Affirmative Action Plan Essay

Affirmative action planning includes the preparation of policies for hiring employees. It is the used of other factors such as racial or linguistic preference and even gender preference for recruiting employees. Affirmative action planning is commonly used by companies aiming to give equal opportunities and giving work experience and to be able to get rid of discrimination. Still other considers affirmative action planning as another form of discrimination based on collectivism. Regardless of which view it is taken, using AAP for recruitment is intended to be beneficial for the company. On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages and problems of using this method for hiring employees that may not be encountered using regular staffing planning.

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            One disadvantages of using AAP for recruitment is that there are some qualified applicants that are being denied with the job because they belong to a particular group that is not included in the AAP. Because AAP limits the persons for which the job can be given, the numbers of applicants is also limited. This may lead to the vacancy for a particular position required by the company and so the production will be affected. The use of AAP can also be the company’s loss because the use of AAP sometimes favored the not so qualified over the qualified applicants. For example, a very qualified person may be denied of the work or position because he or she does not belong to the target affirmative action. On the other hand, a not so qualified employee can be hired for the job because he or she is targeted for the plan in that particular job. The result can be the unsatisfactory performance of the hired employee. Because of this, the company may not be able to maximize its full potential and productivity. Not only the company but the country as well will be affected for it may not be able to produce competitive and of high standard workers.

            Every method has its own positive and negative effects including the use of AAP. There is truly no method that is absolute and will bring nothing but positive effects.


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