Airline With A Sustainable Competitive Advantage Management Essay

Nothing else, other than Qatar Airways, can be the most suited air hose for the given analysis as it is one of the latest and best participants of the industry. Furthermore it has been awarded as the “ World ‘s Top Airline ” during concluding Global Airline Rankings in the World Airline Awards for the twelvemonth 2012 which makes it even more important among the rivals. It started its operations in 1994. The air hose was re-launched in 1997 by The Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, with a dream to do Qatar Airways a taking planetary air hose.

Akbar Al Baker, appointed as CEO of the air hoses in 1996, has worked hard in developing and change overing Qatar Airways into high-quality bearers and achieving reeling growing in fleet size and rider ‘s figure.

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Qatar Airways has already reached over 100 finishs in its planetary path map with the aid of its code-share associates and strategic alliances with other corporations. In the twelvemonth 2011 it was recognized as Airline of the Year 2011 at the one-year Skytrax World Airline Awards. The air hose added another plume to its cap in the twelvemonth 2011 by taking bringing of its 100th aircraft.

Qatar Airways Group includes Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Distribution Company, Doha International Airport, Qatar Executive, Qatar Airways Cargo and Qatar Duty Free

The given brief description of Qatar Airways and its accomplishments are sufficient to turn out that the air hose possesses the best combination of resources and capablenesss. Following are some of the loosely categorised resources and capablenesss, which are an built-in portion of the working of any Airlines.

Fiscal resources and capablenesss

These are the financess ( money ) available with the Airlines for its smooth operation. It besides includes their capacities for bring forthing financess through internal and external beginnings as per demands. Qatar Airways ‘ strengths can be identified in its good fiscal place. Petrodollars provided an easy entree to working capital.

Physical resources and capablenesss

It includes workss, offices, and equipment, their geographic locations, and entree to raw stuffs and distribution channels. Qatar Airways has achieved singular growing in fleet size and rider ‘s figure. From four aircraft in 1997, the group grew to a fleet size of 42 in September 2005 and by 2015, the fleet size is expected to acquire about ternary to 110 aircraft. From its hub in Doha, Qatar Airways has developed a planetary web of finish

Technological resources and capablenesss

There are accomplishments and resources that create taking border merchandises and services supported by hallmarks, patents, right of first publications, and trade secrets. Qatar Airways has a swift size of over 100 aircraft bearers. Brand new fleet improves client assurance. QatarA airlineA has late added airbus A330 bearer in fleet for its new paths ; these new aircrafts are good equipped with concern category merchandises. An understanding with Wipro Infotech, in September 2012, is another measure in the development of its technological strength.

Organizational resources and capablenesss

Organizational resources of any Airline consist of its engineering, people, pecuniary assets and its equipments etc. that helps its direction to work swimmingly and execute its assorted maps. Qatar Airways direction, under the counsel of its CEO Akbar Al Baker, have positioned the air hoses, of merely 4 aircraft in 1997, to such a high degree in these few old ages. It is the perfect illustration of its organisational resource allotment scheme.

Intangible resources and capablenesss

Such resources do neither physically exists nor can be easy valuated but there presence within administration can be easy felt in their day-to-day working and is besides reflected in there public presentation. Qatar Airlines is besides non exclusion to it.

Human resources and capablenesss

Experience, endowment and trust etc. can be developed by any administration in due class of clip and it can efficaciously steer their future actions. Qatar Airways has a strong base of experience and endowment, which can be felt in its worldwide success and accomplishments.

Innovation resources and capablenesss

To take the industry, there is changeless impulse of research and development of new merchandise and services. Organizations geting updated assets and proficient know-how can easy introduce and alter their ways of forming. Some Airlines are good known for inventions and Qatar Airlines is one of them.

Reputational resources and capablenesss

For an organisation, in order to win in competitory corporate universe, must possess the technique of developing its repute as a best service supplier, smart employer and a societal corporate citizen. Qatar Airways has a good repute in the Qatar market and some of the Asiatic market such as Singapore and UAE and has already built public image worldwide which is a medium for holding volumes of gross revenues for the company

Some of the outstanding resources and capablenesss available with Qatar Airlines:

Global Network and Expansion

Qatar air hoses have developed a world-wide web of more than 100 finishs. In Doha, which is the capital of the Qatar, they have developed the hub from where they cover Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, South Asia, North America and South America. They have more than 110 rider and lading aircraft modernized with latest technological promotions.

Qatar Airways launched the longest non-stop flight in the universe, with flying clip of 16 Hrs, from Doha to Houston, in March 2009.

