Agility and ability of ITC Ltd to adapt to its external environment

In this peculiar analyses of ITC Limited we are traveling to look upon the the legerity and ability of its growing and how it has been sustainable over a longer period of clip.

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ITC limited, is a multi-business portfolio headquartered in Kolkata, India by Yogesh Chander Deveshwar. It is a 100 twelvemonth old company. It focuses on all unit of ammunition value creative activity to construct a strong corporate administration policies and systems. It expanded its concern in the undermentioned old ages:

Soon ITC Limited is strictly an independent Company

In August 24, 1910 it was incorporated by Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited and shared lineage with Imperial Tobacco. In 1970 it was changed to India Tobacco Company Limited from Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. Subsequently in 1974 it was changed to I.T.C Limited. In 1985, it introduced Surya Tobacco Company in Nepal which was renamed ‘Surya Nepal Private Limited ‘ in August 2002.

In 1972, ITC entered into Hotels concern. ITC Prime Minister concatenation of luxury hotels is known as ITC Welcome group. In 1975, it introduced its hotel concern in Chennai named ‘Hotel Sheraton ‘ . It has entered into hotel concern to hold privilege to host the invitees across the universe.It was foremost one to present trade name nutriment in the Hotel Industry. Its eating houses such as Dakshin, DumPukht and Bukhara are known universe broad for its auspicious Indian culinary arts from the assorted sectors of the country.One ground why ITC entered into hotels because it was a British company and in Indian society tendency of Tobacco was looked down upon at that clip. With sweetening of tourer substructure in Hotel concern it earns high foreign currency which helped company to regulate a good trade name image and added a valuable sum to Indian Economy. It great substructure of Tourism and big graduated table of direct and indirect employment has added a great value to the state.

It 1979, it introduced its poster boards concern named ‘ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Limited ‘ which was on November, 2002 merged with Tribeni Tissues Limited ( which was introduced in 1990 and was the major tissue paper provider ) . It was the first provider in packaging, therefore it has high value added place in market.

In 1990 it entered with its Agri-business for the export of agri-commodities. Today it is one of the largest exporters industry.Throughout its agricultural countries in India it has developed a web in concern theoretical account centres of Internet connected Kiosks, known as e-Choupal.

In 2000, it Introduced Lifestyle Retailing concern under trade name name ‘Wills ‘ with great International quality of relaxed athleticss wear for both work forces and adult females. In 2002, it expanded its scope including Wills Classic Formal Wear and specific section of work forces ‘s wear trade name, ‘John Players ‘ . In 2003, with volitions Club-life eventide wear. In 2004, authorities put estoppel on Tobacco advertisement which compelled ITC non to tie in “ Wills ” by the trade name name of Cigarettes any longer, to salvage it from being charged for it advertisement.

In 2000, it besides came with its owned subordinate concern of Information Technology named, ‘ITC Infotech India Limited ‘ . It has handiness of high adult male power quality.

In August, 2001, ITC entered into Food Industry with packaged and branded nutrient concern of ready-to-cook comestibles with the trade name name “ Kol ” with a premium monetary value scope. In the beginning it followed the scheme that it will merchandise at the topographic points where there are less figure of competition to construct its trade name image. Along with the nutrient industry, it has besides launched a new trade name named, ‘Kitchens of India ‘ . In that period there was a great demand for processed nutrient because of addition in disposable income and urbanisation resulted in growing chances. One of the ground why ITC entered into Food Industry because in 2001-02 the excise responsibility on budget on processed fruit and veggies has been brought down from 16 % to zero degree.Later in june,2002, to bring forth more grosss it launched merchandises like basics, bites and confectionery.

In 2002, it introduced its Stationery, Gifting and Greeting merchandises concern and launched notebooks under trade name name ‘Paperkraft ‘ in the same twelvemonth and futher under trade name name ‘Classmate ‘ in 2003. Further in between 2007 and 2009 ‘Classmate ‘ came up with Children ‘s books, Geometry Boxes, Slam Books, Pencils and Pens. In 2008 under ‘Paperkraft ‘ it besides launched eco-friendly concern documents which was the India ‘s 1st eco-friendly premium. In 2009 ‘Paperkraft ‘ launched some more merchandises aiming office section like White Board Markers, Text line drives and lasting Ink Markers. With its monetary value scheme and good quality it has established a trade name image in the head of pupils.

