Agenda Setting Al Ahram Newspaper Media Essay

There are several versions of Al Ahram..

Al Ahram Al Arabiya is distributed in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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Al Ahram Al Duwali is distributed in USA, Europe and Canada.. It is besides distributed in Egypt and Arab states.

Al Ahram is found in different foreign languages.. In English: Al Ahram Weekly and in Gallic: Al Ahram Hebdo.

Al Ahram is really dedicated to the authorities and the National Democratic Party. That is why there is limited censoring on the newspaper because it is known that it wo n’t print any article that criticizes the authorities.

Al Ahram provides full coverage of Local/Domestic/National/International intelligence. It ‘s subdivisions screen Politics, Economy, Society, Sports, Weather, Cable Television Guide, Technology, Tourism, Health, Real estate, Classified Ads and Obituaries. In add-on, there is a particular edition merely on Fridays for autos merely.

Some of the recognizable authors in Al Ahram throughout history are:

Naguib Mahfouz

Taha Hussein

Anees Mansour

Youssef Edrees

Ehsan Abdel Qoddous


Al Masry Al Youm is an independent Egyptian newspaper that was established in 2003. It ‘s first edition, nevertheless, was published in 2004. Tawfik Diab was one of the most celebrated Egyptian publishing houses in the 1930 ‘s. His grandson, Salah Diab is the 1 who founded the newspaper in 2003 and managed to do it one of the most influential newspapers in Egypt after Al Ahram.

There are several versions of Al Masry Al Youm..

O§U„USU?U… O§U„U…OµO±US : It is published in Arabic and circulated among the streets of Cairo.

Al Masry Al Youm: is besides an English version of the newspaper but merely online.

There is an Arabic web site every bit good:

At foremost, the newspaper was distributed among the elites in Cairo merely as they wanted to cognize the nonsubjective sentiments of journalists.. non merely the sentiment of those who are dedicated to the authorities like those in Al Ahram newspaper. The success of Salah Diab is rather impressive as he managed to do Al Masry Al youm a rival to Al Ahram for the place of national newspaper of record. His brother Kamal Tawfik Diab is the current general director of the newspaper and Magdy El Galad is the current editor.

Al Masry Al Youm provides Local/Domestic/National/International intelligence. It covers political relations, Economy, Media, Environment, Opinion, Culture, Travel, Life manner and Caricature.

Some of the eminent authors in Al Masry Al Youm throughout those seven old ages are:

Abdel Menem Said

Abdel Hakim Al Aswany

Belal Fadl

Abdel Menem Emaraa

Galal Amin

Sharks attack at Sharm el-Sheikh

I have covered two similar subjects in both diaries Al-Ahram and Al-Masry Al-Youm that was issued on the 3rd of December 2010. The subject that was covered by both imperativenesss was about the sharks attack in sharm EL tribal sheik. There are a batch of similarities and differences in the manner of coverage.

Get downing with the front page of both newspapers. Al ahram and Al masry Al youm used the same image, which was a image of the suspected shark. Al masry Al youm in its front page wrote a batch about the incident and gave some of import inside informations unlike al ahram they mentioned the accident as if it is a holly wood film and they wrote like 10 lines about the accident. Al-ahram did n’t compose much in it its front page about this sort of an accident, because they do n’t hold much infinite to compose about it. This is because of the many advertizers on the front page as it is a Friday issue. On the other manus, Al-masry Al-youm was able to compose more about the accident, as they do n’t hold any advertizers on its front page although it is a Friday issue.

When we go to the referred pages about the shark onslaught of each newspaper there is besides a large difference in both newspapers. Al-Ahram has posted a image which is an illustration of where precisely was the shark caught and where were the tourers diving and besides they have provided a image of a shark precisely the same like the 1 they have caught but animated. This image shows the audience where was the accident precisely so as to diminish the confusion. As for Al-Masry Al-youm they have used the same image that was used on the front page.

When we go deep in both newspapers we will happen that both articles have covered the same inside informations about the 2 sharks that were caught by the functionaries, for illustration, sort, tallness, colour, size and orientation. But el-ahram gave more inside informations different from el-masry EL youm. For illustration, El-ahram gave specific inside informations about each adult male or adult female whom were injured by these deathly shark onslaughts. They provided the name, nationality, type of hurt and what sort of medicine he/she is having. Furthermore el ahram gave information ‘s about the other states feedback about the accident.