In 2010, Qatar Airways launched flights to 10 new worldwide finishs

In 2011, Qatar Airways launched flights to 15 new finishs with a focal point to do its extension in Europe.

For 2013, Qatar Airways is be aftering to further spread out its planetary web of finishs to states like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Cambodia, China

Young Fleet

After a re-launch in 1997 with merely four aircrafts, the air hose grew to a fleet size of 28 aircraft by the terminal of 2003. Soon the air hose operates over 110 aircraft to more than 120 finishs globally. By 2015, they are anticipating their fleet size to around 170 aircraft, which will cover its planetary web of finishs.

Qatar Airways has one of the industry ‘s youngest fleets. Its norm aircraft ages less than four old ages. It has several different Airbus and Boeing aircraft types, to call the few ; the long-range Boeing 777 rider and bottom aircraft, the new Boeing Airbus A340, A330, A300, A300F

In 2009, Qatar Airways launched its executive subordinate Qatar Executive to run corporate jets.

Airline is looking frontward to purchasing new coevals Airbus and acquiring bringing of over 250 new aircrafts in the close hereafter.

Premium Terminal

Company ‘s doctrine to be advanced has made the air hose to construct and run terminus at Doha International Airport, which is specifically for its premium riders. It is merely one of its sorts in the universe.

In 2009, the Premium Terminal was expanded to suit over 80 per cent extra seating infinite.

Global Accomplishments

Qatar Airways have been named Airline of the Year 2011 and 2012 in the one-year Skytrax World Airline Awards. Over 18 million travelers worldwide cast their ballots in the study by the taking planetary air hose industry audit.

Qatar Airways recognized as 3rd best air hoses in the Earth by Skytrax in 2010. The 2011 consequences declared Qatar Airways as Airline of the Year. It was a consequence of arrant dedication and difficult work by the full work force of the Airline. Retaining the award, farther in 2012 was an outstanding victory.

The five star ranking, in the service excellence, by Skytrax, has besides been awarded to Qatar Airways. In 2012, it has besides been awarded, for the 6th twelvemonth in a row, as the Best Airline in the Middle East


In 2003, Qatar Airways became first air hoses to hit 100 % conformity, in the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit.

Qatar Airways passed the trial once more, for 2 old ages renewal period, in the twelvemonth 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011

New Doha International Airport

To run into the air hose ‘s expected growing demands ; more than US $ 1 billion has been invested in development and betterment of substructure at Doha International Airport.

Corporate Social Awareness

Qatar Airways Group is besides involved in societal work activities for the public assistance of the society, state and the universe as a whole. Leading the research and production of new coevals fuel, made from natural gas, is one of the major results in its discharging of societal duty.

Qatar Airways created history by taking the universe ‘s first commercial rider flight powered by a fuel made from natural gas.

In 2009, Qatar Airways played major function in creative activity of planetary policy to cover with air power emanations.

Measuring internal resources and capablenesss of Qatar Airways for sustainable competitory advantage

Now the job is how one can able to out-compete its challengers in such a hard industry. Airline service is difficult to separate and monetary value competition is the usage and therefore lurid net incomes for the whole industry, so how can a little figure of high circulars rise in such an unattractive industry?

The solution to this job is competitory advantage. It is an advantage to any administration over its rivals, which allows it to capture maximal portion of market gross revenues and retaining relatively more clients. It provides an border over the rival. Such an advantage can be of costing, the merchandise or service itself, web of distribution, client support. There are chiefly two types of competitory advantages, it can be the comparative or cost advantage, where the company has the ability to bring forth and sale a merchandise or service at a cost which is less so that of its rival or it can be differential advantage where the company ‘s merchandise or service itself differ and seen as better so that of the rival ‘s.

It means that is there must be certain resources and capablenesss specific to companies such as Qatar Airways that are non possessed by its rivals.

Here we will analyse these resources and capablenesss utilizing SWOT analysis. It is one of the prima tools in planetary concern, which outline house ‘s strengths ( S ) , weaknesses ( W ) , chances ( O ) , and menaces ( T ) .

The institution-based position understandings with the outer Opportunities and Threats while the resource-based position dressed ores on the internal Strength and Weakness to acknowledge and act upon sustainable competitory advantage


It is a flag bearer of Qatar. It is among the Middle East ‘s three large air hoses with enormous fleet and enlargement programs. It links about 100A international destinationsA from its base. Its services are extended all over Europe, Africa, Far East, India, S. America and Oceania.