Entry to FMCG industry

FMCG sector is the fastest turning section of ITC Limited. It is good established distribution webs in the market. Proctor & A ; Gamble, Nestle and Unilever are the best illustration of ITC largest trading companies. It generates tough competition between the organized and unorganised sections. It targeted to the big market with the lower pricing scheme.It is a single-step purchasing procedure with shorter gross revenues rhythm. Hence, with speedy shelf turnover it generates more net income with less fiscal investing. In the past decennaries it has generated a strong growing due to:

Employment chance to the people at every sector.

Urbanization, Altered Lifestyle, Liberalization and increase in disposable incomes.

Current program

ITC Limited is popular for its Tobacco trade names like India Kings, Insignia, Silk cut, Gold Flake, Capstan, Scissors, Berkeley, Classic, Flake, Navy cut, Flake and Bristol. Today about 5 million foreign reachings visit India compared to 35 million in China. In rural countries it is be aftering to increase its incursion and husbandman services.

This twelvemonth at that place will be 12 % rising prices in the nutrient sector of ITC Limited and the cost of natural stuff will lift by 15-20 % , which will adversely impact the FMCG industry. Consumers will buy relatively less, so they normally purchase. This will straight hit the growing of the company.


ITC has evolved to a multi-business corporate endeavor from a individual merchandise company. Through its advanced schemes it synergizes long term stockholder value growing, which is besides heightening the capital of the society. For illustration E-Choupal through its sustainable agricultural patterns has raised the income of rural countries and enhanced the farm productiveness.

The company believes in incorporating larger social ends in their concern sectors, which will guarantee social benefits are more wedged and scalable. Furthermore in future it will construct stronger foundations for the sustainability of the company.

Due to its sustainable concern patterns which will probably to impart extra beginning of fight to ITC in society. Besides it invested in preparation of human resources, intensive skilled development and instilling a spirit of responsible citizenship among the people. This all will back up the company to construct a corporation for tomorrow.


The ITC companies is one of the India ‘s biggest private sector companies which is quickly deriving market portion into Cigarettes & A ; Leaf Tobacco, Hotels, Paperboards & A ; Specialty Papers, Information Technology, Packaging, Packaged Foods & A ; Confectionery, Agri-business, Personal Care, Education & A ; Stationery, Safety Matches, Lifestyle Retailing and other FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods ) merchandises like ‘Mint-O fresh ‘ , ‘Sunfeast ‘ , ‘Kitchen of India ‘ , ‘Bingo! ‘ and ‘Aashirvaad ‘ .In Indian economic system it is the 4th largest sector. It is straight functioning about to 85000 markets and two million retail mercantile establishments. It has a enormous control over the entrepreneurial energies of direction which facilitate alteration in direction, prevent abuse of power. Its turnover is about $ 6 billion and over $ 22 billion market capitalisation and employs over 26,000 people at more than 60 locations across India. For its growing it is developing a universe category portfolio. It provides low cost operations and trading over big domestic market. Not merely that ITC limited in its each concern sector it nurture top direction squad and guarantee to be internationally competitory. The Master-chef of ITC is frequently asked to develop new nutrient construct which aid to come over the failing of the company. It has attracted more clients. Furthermore, it is besides developing internationally competitory agricultural concern by authorising the independent little husbandman.


ITC, despite of holding a trade name name in market, it adversely impacting the wellness of hapless category and responsible for the premature decease of the people. This is because 47 % turnover is generated from Cigarettes Industry. Furthermore 80 % net income is besides received from Cigarettes Industry. To raise its fund in FMCG sectors the company still depended on the grosss come from Imperial Tobacco Industry.


ITC Limited has spread everyplace, harmonizing to the demand of the consumers. It is traveling into new and rising sectors like IT ( Information Technology ) .With its first-class market scheme it has a strong clasp in its each market section. Its research on the gustatory sensation of the consumers in East, West and North India and so uses the web to make natural stuffs for the consumers. For illustration: The consequence on research of ‘Atta ‘ ( which is a popular wheat flour ) , which is now known for assorted trade name name like Aashirvaad in Eastern market, Aashirwaad MP Chakki in Western market and Aashirwaad Select in the Northern market.

ITC personal attention merchandises, per capita ingestion is the lowest in the universe which is offering an chance for ITC ‘s Shampoos, Soaps and Fragrances under its trade name “ Wills ” .

