Alex Rider Is Described English Literature Essay

The characters are: Alex Rider is described as being a strikingly good looking 15 twelvemonth old male child with light brown hair and a fine-looking slender face. He besides has brown eyes and a somewhat difficult narrow oral cavity. Alan bluntA was the main executive of the particular operations division ofA MI6 and his second-in-command wasA Tulip Jones, who replaced him. Jack Starbright is described as being in her late mid-twentiess, with tangled ruddy hair and a unit of ammunition, boylike face, and is conveyed as being caring towards Alex, even if she is n’t his legal defender. Military Intelligence Six ( MI6 ) A is the British intelligence service that employedA Alex Rider Tulip Jones, frequently referred to as Mrs. Jones is the 2nd in bid of MI6 Operations. SCORPIAA was a terrorist organisation whose name stands for sabotage, A corruptness, A Intelligence andA Assassination. It is run by a board of ex-spies. Julius is 1 of 16 clonesA created by Dr. Hugo Grief who had plastic surgery so now he looks like Alex. Abdul-Aziz Al-Rahim wears unit of ammunition glasses he is described as being little and little, more like a miss than a adult male. His hair grew grey when he was merely in his mid-twentiess he wears a faded white dishdasha Ohio and he besides smokes Black Devil cigarettes. Erik Gunter Gunter is the caput of security at theA Cairo International College of Arts and EducationA in Egypt, but he is besides in secret working forA SCORPIA and he is besides the secondary adversary.

There are 3 different scenes. America the land of the free. Egypt a dry hot topographic point. Cairo some metropolis in Egypt vary hot and dry.

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The job in this narrative is SCORPIA is seeking to steal the Elgin marbles from the US and return them to Greece but they are besides seeking to kill the sectarian of the US so the US does n’t take them back from Greece once more.

The lone unfairness in this narrative is that Alan Blunt sent the sniper to hit at Alex but miss so he could flim-flam Alex to travel to Cairo, A Egypt and look into the Cairo International College of Arts and Education because General Erik Gunter who works for SCORPIA signed up for the caput of security at right after the individual that worked at that originally had that ownership got run over by a auto and in the auto was Erik Gunter.

The flood tide of the narrative is when SCORPIA captures Alex.

The declaration of the narrative is when Razim fell off the broken rope span into the immense heap of salt and died and the sectarian of the US is safe and the Elgin marbles are still in the custodies of the US and Alex is safe.

