Fast access to information
These days we quickly access information thanks to the Internet and other connected devices such as computers, laptops and mobile phones. Search engines on the Internet also allow people to find information they need in the matter of seconds. Pictures: laptops, phones, Google page.

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Easier communication
The advent of the telephone, followed by the cell phone and the computer, has made communication much simpler and viable. The Internet has also made possible rapid communication. Emails, chat messages, social networks have become indispensible tools for keeping in touch with family and friends as well as meeting new people around the globe. Pictures: Skype, video call

Speed up work
Technology has greatly improved the pace at which humans function. From household chores to office work, there are gadgets that aid, or even replace humans in completing tasks. New technologies also automate the working process, thus reducing the need for human labor while at the same time increases work efficiency. By speeding up work and providing handy assistance, technology has thus improved our living standards, making life easier and more comfortable. Pictures: washing clothes by hand vs. by washing machine. Dishwasher, vacuum cleaner Manual calculations vs. computer calculations software (e.g. Excel)

Promote human creativity
The new and ever changing world of technology stimulates human dynamics and creativity. People become more dynamic; they work more systematically and effectively, and develop the ability to handle different tasks at a time, or multi-task. Technology also fosters creativity. It extends human potential to the greatest, proven by the facts that many inventions which used to be unimaginable have now become an essential part of life. Competitions between technological companies also serve as good motivation for new and exciting ideas. Pictures: multitasking

Competition between phone companies (Samsung, Apple)

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