ITC is sharply prosecuting chances in supplying IT solutions like concern procedure outsourcing and e-enabled services in its owned subordinate company named, “ ITC InfoTech India Limited ” .

In 2003, when it introduced biscuits with Sunfeast in the market, they were following Britannia, but with their first-class scheme they got hold on the market. Though they manufacture those merchandises which were there in the market, but with such spirits which were ne’er heard in yesteryear.


ITC has besides faced many jobs in its Tobacco concern such as:

Government has banned advertisement of its merchandises,

Increased excise responsibility rates of coffin nails,

Smoking in public topographic points was besides banned.

This has increased the gross revenues and place of foreign trade names in Indian market. Besides, it has compelled ITC to present with new concern programs.

When there is a cut- pharynx competition in the market, and the state of affairs where they find possibility of net income could be made so:

Either they cut down the cost of its merchandises, or sometimes it besides produces low quality merchandises at low monetary value, in order to do maximal net income out of it.

Or they produce new merchandises and services in the market, to keep the same relation with their consumers.

Due to censor on Cigarettes in India by authorities has adversely affected the fabrication and gross revenues of company. This has given chance to foreign trade names to beef up its roots in India.

Pearl group from Israel, which is an international company is likely to open hotels in India. This will leads to tough competition in the Indian market, which will adversely impact the growing of ITC Hotels. In future this will adversely impact the touristry of ITC Hotels. Furthermore, Domestic participants are increasing their operations with province of the art of the substructure which will adversely impact the repute of the ITC Limited. Therefore, it has to convey new engineerings to stay in the market competition.

Political Factors impacting ITC Limited

ITC through its Experience, Goodwill and Brand Image created a good networking in market which helped it to dicker with authorities to modify their ordinances. Ban on ITC limited coffin nails, FDI in Cigarettes and no smoke at public topographic points has reduced the buying of Cigarettes which affected the fabrication and gross revenues of ITC Cigarettes concern.

In September 2004, Government of India put a prohibition on baccy advertisement. This has increased the gross revenues of foreign trade names as they were free to publicize their trade names in India. It has compelled ITC non to tie in “ Wills ” by the trade name name of Cigarettes any longer, to salvage it from being charged for it advertisement.

Smoking in public topographic points cause injury to the environment every bit good as the tobacco users and the people around. It influences adolescents to get down smoke at an early age. Therefore in October, 2008, Government decided to set a prohibition on smoking at public topographic points. It has affected the fabrication and gross revenues of ITC.

In February, 2010 Indian authorities has taken measure to censor foreign direct investing in Tobacco, which shattered the programs of BAT ( British American Tobacco ‘s ) , Japan Tobacco and Altria Group. This has closed the doors for Japan ‘s Tobacco Industry to do investings in Indian markets. ITC did non respond on the affair because it owes 3/4th of the market portion and prohibition on Tobacco finally benefited to its Gross saless.

Economic Factor impacting ITC Limited

ITC focal point on the buying power of the consumer and the market status created by the Competitor in footings of monetary value, therefore it has maintained a great pricing scheme with an economical pricing scope of merchandises. This has created a tough competition in the market. The major rivals of ITC in the FMCG sector are Procter & A ; Gamble ( P & A ; G ) and HUL. To stay affiliated with lower and regular income gaining people it sells merchandises in little size packaged with the lower monetary value like Minto fresh, Sunfeast Biscuits. ( ? ? ? What more needed )

Gross saless of Cigarette ( in Crores )

Old ages

Gross saless













This shows that there was uninterrupted decrease in the gross revenues of Cigarettes, because of the undermentioned grounds:

Rise in excise responsibilities.

Increasing anti-tobacco runs

Ban on Advertising.

Furthermore, ITC had a tough competition with many international trade names in the abroad markets. To give them a tough competition it generated high quality, value-priced coffin nails.

Socio – Economic Factor impacting ITC Limited

ITC is an earning beginning for 5 million people. Due to its good will in Cigarettes its trade name signifies quality in the heads of the consumers. Because of individual minded focal point on value creative activity for its clients, it has built a leading place through important investing in quality, merchandise design, fabricating engineering, new inventions, selling and distribution. In this manner it has made handiness for long-run market standing. Such a strategic focal point on clients has paid fine-looking dividends in return to ITC.

Indian nutrient market is Monopolistic Competitive market where there is big figure of Sellerss in the market. Each house sells Differentiated merchandises which are close replacements to one another. Major rivals of ITC Food Industry are Haldirams, Gits, Ethnic Kitchens, MTR and Priyafoods.

