About Schmidt-2 Essay

a. One of the major losses seen in the film is Warren’s loss of his wife Helen. There also came a point where Warren learned that his wife had an affair with his best friend. This added up to the grief that he was already bearing. This caused him to think that he was a very inadequate husband and had thought over his shortcomings as a husband. During the time that he was pondering over the matter, it is very evident that lingered on memories and at the same time experiences distress over his daughter’s impending marriage. He exhibited Rando’s Six R Processes—there is the recognition of the loss, experiencing different emotions, reviewing his life when his wife was still alive, seeking for forgiveness, and adjusting to the situation. In the long run, he forgives his wife for engaging in the affair and at the same time asks for forgiveness for letting her down.

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b. As a means of coping, he preoccupied himself with urging his daughter not to marry. He also released tension and distress through his letters for the Tanzanian boy. This together with continuous realization of his life became his coping mechanism. It should be noted that there was a point wherein he think that when he dies and everyone he knows dies it will appear as if he didn’t exist. But in the end, he is overwhelmed by what he learned that the Tanzanian boy actually benefited from him and that his life isn’t worthless. It is an effective way of coping because he actually realized many things about his life and at the same time learn to forgive for all the mistakes of his wife and other people. He is also humbled with this realization and actually asked for forgiveness for his shortcomings as well.

c. I think one of the things that helped Warren cope with his wife’s death is his taking care of her funeral. This made him realized that death is inevitable and his wife’s time just came. Also during this ritual, he was consoled by his daughter and other people and this made coping more effective for him but also increased his distress especially when talking about the finances and his rift with his daughter. Undergoing through death rituals made the grief process more natural to him. It is good that he did not avoid facing the reality that his wife is gone and had an affair before. Even though he had another problem with his daughter, he didn’t escape his problems and faced them instead.


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