Qatar Airways follow value-based theory by offering low-cost tickets to its clients. This will assist it in going an aggressive air hose in the industry in Qatar and around the universe by pulling and prolonging clients.

Qatar Airways chief strength is, set uping a market in air hose industry by developing a good strategic program and basking the big economic systems of graduated table.

Qatar Airways has a good repute, which can be classified as its strength because the house has already built public image, which non merely is a medium for holding volumes of gross revenues for the company but besides does restricts incurring extra advertisement disbursals for its publicity.

Qatar Airways has a strong capital base

Another of import strength of this air hose is its first-class air service, excess ordinary concern, and a first terminus on Doha Airport along with its generous sofas.


One of its major failings is that it does non hold horizontal level beds in its aircrafts

Airline is jointly controlled by the authorities sector and the private sector. There is ever an ambiguity over the existent profitableness of the air passages, as bearer ne’er declares the same.

The air hoses offers merely one category of travel, it may be a menace because other client ‘s gustatory sensations and penchants has non been taken into consideration.


Qatar airwayA is looking to establish IPO in following few old ages, after basking back-to-back old ages of profitableness.

Qatar airways is expected to spread out, by adding new aircrafts and new paths to its planetary web, due to above stated utmost bearer growing, aggressive fleet attack, support by the authorities. The new add-on of flights will farther open more options for the riders.

Airline is besides seeking to research Asiatic continent, which is considered to be a strong economic giant in the universe. The states in this continent are considered as fabrication states of most of goods and people here travel a batch in connexion with their concerns. Therefore, opportunities of the company achieving its ends and aims in the continent are really high.

Qatar AirwaysA is seeking to do its presence in the Chinese market. It will be a great chance to besides see other finishs in the universe that it can infiltrate and be a market leader.

Katar is one of the most technologically advanced states. The air hose can use benefits from the available engineering.


Many external menaces for illustration ; addition in fuel monetary value ; terrorist act, etc. have a direct impact on the working and public presentation of on Qatar air passages.

Bing an economical air hose, it can be misunderstood by the client ‘s that the services provided by the company are non upto quality and outlook. Therefore, it is a menace that the company may non be good accepted by clients.

It would be a great menace toA Qatar Airways, A if the authorities does non let the air hoses to do a market entry and the air hose fails to carry through client ‘s trueness in the Asiatic market.

Using outdated engineering and non following latest expertness by Qatar AirwaysA or non utilizing the one, which is compatible with universe air hose markets, can besides be a menace to the air hoses.


A competitory advantage enables the air hose to bring forth better value for its clients and bigger net incomes for itself. A resource-based position emphasizes that an air hose utilizes its resources and capablenesss to bring forth a competitory addition that finally consequences in higher value creative activity of the concern. By and large all the air hoses has resources and work procedures, system to make whatever it is in concern to make, but non every air hose is either able to efficaciously work its resources and capablenesss or obtain resources and capablenesss it needs. Some air hoses are able to develop alone capablenesss.

Investigating the relationship of air hoses resources, capablenesss, and competences, the above analysis emphasizes the presence of all the factors to possess nucleus competences is important for deriving and prolonging competitory advantage.

Qatar Airline ‘s scheme, from the get downing itself, was to get new resources and introduce new capablenesss and competences to turn failings into strengths. The direction had already analyzed the construction of the air power industry in which they were viing. A converting Value strategy and market placement are critical foundations for constructing sustainable competitory advantage and profitableness.

Technology is in of import beginning of competitory advantage. Qatar Airlines demand to farther cut down costs and to protect and prolong competitory advantages. This could include developing new air power engineering, contriving new cyberspace selling activities, bettering client relationship direction techniques and many other technological developments.

Employees, non merely are an expensive and critical resource for any air hose but besides a great beginning of prolonging competitory advantage. Skilled worker and professional direction with credibleness provide any concern, long-run success. Qatar Airline must sharply pull off enlisting and choice, preparation and development, and wagess and wage. The H.R. scheme must be backed with the driving force of mission and aims of the organisation.

Qatar Airlines proi¬?tability is the consequence of its gaining and prolonging competitory advantage through scheme. For an Airline, to be able to act upon a scheme into competitory advantages must possess nucleus competences. It allows the directors to pull strings the underlying thrusts of proi¬?tability. To obtain a competitory advantage, an air hose must hold competences that allow it to make higher perceived value than its rivals or to supply the same or similar services at a lower cost, or to make both at the same time.

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