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I. Introduction

            Human life is sacred because conception, from the beginning, already involves the creative action of God. As human beings, we remain forever in a special relationship with the Creator. Human life is endowed with majesty and dignity which calls forth for an equally dignified response. We owe human life respect and reverence. Such reverence, respect, and concern for life are a way of saying “yes’ to God’s concern for human life in all its forms. In this complex world that we live in today, abortion is one of the most hotly-debated issues. They pose a serious moral challenge particularly to medical practitioners and health service providers who are supposed to preserve and protect human life. Thus a thorough understanding of this issue is necessary to arrive at logical and moral solutions. Still the fact remains that abortion is desirable in human society (Colker 68-76). Their prevention should be a shared task that rises above the debates on the morality of abortion. Thus, every one of us has no right to stop a new life. It is an immoral and sinful act that a human can ever do. It is a violative of the natural right of the child to live.

II. Discussion

            According to pro-choice (people who are in favour of abortion) that mother, being a human being, and not merely a machine of procreation, has the right and the freedom to decide when to continue or terminate pregnancy. The State has no authority to prohibit abortion, as a matter of human right (Rubin 43-52).

            But morally speaking, mothers should not only look at on their own rights but also the rights of the new life which is inside their wombs. Same as them, this “new life” also has the right to live and enjoy what life may bring for them. If women are not yet ready to have a baby, they should control themselves in order not to get pregnant.

            Advocates against abortion adhere to the principle which calls for the protection and preservation of human life in all its forms. Pro-choice proponents do not deny the value of life. Towards its promotion, they insist that there are other situations which may justify abortion other than if saving the life of the mother. One such situation is the socio-economic capability of parents, especially of single parents. Thus, accordingly, the ultimate decision whether a pregnancy should be continued or discontinued should belong to the woman and/or parents as a matter of personal right (Pollitt 101-106).

            It is not denied that pregnancy us an ultimate personal matter which concerns the woman or the family. But, likewise, it must be emphasized that abortion would not be a moral issue if couples would have also admit to the prior responsibility of conjugal love and sex. Pregnancy is a foreseeable result of the sexual act. Couples, therefore, who are faced with the risk of unwanted pregnancy, should have recourse to the moral means for avoiding conception (Head 48-54).

III. Conclusion

            In conclusion, I am strongly against in abortion because it is a way of not giving the “new life” a chance to live his/her life; thus, this “new life” has the same right with their parents to live. Abortion is an act of not being gratitude of what God has given to us. Life is present from the moment of conception, and secondly, that life will develop into human being, unless it is crushed out of existence. In other words, there is already a human being there in its first stages of development, like a tiny rose-bud that will one day open into a beautiful bloom. Life is there from the first moment. It is not just a piece of tissue, or a growth; it is a living thing, with a distinct life of its own. Anyone who destroys it destroys the human being that is to be.


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Speech Presentation Outline

I. Introduction

            This part introduces what abortion is and tackles on its morality.

II. Discussion

            It thoroughly discusses what abortion is and presented different views of abortion.

III. Conclusion

            The researcher/speaker concludes what he studies on his paper and contributes his ideas about abortion.

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