About Research In Motion Marketing Essay

Research In Motion ( RIM ) , is a planetary leader in radio it established in 1984 in Canada and it entered the nomadic industry in 1999. The Canadian BlackBerry smartphone shaper has been in the concern sector over a decennary, in the yesteryear they have expanded efficaciously in cellular telephone market. There are 1000000s of people are utilizing BlackBerry merchandises around the universe. In add-on, RIM have operates offices around the universe for illustrations in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Number & A ; Size and distribution of companies:

Research in Motion ‘s became extremely successful in smartphones industry. That is because BlackBerry is the first smart phone that has messenger which allowed clients to message people without SMS charge. The BlackBerry merchandises and services are now available over 175 states around the universe. In add-on, there are over 39 million BBM users from around the universe in 2011. Beside this, RIM Revenue grew 33.1 % over the old twelvemonth to a record $ 19.9 billion and net income grew 38.8 % to $ 6.34 per portion in 2011. And harmonizing to RIM they said that most of their clients are from outside the North American particularly in Middle East. And the BlackBerry gross revenues growing in in the Middle East quickly the company said that their gross revenues had increased 140 per cent in the Middle East in 2011. Furthermore, harmonizing to Fortune Magazine ‘s they said that RIM is the fastest turning company in the universe in 2011. However some of the rivals such as Google, Apple, and Samsung are much larger companies. Some of the other rivals are Amazon Kindle Phone, HTC and Nokia. What ‘s more, Apple ‘s iPhone is the biggest rivals for the Blackberry. Apple is a menace for BlackBerry because it is a really strong trade name and its worldwide popular. Another rival for BlackBerry is the phones that use the Android system. Created by Android and Google these phones have a figure of similar characteristics as the Blackberry. In add-on, many different companies have Android operate system such as Motorola, HTC, T-Mobile, Google Nexus and Galexy S3.

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Company, R. ( 2012 ) . Fiscal Documents. Retrieved from RIM company: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rim.com/investors/documents/

The nature of barriers to entry and the tallness of barriers to entry:

Porter ‘s five forces:

Menace of new entrants:

* Moderate

The possibility for trade name new rivals to come in the smart phone industry is really low. That because the smart phone industry is a really competitory industry it ‘s required a immense sum of money to be able to bring forth such an expensive merchandise which can vie with RIM ‘s phones. In add-on, smartphone industry requires high degree of technological work and creativeness work. However, there are tonss of technological companies in the universe which they have the money and resources to set up a competing merchandises for RIM ‘s phones. For illustration, a few old ages ago the lone rival for Blackberry ‘s was Apple ‘s iPhone. But now, there are many phone companies merged to bring forth smart phones. For illustration Microsoft and Nokia who had no old experiences in smartphone industry have entered this market. Besides, Google and Samsung have worked together enable Samsung to let go of the Galaxy s3 phone which run ‘s Google ‘s Android operating system. So the menace of other rich technological companies to come in this industry is really high. And there is no uncertainty that smart phones market growing quickly. Large turning market with high net income potency for houses that release successful merchandises

Menace of replacements:

* High

Research in Motion was the first company which established smartphone in 1999. And the first rival for blackberry was in 2008 when Apple produced iPhone. In the yesteryear they have had a few menaces of replacement merchandises. But since Apple ‘s produced iPhone, the menace of replacement merchandises has growing quickly with the recent launch of Android. If we compared between Android and the iPhone they both have similar properties but, Android is moderately inexpensive merchandise, but the iPhone frequently considered a superior merchandise. And that sets Blackberry in the center of the route in footings of monetary value and quality.

Dickering power of providers:


The bargaining power of providers in the RIM is high because the company has a few Numberss of providers. So it ‘s hard to exchange providers because alteration may impact the design of merchandises. What ‘s more, RIM can non exchange providers to another because that will be tonss of money. In fact, providers have high bargaining power. In add-on, RIM is produced by companies such as Intel, Freescale Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung and STMicroelectronics. Samsung is one of the most competitory houses for RIM and that gives Samsung some advantages because Samsung is controls their supply concatenation. Samsung produces much of the stuffs that goes into their phones.

Dickering power of clients:

* high

The bargaining power of clients is high. That because Blackberry is non that differentiated any longer like they one time were and merchandise and can be replace by replacements for illustrations iPhone and Galexy S3. Besides, clients can exchange to another merchandise in the market with competitory monetary values.

Intensity of Competition:

* Intense

BlackBerry is the first smart phone that has messenger which allowed clients to message people without SMS charge. Then people start utilizing WhatsApp messengerA which is rather similar to BBM in footings of leting its users to direct and have text messages free. But, what ‘s make Blackberry unique than other smart phone that you could utilize both BlackBerry courier and What’sApp courier. However, there is non much distinction between BlackBerry phones and other rivals. So, there is intense competition from big companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung. This twelvemonth BlackBerry ‘s market portion has dropped because of the lifting popularity of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galexy S3.