On the other manus, el masry EL youm did n’t give any information about the injured tourers except for their figure and nationalities but their newsmans concentrated more on garnering information from governmental functionaries. And how they are covering with the job and how did the foreign states respond to this accident.

First of wholly, we are comparing the intelligence coverage of Qatar 2022 World Cup choice as a host in the two intelligence documents: Al-Masry Alyoum and Al-Ahram. The two intelligence documents seem to hold somewhat similar coverage of the event ; so first we will analyze the content of both intelligence articles ; if we look at Al-Ahram, it seems to be focused on Qatar ‘s jubilation of winning the World Cup hosting as it is proud to be the first Arab state to host the World Cup in the Middle East. It besides mentioned that the prince of Qatar El Sheikh Hamad Ebn Khalifa and his married woman Mozza were present in the event as they were really aroused to hear the intelligence. One thing I do n’t understand about this intelligence coverage ( The hosting of Qatar 2022 World Cup ) is that it mentioned intelligence about the Egyptian conference. It stated the following “ In the thirteenth hebdomad of the Egyptian League, lucifers were held yesterday as the lucifer between Al Ahly and Smoha ended with a draw of 1-1, aˆ¦ ” , This piece of intelligence was rather confusing as the topic was all of a sudden changed to local athleticss intelligence. The most of import piece of intelligence the article mentioned was the Obama ( president of the United States ) remark on giving Qatar the hosting of the World Cup 2022, and that he claimed that there was some sort of error done by the FIFA.

On the other manus, Al Masry Alyoum intelligence coverage of the event was really more efficient. It focused on the indispensable issues of the event. It talked about the choice of Qatar over the United States of America, and the grounds why FIFA chose Qatar and a twosome of citations by the prince of Qatar El Sheikh Hamad Ebn Khalifa. The first citation was “ Thank you for believing in alteration, thank you for believing in spread outing the game, thank you for giving Qatar a opportunity, ” the 2nd “ We will non allow you down. You will be proud of us, you will be proud of the Middle East and I promise you this. ” These citations were really rather of import to advert, because as it is of import to advert his presence, it is besides of import to advert what he stated. The article besides focused on different parts related to the event such as America ‘s history with the World Cup and its losingss this twelvemonth, and Russia ‘s felicity of its triumph: “ Let us do history together. ” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov stated.

Visually talking, the images in both articles were about the same! I think the difference between them is that Al Masry Alyoum cropped the image and removed the cat on the right in the Al-Ahram article image ; other than that there is really no difference at all. Which is really common in Egyptian newspapers as a whole, that if the piece of intelligence is international, they normally use the same image but alteration small things in it such as what happened here ( Croping the cat out ) . I am really non cognizant of the grounds why they do that, but I find it rather tiring when I see the image over and over in two different newspapers. To analyze the two intelligence articles a spot more closely ; the interpolation of ads in both was really one of the differences besides between the two articles. In the Al Masry Al Youm article ; it put merely two ads related to itself ( Al Masry Al Youm ) , intending “ Opinion Leaderships: Al Masry Al Youm English Edition ” and “ Read on Al Masry Al Youm: Exclusives and Analysiss of Wiki leaks overseas telegrams of Egypt ” . On the other manus, Al Ahram inserted several ads such as: Etisalat, Electricx’10, Itself, and other ads.

There were besides comment boxes below in each article for viewing audiences to set their remarks in ; In Al Masry Al Youm you need to type in your name, Email, rubric of page, and so you write the remark in the Body box. And there is no other remarks showed written by other users. In Al Ahram you can compose your remark, and other remarks written by other viewing audiences are right at that place below the intelligence content.

