Aircraft Operations For Low Cost Carriers Management Essay

The beginning of low cost air lines is the United States before the construct spread to other states particularly in Asia and Europe. The constitution of low cost bearers is because most air companies realized that this is the manner to increase their net income by acquiring on board the low income earners ( Salleh, Aziz and Asbudin, 2010 ) . Ariffin et al. , ( 2010 ) observed that this has helped them keep a competitory border over air hose without low cost bearers, since they provide services to a wider section of clients as compared to others.

Despite the turning demand for low cost bearer air hoses client satisfaction and service outlook are really cardinal in guaranting that the low cost bundle is maintained. Having learnt the secret, the company has witnessed a enormous growing in market portions and returns ( Cunnigham et al. , 2002 ) . To implement this bundle, most air hose industry behavior service outlook in industry even though there exists good documented research on service quality in the industry. In this research many enterprisers lay so much accent on the satisfaction of the clients and their perceptual experience ( Manusamy & A ; Chelliah, 2011 ) .

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This paper there purposes to critically analyse low cost air trade bearers with Air Asia that has for old ages been implementing the low cost messenger as the instance survey. The purpose is to underline the importance of low cost air trade, find how its can be implemented as the company navigates through the challenges they face, and find what can be done to better the execution of the sector.

Established about ten old ages ago Air Asia ( AA ) have witnessed enormous growing, thanks to its low cost bearer which increased its market portions universe broad ( Shari, 2003 ) . In March 2000 its fiscal growing was recorded to hold increased from RM 86 milion in debts to RM 161 million recognition within a span of four old ages that is from March 2000 to September, 2004. Its success in 2005 was further strengthened by the company geting Boeing 737 jets. With 16 of these jets in the market the company had already registered a success narrative to state. For the company to hold achieved this the direction had to set in topographic point significant mechanism which included the acquisition of the lading tonss which were really scare but critical in the operation of the air hose industry ( OECD,1997 ) , this ensured AA hour angle sufficient infinite to supply for slots for scheduling its flight agenda.

Flight operation

Over the old ages, AA has besides been able to develop scheme aimed at bettering activities that created value and with this in head the direction engaged in analysis that looked at important capablenesss and resources that could assist it construct its competencies. For important resources there was the development of constructive and supportive direction that fundamentally concentrated on encouraging and hearing to its employees which motivated them bettering their creativeness and productiveness. This came manus in manus with the hiring of the extremely skilled employees, this made them extremely competitory, and with this in head the direction compensated them decently. In add-on to that, AA was besides managed to cut down the cost devising AA top in low air bearer.

To better on the capablenesss this was undertaken by affecting the responsiveness of employee. In this respect, there AA introduced a speedy turnaround clip for its aircraft. Thataa‚¬a„?s came as a consequences of the direction understanding the fact that for there to be increased productiveness the aircraft should non take long hours o the land, and hence by cut downing the turnaround clip there was increased returns ( Shari, 2003 ) . Apart from that the air trade implemented a low cost short draw, with the long lasting spare parts that reduced the cost of care and hence since less parts needed to be replaced. These coupled with the high rate aircraft use ensured high returns.

The success narrative of AA is underscored by the fact that the air hose flies to over 20 different states worldwide holding 69 variable locations serving near to 200 assorted paths. For this to go on AA has put into operation over 200 flights daily this shows how firm AA as a house has been over old ages and its finding to accomplish greater success in old ages to com ( Air Asia Annual study, 2007 ) . Its direction massage of committedness to excellence has greatly contributed to what the house is today. Their greater value to client service is farther stressed in their mission statement which makes them to be globally recognized flight trade name. With this in head AA has adopted a corporate repute which have been among the important component in its corporate communicating, the importing of such repute was reported by Van lair Bosch and Elving, ( 2005 ) , that this property has a ruling consequence on the clients, employees, imperativeness and Investors. Corporationaa‚¬a„?s voice and image is what the organisation undertakings at the universe phase populated by different audiences ( Kupka & A ; Jamart, 2009 ) .

The stigmatization of AA besides did assist it accomplish success within a short period since the construct of the house. The trade name individuality symbols or Sons that are really typical and easier to place in a crowd this has made clients to be more attracted to the trade name ( Lim et al. , 2009 ) . Symbols and images have become really of import tools of communicating by supplying proper company feeling and personality trade name ( Ling et al. , 2005 ) . It was reported by Clow and Baack ( 2007 ) that the qualities of a logo and its easiness to acknowledge will either make a positive of negative feeling to clients. Napole ( 1988 ) further observed that among the ocular elements representing a company individuality were logotype, colourss and symbol. Where the function of colour is to set up the intercommunication in the division and the bran in every corporate organisation. This is the lending factors to AA scaling high in its market profitableness as has been witnessed in this survey.

