Advantages Of Mixed Economy To Hilton Kuching Marketing Essay

In this assignment we have chosen Hilton Hotel, Kuching as our research and analysis. Hilton Kuching is located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, which is at the centre of the metropolis. From Kuching International Airport, it normally takes 25 proceedingss to get Hilton. Surround the hotel ; there are assortment of stores such as the 24-hours convenience store – 7-11, the java store, the sofa, bistro and shopping promenade. It is really convenient for the invitees who wish to hold different sort of activities during their stay at the adjustment.

Hilton Kuching provides invitees with different types of installations and services. For the concern convenience, Hilton Hotel provide the invitee with concern centre which is good equipped with the cyberspace entree, express mail, pressman, run offing service and etc. They besides provide the man of affairs with the meeting room in order to let the man of affairs meet with their client. Apart from that, the hotel besides provides some service to the household who come for holiday. The service is such as the baby sitting service, the household bundle offer, the cot and the resort area. For the other convenient of the invitee, the hotel has provide the invitee with the other service such as the concierge desk, the Barber store, the sofa, the safety sedimentation box, the guest diversion desk and the multi-lingual staff. During the clip of the invitee ‘s stay, Hilton Hotel provide the topographic points for them to hold their out-of-door activities such as the swimming pool and the tennis tribunal.

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For the nutrient and drink service, Hilton Hotel provides the eating house where they serve different types of culinary art. For illustration, the Waterfront Restaurant that serves the invitee in buffet manner. They are opened for the breakfast, tiffin and dinner. For the Toh Yuen Restaurant, they serve Chinese culinary art. The invitees can hold their meal their during the tiffin and dinner clip. Sometime, the Chinese will keep the nuptials at that eating house. Apart from that, the hotel besides provides the invitees with fine-dining service at the Steakhouse. They serve the western nutrient for the invitees and the good known dish that recommended by the chef is the steak and sirloin. These are the 3 chief eating houses that located in the constitution. Apart from these 3, there are other lurch and bistro such as the Senso saloon where the invitees can savor the assortment of cocktails, the Caf & A ; eacute ; Cino where is full with the olfactory property of java and serve the freshly baked staff of life. They besides provide the radio service to the invitees.

Last, the Hilton Hotel provides the invitee with 7 types of room with different room rates. The room type is such as the King Deluxe Plus, King Guestroom Plus, King Hilton Guestroom, Twin Guestroom Plus, Twin Hilton Guestroom, Suites and the King Executive Suite. Every different type of room will hold their ain room rate and the highest rate is the King Executive Suite.

The Hilton Hotel is sing a assorted economic system in Kuching which means that the economic system that combined the private and provinces enterprise. Hilton Hotel does non hold the full control on their constitution. The assorted economic system which is experienced by the Hilton Hotel brings them the advantage and disadvantage. We will look into the inside informations of what advantages and disadvantages has bring to the hotel in the approaching pages.

Executive Summary

In this assignment, we have chosen Hilton Hotel, Kuching as our research and treatment. Hilton Kuching has experienced a assorted economic system in Kuching. Mixed economic system is an economic system that combines the private and the province endeavors. It is the common signifier of national economic organisation, someplace between the bid economic system and a market economic system. The grade of authorities intercession is the footing of most political division in states utilizing this system.

The aim of this assignment is to enable us to cognize more about the economic system that experienced by the Hilton Kuching which is assorted economic system. It besides enables us to understand the advantages and disadvantages for Hilton Kuching to hold assorted economic system. Through this assignment, we will be able to understand the inside informations of assorted economic system but non the surface merely.

It besides helps us to better our cognition and look into item of the economic universe. Nowadays, adolescents do non concern about the economic system of peculiar state and with this assignment, we have the chances to look into the articles and the intelligence of assorted economic system. It helps us to better our cognition on the economic field.

As a decision, this assignment can steer our concentration to a new environment and new field which is economic environment and this will assist us a batch in our hereafter.

Advantages of Mixed Economy to Hilton Kuching

Hilton Kuching is sing a assorted economic system and this has brought them few advantages. We will look into item on how the advantages influence the hotel ‘s operation.

The first advantage of the assorted economic system to Hilton Hotel is that the concern can do their determination by their ain is some countries. They do non necessitate to follow precisely what the authorities has stated down. They have their ain rights in doing determination. For illustration, the top direction of Hilton Kuching can take to hold a alien as their director and in charge in the peculiar section. Apart from that, the nutrient and drink section can besides import the ingredients for their nutrient from the other state. It is such as some of the seafood that the eating house needs to import from Japan or Korea.

The 2nd advantage is that the authorities has limited control which is good for the construction. Sometime, due to the ordinance that has been set by the authorities, the public demand to accept it but with the assorted economic system, the operation has much more freedom in commanding and running their operation. They are able to hold their ain thought every bit long as they do non hold any illegal act. At the same clip, they are able to acquire the aid from the authorities.

