider to take is one big argument because it is not us who had given that life and also, it is not ours to take. Emotionally and physically, besides the fetus or child in the womb, it is also the mother’s responsibility in the first place to think of. She is the one to conceive the baby; beforehand she should have taken the precautions and chances of bearing the child or not. It proves that being a moral sin, abortion could result to bad implications to the mother, child and the family emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally.


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