Merchandise Differentiation:

BlackBerry smart phones are one of the most popular devices on the market. In the past the chiefly usage of BlackBerry phones was for concern intents, but now they are really popular for personal usage as good. BlackBerry phone have many characteristics for illustrations text messaging, web browse, electronic mail, cyberspace, camera, media participant, and more. The current theoretical accounts of BlackBerry such as the BlackBerry 7, the BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, and they are really simple and easy to utilize. Besides, there is BlackBerry PlayBook, the universe ‘s first professional-grade tablet. In add-on, In the Blackberry App World shop, you can happen plans for everything such as for amusement there are games and for concern people there are tonss of package to assist them in their concern. Furthermore, BlackBerry phones have really cool characteristics particularly for people who travel on a regular basis. Finally, the ideal of BlackBerry household merchandises is to let existent clip communicating, so they can remain in touch with the people and information at the same clip.

Competition in this industry:

The chief rivals for the BlackBerry are Android, theA Apple iPhoneA , A Windows Phone and Samsung S3. BlackBerry faced tonss of trouble to vie against Android and Apple.

Opportunities and Menaces:


BlackBerry 10 which will let go of in 2013 should be able to vie with other merchandises such as iPhone5 and Samsung S3.

RIM has tonss of loyal clients in the Middle East, so they should concentrate on how they satisfied them.

Supply new characteristics in BlackBerry couriers such as free picture calls.

Develop long enduring battery which could last for a long clip.


BlackBerry is confronting competition than of all time before, from aA scope of providers Blackberry will vie with big planetary participants such as Nokia and Microsoft.

Blackberry Price Wars ( 3 Analysis )

Companies in nomadic industries sometimes seek to cut down monetary value wars menace by following the monetary values set by the dominant company in the industry. In add-on, Blackberry Smartphones monetary values are somewhat near to other companies ‘ nomadic devices such as Samsung Smartphones.

Few months ago Blackberry faced a monetary value war job when they tried to administer their PlayBook as consumers faced some proficient jobs and their lunching came at the same clip of lunching I phone 3 and the new Amazon tablet every bit good. BlackBerry dropped their monetary values from $ 450 ( 16 GB ) and $ 550 ( 32 GB ) to $ 99 ( 16GB ) and $ 149 ( 32GB ) .

Harmonizing to Wall Street in US Blackberry is ranked at the top of 9 other companies and they take it as “ the best illustration of an advanced company that lost its edge. ” ( St.,2012 ) . As a consequence, Blackberry company would hold to work harder to acquire back their repute in United province.

Question 3:

Harmonizing to the instance survey which is about United steel industry. There are some illustrations of Porters five forces theoretical account:

Hazard of entry by possible rivals

One of the new domestic competition entered the market called Minimills and that was since 1970s. Minimills were produce steel at lower cost than big established companies.

Intensity of competition among constituted houses:

At the terminal of 1999s, there were competitory battle with extra capacity between companies in the Steel industry. For the Steel industry, the supply was high, whereas the demand was low. As for the steelworkers, they slashed their monetary values and seek to capture more demand and selling with low net incomes.

Dickering power of purchasers:

The companies in the industry slashed their monetary values and seek to capture more demand and that was a great competition in the monetary values and selling with low net incomes. Furthermore, the clients in the steel industry had to dicker down the monetary values.

Dickering power of providers:

Suppliers are most powerful in the company. Harmonizing to the instance survey, there were one provider that mentioned which is Minimills, but really there were many providers for the steel industry. That made the bargaining power of providers more lessening.

Menace of replacements

The clients switched to other replacements which including aluminium, plastic and complexs.

Explain what is meant by a Sixth Force? Give an illustration relevant to your industry.

A The 6th force of Porter ‘s industry analysis model is the complementary merchandise which means that companies and concerns produce goods & A ; ware which are compatible or complementary to the goods or services that sold in a peculiar industry. Furthermore, the complementary merchandises and services offer extra value to the clients. The status that exists if one of the goods complements another called complementarity a sort of commercialism. Additionally, the presence of Porter ‘s complementors can act upon the competitory construction of an industry.

Porter ‘s six forces provide a method for industry analysis. The being of the 6th force of Porter which is the complementors can be an advantage or a disadvantage for houses & A ; companies which are viing in an industry. Some of the concerns are dining for the complementors and this could positively impact the concern of the houses in a certain industry. In contrast, if concern is slow for the complementors this could detrimentally impact the concern of the houses in a certain industry. So we can understand that, complementors and complementary goods do non needfully increase or diminish the fight of an industry, they merely add another bed to the structural complexness of the competitory environment.

First illustration

Blackberry does n’t supply tonss of applications for its clients every bit much as the Android operating system. Android is already supported many popular cell phones companies such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola every bit good. Blackberry co-operated with Android runing system to heighten the following coevals of the Blackberry phones.

Second illustration

Blackberry playbook tablet does n’t accomplish gross revenues every bit much as the iPad from Apple company because Blackberry playbook has many mistakes in its computing machine bit. What is more, I surfed the Internet and I read that there are many cons of the Blackberry playbook tablet and some of them are it consumes tonss of power. Additionally, there is an absence of any sort of communicating such as 2G or 3G. Besides the absence of a memory card slot left the Blackberry ‘s clients profoundly defeated.

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