In add-on to that AA became the first flight in Malaysia in provident cyberspace cheque in services this was started in early 2007. This enabled domestic clients to bask such an easy to utilize cheque in services which gave an allowance for the travelers to publish embarkation base on ballss once they are done with engagement. This greatly improved on its efficiency and resulted in the increased returns for the house. The services enables the clients to pre book at a lower rate their checkered baggage, this took consequence in 2008 when AA introduced their checked in baggage handling fee, the system enabled the AA to guarantee that their airbuses travelled while visible radiation and that less fuel was burned causation reduced pollution ( Kapka & A ; Jamart, 2009 ) .

Bettering the low cost bearer services

To better the bearer service the challenges tormenting the industry must be desperately addressed.

The overdependence of the houses should be able to increase the manpower particularly of the proficient staff ; this greatly undermined its ability to encompass efficiency in its services. This has particularly been established in its proficient squad that implements its on-line engagement and distributers. Not merely that, but besides Air Asia lacks connexion and adequate technological equipmentaa‚¬a„?s to back up the bing big company affiliates and subordinates. Quite a figure of clients have been reported complaining of holds in the flight attenders to corroborate client booking due to miss of a robust and efficient system to expeditiously manage engagements, this causes anxiousness to its clients. It has been observed besides that the AA besides has a major failing in the gross revenues and selling expertness which has caused a major reverse to in growing ( Lim et al. , 2009 ) .

Even though Air Asia has successfully established its low cost bearers, the menus are still a challenge to a broad population who are possible clients, the footing of menus nevertheless can be determined by sing cardinal factors. For low cost to be implemented the companies should device ways of increasing gross revenues together with enabling maximal load factor for air trades with bigger capacities will greatly assist in conveying down the menus. This coupled with minimum turnaround clip coupled with airdrome efficiency processes ; greatly contribute increased use of planes taking to increased costs. Further more efficient in organisation aimed at maintaining a thin company construction hence cut downing overhead cost is critical. This lending factors has been a major challenge to air Asias particularly with gap of more terminus universe broad ( Ling et al. , 2005 ) .

Work program for undertaking execution

The execution period for the activities aimed at beef uping low cost bearer planes are as shown below.


Time of Implementation







Retrenchment of unskilled employees

Refresher preparation for the skilled employees

Improved wage for the employees

Replacement of old planes

Advancement made

In guaranting increased profitableness by decently implementing low cost air planes, AA has implementing value concatenation. The value concatenation includes implementing activities developing increased publicities and advertizements. This has created a wider consciousness of the services provide to clients. The house has besides undertaken to implement a computing machine reserve system which has made it easier to the clients since they are able to book their flights where they are whenever they want, apart from beef uping call centre system. This has made it easy for the air hose to rapidly react to client demands ( Aruan, 2005 ) .


Low cost air plane services are really critical in the economic development of any state since this reduces overdependence on the route and rail conveyance. When route and railroads are overburdened the cost of care goes up therefore taking to increased outgo on conveyance substructure. In add-on to that, low cost air conveyance opens up the international market to the low and average income enterprisers and therefore states that have embraced low cost flights have had their GDP grown enormously ( Aruan, 2005 ) . The implementing companies have besides witnessed growing since they have been able to capture a wider market.

On the other manus, one can non underline the fact that for efficiency, improved client attention services must be provided if the mark client population is to be met. When clients are left disgruntled the consequence on the concern is black given that while many people will desire to pay less quality of the services must be maintained. For the company to accomplish this there must be decrease in operating expenses in footings of wages ( Aruan, 2005 ) . For air asia this can be achieved by retrenching the unskilled employees and those whose responsibilities can be performed by using engineering like fining. Ticketing can be done online when proper mechanisms are put in topographic point. This should so followed by forming a refresher preparation for the staying skilled workers to be able to manage the turning market demand while keeping quality. This will increase efficiency while cut downing wastage. However it should be noted that efficiency can ne’er be achieved when the employees are non decently motivated and hence holding a thin construction with attractive wages increases efficiency and creativeness of employee which finally leads to increased returns. Finally replacing stale aircrafts reduces care cost while keeping client comfort. The cost of purchasing trim parts for keeping aeroplanes can be dearly-won to the company.

In decision low cost air trades have enormous benefits both to the state and the house and hence should be considered as one of the anchors of economic growing. However while taking this bundle companies should be careful non to compromise quality of services. This therefore leaves houses interested in low cost bearer services to hold schemes that are aimed at cut downing cost of flights while keeping profitableness.

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