When ITC introduced “ Bingo! ” there was merely one participant to give a tough competition, i.e. “ Frito Lay ” . This scheme has helped ITC to set up its concern at a faster gait. Furthermore, ITC ‘Bingo ‘ is more diversified in spirits so ‘Frito ballad ‘ in Chips, Biscuits and other Ready to Eat Eatables. This has benefited ITC to be more demanding so its rival and pull more clients at the same clip.

Technological Factor impacting ITC Limited

IT is diversified into many field. It has made a roar in the market with its Technology ( stipulate decently ) of Boost production in the market. Recently, in July 2010 it has launched Classmate Mechanical Pencils besides known as ‘Classmate Da Vinci ‘ in the field of concern of Education and Stationery.

To convey promotion in the agri-based Industry, ITC has introduced E-Choupal which straight link rural husbandmans through Internet which ha brought promotion in agricultural and aquaculture merchandises like Wheat, Soybeans, Prawns and Coffee. With the debut of Computers and Internet entree in the state in the countries of agribusiness husbandmans can now easy negociate with the gross revenues of their production with ITC Limited. This enables them to transport good agriculture patterns and maintain themselves update of the alteration in mandi monetary values.

The Value Chain

This value concatenation ensures concern growing through its efficient value concatenation. It has restructured the current concern procedure which enhanced the efficient fabrication or supply concatenation operations and its client service handiness. Besides, with its electric procurance system ITC had enjoyed the cost advantages over its rivals.

ITC has realized that to stay in the market competition of nutrient industry, it has to maintain introducing new merchandises.Hence, it ever maintain on conveying new spirits in Biscuits, Wafers and other Ready to Eat and Kitchen of India merchandises.

Environmental Factor impacting ITC Limited

ITC Limited has made a policy that under its control ; they will non use any individual below the age of 18 old ages in any of its industrial operation. The company as a responsible corporate citizen has decided non to play with the hereafter of kids and committed to the protection and public assistance of the kids below 18 old ages of age. Due to this ITC has made a repute in the market. It has earned regard from the general populace. Furthermore, it will bring forth more educated labor in the company which will assist to bring forth better end product.

India is a competitory participant in FMCG merchandises due to diverse agro-climatic conditions, it has a strong handiness of natural stuff, which gives advantage to industries in the production procedure.

Legal Factor impacting ITC Limited

ITC “ Legal Aspects for International Trade ” are the services provided by the establishments and legal experts from the several states. These are managed through Geneva offices of ITC. Its chief aim is to entree international trade jurisprudence with better apprehension and decide differences.

In April, 2003 anti-tobacco jurisprudence was emerged to reexamine control on baccy in India affected to the gross revenues of the company. Because of the fume and baccy jurisprudence, the company production was affected. To battle this job, the company started seting more accent on the packaging. It emphasized on the statutory warning and directed all the Sellerss non to sell the merchandise below 18 old ages.

Future Plan

FMCG Sector is expected to turn by 60 % in 2010. Harmonizing to the 2008 appraisal there was a rise in the income of the rural countries which has boosted the buying power of the people at countryside.

In 2010-2011 under Gross saless Tax Act stock transportations are exempted from levy of revenue enhancement, due to which stock transportation would be capable to revenue enhancement under GST system at full rate. It will impact the gross revenues turnover for a lower limit of 2.5 times of stock transportations any FMCG sector.

In all the ITC merchandises due to the per capita ingestion, it is likely to alter the mentality of the consumers. Hence, in the coming old ages at that place are possibilities consumers will buy branded merchandises which will automatically increase the growing of ITC.

Following are some future schemes:

– They will barely do any investings in coffin nails, because in future there are less possibility of its growing, due to censor ‘s on it by Government of India. Besides they will utilize other concern sector to supply high visibleness of ITC.

– They will do new ventures in agri-business to spread out its concern, because likely in future there are possibilities that they could gain more net income in agri-business compared to other sectors. The ground is by their E-Choupal engineering they are distributing their roots in rural countries.

– In FMCG sector, they will present low fat french friess which will pull more clients towards its trade name.


Since, ITC Limited was established in 1910, it has adapted the external environment and has proved to be the most profitable company in the India. Still today after its completion of 100 old ages it has really good trade name image in the market.

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