About Royal Mail Essay

                Royal Mail was set up in the early 16th century by the UK government to aid in the passing of information between interested parties. Wilkinson (2007), reports that coaches were used in the 17th century to deliver mail to citizens after it was authorized in the earlier century. The Royal Mail succeeded in establishing dominance even with the development of private postal agencies like London Penny Post. Stakeholder Issues (2008) raises important means that were to be used in mitigating effects of strikes like the one that took place between 2008 and 2009. Firstly, the Royal Mail is supposed to negotiate using ethically accepted means that would give chaotic confrontations a wide berth. Secondly, the organisation will compensate their customers whose mails have been affected during any of the strikes through the Bulk Mail Compensation Scheme.

            In the last two years, it has reported an annual profit of averagely over £200million. This has however not been the norm in earlier years due to turbulence in the industry. Competition from the private sector has also seen its operations threatened. The goals of Royal Mail include improving staff welfare so as to reduce industrial action and expanding the organisation to improve its services and employ more people. Integrity (2010) explains Royal Mail’s intention of strengthening its brand value and identity as these are factors that are very pivotal in establishing dominance in the industry. These goals are important in ensuring that facts like industrial actions by its workers are avoided.

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