The 3rd advantage is that Hilton can acquire the active authorities support and way in their operation while at the same clip ; they can hold their ain thought and making what they wish to make. They can hold their ain program ; ain mission, ain vision and besides their ain mark on how they want to accomplish the mark that has been set. For illustration, when they are holding fiscal job such as the job in turnover, they can acquire the support and aid from the authorities in order to assist operation to get the better of the job.

The 4th advantage is that all national resources are utilized under the assorted economic system. This is because both public and private sectors work hard to convey out more production and this can assist a batch in the growing of economic system of Hilton Hotel. The production can be in the term of publicity, which the authorities helps to exceed up their gross revenues of room, in the term of bring forthing nutrient and drink and etc.

The 5th advantage for Hilton Hotel to hold assorted economic system is that by the utilizing of assorted economic system, the both parties are able to beef up their relation and make a more stable status of the operation. They help each other in turning up on the economic system where as the Hilton will assist to turn the economic system of Kuching while the authorities will assist to turn the economic system of Hilton by assisting them to gain more net income.

So these are the advantages of the assorted economic system bring to the Hilton Hotel, Kuching.

Disadvantages of Mixed Economy to Hilton Kuching

After looking into the advantages of assorted economic system for Hilton Kuching, we will look into the disadvantage of assorted economic system for Hilton Kuching and how it influences the operation of the Hilton Kuching.

The first disadvantage of the assorted economic system for Hilton Hotel, Kuching is that the authorities intercession in this system to protect the economic system will do the restriction of production because authorities is responsible for some of the production in this operation. The assortments of merchandises tend to be limited and controlled. For illustration, due to Malaysia is an Muslim state, Muslim busying most of the population in Malaysia, the Waterfront Restaurant of Hilton Kuching is required to be Halal which they serve the nutrient without any porc. This can diminish the mobility of the concern in fixing the nutrient because without functioning porc, they might loss most of their invitees who like to eat porc. Pork can be served in assortment ways and most of the Chinese love to eat porc. Without functioning porc, the eating house might loss most of their Chinese invitees and this can do them loss an sum of net income.

The 2nd advantage is that minor determinations from the concern and consumer have to follow the authorities ‘s policies. With the intercession of authorities, the operation has a restriction in puting their policies which is such as the illustration that has been given above. The hotel is required non to function the porc in their chief dining eating house which is Waterfront Restaurant. apart from that, most of the administrative policies are besides based on the authorities ‘s determination such as the working hr of the staffs, the type of uniform that the staffs should have on and the design of the room. The uniform of the Waterfront Restaurant is based on the Malay costume while for the design of the room, there will be an pointer which shows the way for the Muslim ‘s supplication. Due to this intercession, every room is requested to hold the pointer on top pf the ceiling.

The 3rd disadvantage is that assorted economic system tends to promote more provinces monopolies, higher and higher revenue enhancement and dominant the public finance, doing the authorities the overpoweringly big economic participant as compared to the corporate or the single entities. Sometime the operation are non in control of the revenue enhancements that the invitees need to pay and for those invitees who do non understand the processs, they may experience that the charges for the revenue enhancement is unneeded and somehow the charges is excessively much. As we all know that, every invitee who stays in the hotel room will necessitate to pay the 5 % of authorities revenue enhancement and 10 % of service revenue enhancement.

The 4th disadvantage is that assorted economic system system frequently turns into the closed economic systems impeding the international trade and the globalisation and striping citizens from the benefits of an mutualist universe economic science. This might be due to some ordinance of the authorities and in order non to disobey the ordinance ; the operation has to halt the peculiar programs. For illustration, Hilton Hotel is a good known hotel which they can really hold a more attractive and stylish design, but due to the intercession of authorities ; they have a limited thought on the design of edifice because they need the blessing from the authorities. This has cause many restriction to the direction of the constitution. For illustration, the interior design of the hotel. The design is allowed to be more stylish and attractive but due to the intercession of the authorities which they might necessitate to salvage cost for the stuffs, they will alter the design to a more simple design which is acceptable for the populace and low-cost to them. This can cut down the atmosphere of the whole constitution and the invitee has loss their chances to see a better environment which is like the western state.

The 5th disadvantage is that assorted economic system system has a natural inclination to travel further and further off from the trust on the competitory market. With the aid of the authorities, the operation does non necessitate to worry about their net income because they can acquire the support from the authorities. The authorities will ever keep their map at the hotel which provides the authorities staffs with the adjustment. The illustration of the activities is such as the workshop or some peculiar class to better the accomplishment of authorities staffs. It is such as the computing machine class which is prepared for the clerk who working with the authorities.


As a decision, we have discussed about the advantage and disadvantage of the assorted economic system to the Hilton Hotel, Kuching and how these two elements act upon the hotel. As we all know, Hilton Hotel should keep their strength and better their failings which can be found out in the research that we have done.

For the advantage, we know that the chief advantage is the Hilton are able to collaborate with the authorities in order to better their public presentation while for the disadvantage, we know that there are some restriction in running the operation. For illustration, the restriction of the production.

Hilton Kuching should happen a solution to get the better of the failings and besides the job that cause by the assorted economic system in order to guarantee their constitution can keep their present invitee and pull more invitees to hold a nice stay at Hilton Hotel, Kuching.

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