It ‘s Friday the 3rd of December 2010, this Friday was a really delicate one as it was the center Friday which means that it was the Friday after the first election of the assembly of people and the Friday before the re-elections. In the Ahram newspaper we find on the front page with big fount composing titled the backdowns trigger divisions in the deputation party and the National Democratic Party NDP regrets what the deputation did. This backdown of the Delegation Party came after the dirt of the bogus elections and the counterfeit in the ballots. In this state of affairs el Ahram said that some campaigners from the Delegation party as Fouad Badrawi Vice Chairman of the Party, Mohamed Mostafa Sherdy and Ramy Lakah members of the upper board announced that they are non traveling to run the 2nd unit of ammunition, while Atef Ashmouni a campaigner in the matarya territory announced that he will go on in the elections. In the inside informations portion there are two documents made particularly for the elections and they included some images of the new parliament campaigners and they were reported the same quotation mark for ages which was that the new assembly is traveling to be more efficient in work outing citizens ‘ jobs and doing better life for hapless people and to hold self sufficiency in nutrient and peculiarly the wheat, maize and rice! ! ! ! Of class the addresss are the same since the people did non alteration and they did non do something new or practically done any of their promises.

On the other manus the opposing point of position of EL Masry EL Yoom. They said that the Delegation party had a thing like an understanding that they will go forth the election as it was bogus elections with all the NDP did and the vote cards that were found outside the schools that have the vote boxes and they besides include the job of the national IDs as people could n’t vote by them. The study besides included an issue that was non mentioned in Al Ahram which was the two presentation held in forepart of headquarter of the Delegation party. The first presentation was on go forthing the elections and the second was defying go forthing the elections as they wanted to finish the war of elections. They besides reported that Mofeed shehab had an sentiment that the quitting is non the right solution for what was go oning.

Shark Article

Agenda Setting: After the onslaught of the sharks on tourers in Sharm El Sheikh, the economic system was expected to take a immense hit because people were afraid to travel diving or snorkeling at that place any longer, and since at least 90 % of people go at that place for these activities, Sharm El Sheikh would see a monolithic blow. To forestall a monolithic recession in touristic activities, Maged George, curate of environmental personal businesss, released a statement claiming that they had caught the shark involved in the onslaught. This narrative is front-page stuff chiefly for economic grounds. Since touristry plays a immense function in Egypt ‘s GDP, the curate had to do certain that touristry would non come to a arrest or a slow-down in that country, hence guaranting the people that the shark had been caught, and that one time once more it was safe to go on on with touristic activities.

Framing: Since this is an resistance paper, they provided two sides and sentiments towards the narrative. The first side was presented as pro-government when they mentioned that the curate Maged George claimed that the shark had been caught and that plunging and snorkeling was one time once more safe in that country. The 2nd side presented was that of the South Sinai associated state, who claimed that the shark that had been caught was non the one involved in the onslaughts, and that it was non even of the same strain. The strain that had in fact been caught was a harmless strain that would non hold caused any danger. Since this is an resistance paper there is some kind of irony when composing the article, we see this when they write that two hours after the associated state released that statement, the curate released another one stating that now the “ existent ” shark had been caught, and now the beaches are truly safe. Of class, they end the article with another beginning who claims that the 2nd shark is besides non the existent shark involved in the onslaughts. The ground they presented this sentiment towards the terminal was to acquire the people believing about whether or non the authorities really did their occupations in protecting the community ; because of class this is an resistance paper.

Katar 2022

Agenda Setting: Soccer has ever been a favourite throughout the universe. It is one athletics, and event that joins the full universe on common evidences. The universe cup is a immense event that attracts all ages from all around the universe to watch ; even people who have no involvement in the existent athletics ticker it because of the sense of integrity and the feelings that arise throughout the games, after wins, and losingss. Due to its popularity, the World Cup would decidedly happen its manner on to the front pages of any newspaper, and since this article is n’t merely tonss and statistics, but a immense event that took topographic point to find who will host the 2022 universe cup, it decidedly interested a batch of people. Of class, the fact that universe cup 2022 will be hosted by an Arab state is an even bigger alibi to hold the article on the front page.

Framing: The framing of this article was merely the presentation of all the facts in this event. The article informed us of how the determination was made, the statistics of the determinations, and how the other states placed every bit good. There is no assessment of Qatar for winning the ballots, or even the denouncement of Egypt for non being capable of hosting the World Cup, but merely consecutive forward facts and statistics as to how Qatar ended up winning the event.

Parliamentary Elections

Agenda Setting: Due to its political importance among the people of Egypt, the elections are of great involvement for the people. Keeping in head the corruptness that takes topographic point in our state, everyone is eager to see the consequences of the elections and to be updated on what is happening. The elections are foregrounding the functionaries that will finally be in control of supplying the people with their demands, so logically the people want to cognize who their options are, who ‘s making what, who ‘s stating what, and who is assuring what.

Framing: Bing an resistance newspaper, the article is foregrounding the corruptness taking topographic point in our state. The article explains that these functionaries have become so marginalized and suppressed by the NDP that they are unable to reflect, or develop in the parliament. It emphasizes the demand for the freedom of address within the parliament, and the rescue of equal rights and chances within that system. It argues that these functionaries are merely voted in every bit marionettes to fulfill the people of the state, but in world they will non hold any kind of influence on determination devising and policy rectification and execution.

Shark Article

Agenda Setting: Al Ahram newspaper slightly holds the same grounds for printing this article on the front page as Al Masry IlYoum. First, the economic factor and the consequence this instance would hold on income coming specifically from touristry in the Sinai seashore. Another ground this newspaper would take to print such an article on the front page would likely be because they feel the demand to deflect the readers off from political issues and what ‘s go oning in the state, and alternatively feed their heads with positive re-enforcement on some issue that was at one point a job, but now has come to an terminal. This would of class be because this is a pro-government newspaper and they do n’t desire to feed the readers minds with jobs of the state. The last ground would likely be the fact that this narrative involves a curate, and the newspaper would desire to utilize this chance to cast good visible radiation on him, and on the authorities as a whole.

Framing: Bing a pro-government newspaper, the article is written in a manner demoing how heroic the authorities is, and how fast and good they acted. The article does non advert that there were 2 failed efforts at capturing the shark, unlike Al Masry IlYoum, but alternatively reference merely that functionaries and experts managed to instantly capture the marauder and prevent hereafter onslaughts. The article praises the fast and difficult work of the functionaries, suggesting at how the authorities is ever on top of things, and ever manages to respond instantly and work out prominent and serious issues impacting the populace, and in this instance their safety. The newspaper chose a really obvious angle while composing this article, praise the authorities, remark on their good work, and claim steadfastly that the job is now over. Very natural and obvious attitudes a pro-government newspaper would take.

Katar 2022

Agenda Setting: Again, this newspaper publishes this article for the same grounds. The fact that association football is a really popular athletics ; particularly when it ‘s the biggest event of that athletics, the World Cup. Besides, I would experience like this newspaper would ever experience the demand to deflect its readers, and so a narrative like this is really appealing. Since everyone would wish to cognize what the current updates with the coming World Cup events are, they would decidedly read the newspaper to happen out, assisting the newspaper maintain its popularity.

Framing: The newspaper does non truly take a place on the issue, supplying no statement or sentiment throughout the article. It chiefly states the facts, and what has happened, maintaining the reader up-to-date. The article chiefly states that the vote session has ended, and that Qatar has won the chance to host the 2022 World Cup event.

Parliamentary Elections

Agenda Setting: Because of the political importance of this event, and the fact that this is a pro-government newspaper, this article would hold to be published on the front page. This newspaper uses this article as a manner of advancing the authorities, and back uping its determination and of class its win in the elections. The newspaper would utilize this article to supply good and supportive information of the NDP and how everything that is go oning is a good thing and best for the state.

Framing: Obviously this article wholly regulations out any possibility of corruptness or faking in the elections and the vote procedure. The provide no information of any job pickings topographic point through out the whole election and vote procedure, suggesting at the fact that it was perfect and wholly honorable ; and that the NDP had won merely because it received most ballots. At one point in the article it is mentioned how the authorities is regretful that one of the political parties decided non to go on with the vote and alternatively backed out. They claimed they were sorry the party backed out, and that together they could hold worked really good. This is an obvious technique used to demo that the NDP is non bias nor corrupt, and that as a state we promote freedom of look and representation, but of class anyone would cognize that this is wholly false information. Basically, this article is used to advance the good will and actions of the authorities.


As it is a pro-government newspaper, Al Ahram is non allowed to knock any authorities acts as its content is chiefly controlled by the authorities. One of the chief differences between the two newspaper is that Al Ahram has a batch of classified ads. Al Masry Al Youm, nevertheless, does non include any ads. The bordering difference between both newspapers is fundamentally because Al Ahram is a pro-government newspaper and Al Masry Al Youm, on the other manus, is independent and tends to knock the authorities and the corruptness associated with it.

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