The secret plan: Zeljan Kurst, the leader of Scorpia, is asked by Yannis Ariston Xenopolos, a Grecian billionaire death of malignant neoplastic disease, to acquire the British authorities to return the Elgin Marbles toA Greece. He is promised 40,000,000 Euros, half in progress. MI6 has been tipped about the visit by a mole in exchange for a alteration of individuality and attempts to capture Kurst, but Scorpia agents in the museum disguised as visitants help Kurst to get away. He assigns the mission to new Scorpia member, Abdul-Aziz al-Razim, A more normally known as Razim. At a Scorpia board meeting in Paris, Razim explains how his program will work and references, to the delectation of the other board members, that Alex Rider will be killed as portion of the program. He plans to blackjack the British authorities with cogent evidence that MI6 is utilizing a teenage undercover agent. The program requires Scorpia to construct up a file, codenamed Horseman, on the topic of Alex Rider being used as a undercover agent by the British authorities. Scorpia plans to hold Alex killed in a “ mission ” usage this file as cogent evidence of his affair with MI6 to expose the British authorities ‘s scandalous act, which will destroy the British repute, unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Greece. Levi Kroll strongly disagrees with the program and pulls a gun on Zeljan Kurst, demanding to go forth. He is shot in the cervix by a sniper on Kurst ‘s orders and his organic structure is used for the plan.A His organic structure is transported from Paris to England and is discovered by MI6 drifting on the River Thames. In a secret prison inA GibraltarA for felons, Scorpia manages to liberate Alex ‘s double from Point Blanc, Julius Grief, one of Hugo Grief ‘s ringers, who is crazed on retaliation over Alex for what he did in Point Blanc. They hide a gun in theA LibraryA for him along with instructions, enabling him to acquire out of the Gatess by taking his head-shrinker surety. Julius finds a auto Scorpia had placed near the prison and drives into a barn when surrounded by the authorization. A duplicate unmanned auto is released from the barn shortly after he drives into it, with a silent person in the forepart. The auto goes over the drop and everyone believes Julius is dead. MI6 scientists use hints found on Kroll ‘s iPhone to patch together an onslaught at the Cairo International College of Arts and Education in Cairo, Egypt, where many affluent kids are sent to school. Alan Blunt, approaching the terminal of his calling, suggests directing Alex on the mission but Tulip Jones opposes this thought. Alex is targeted by a sniper at school and his friend Tom is shot in the arm. Alex follows the sniper and sends the sniper ‘s chopper crashing into the River Thames by flinging a fire asphyxiator at it. Later that dark, Mr. Blunt and Mrs. Jones visit Alex at his house which unknown to any of them is bugged by Scorpia. Scorpia records MI6 directing Alex on a mission to Cairo to look into the new caput of security Erik Gunter a retired soldier believed to hold connexions with Scorpia.A Jack Starbright, Alex ‘s American best friend and guardian, decides to come with Alex to Egypt even though she wanted to return to her native state. MI6 besides sends Mr. Smithers the appliance maestro to help Alex on the mission. Alex enrolls at the CICC and keeps an oculus on Gunter. Using an iPhone appliance devised by Smithers Alex breaks into Gunter ‘s office and finds several exposures and a gun in a secret compartment built into Gunter ‘s desk. One of these exposures appears to be him go outing the school entirely, which Alex finds curious because until so, he had ne’er left school by himself. Upon go outing the school, so Alex overhears Gunter set uping to run into person at the House of Gold. After he leaves, Gunter makes another call corroborating the advancement of Scorpia ‘s program. Gunter arrives at the House of Gold to pick up a gun and hit the arms trader who sold it to him. Alex goes to the House of Gold with Jack and sees Gunther go outing the drifting market place. He tells Jack to follow Gunter while he investigates the topographic point and discovers the trader ‘s organic structure. The market is blown up while he is on it, due to a bomb Gunter placed there shortly before go outing. He is kidnapped by the CIA and taken to a room where he is waterboarded for information. Fortunately, this is rapidly stopped by Joe Byrne, a CIA agent who recognizes Alex from working with him on anterior missions. The CIA knows that Alex is an MI6 undercover agent and believes that he is an bravo. They reveal that they are in Cairo to protect the Secretary of State, who is be aftering to do an anti-British address. Though the CIA is good cognizant of theA furorA that will be caused by the address ( adverting that even the President tried to halt it ) , they are force to supply security for the Secretary. Byrne urges Alex to go forth Cairo every bit shortly as he can and make up one’s mind to hold Gunter monitored based on what Alex told him. Alex plans to go forth Egypt for America with Jack and visits Smithers to state adieu. There, Smithers receives an unexpected visitant, a Scorpia agent disguised as a postman presenting a package incorporating a gun. Using dumbbell traps throughout the house, Smithers and Alex escape through a back issue. Smithers suggest that he and Alex split up and stairss out of his fat suit to uncover a scraggy Irishman in his late mid-thirtiess. Alex returns place to happen that Jack has been kidnapped. There is a note telling him to run into Scorpia by a certain clip, entirely, or Jack will decease. Alex, seeing no other pick, complies. When he arrives at the meeting topographic point, Alex comes face-to-face with Julius Grief. Julius and Gunter manus Alex the empty rifle from the arms trader and take exposures of Alex keeping it. They so abduct him and take him to Razim ‘s garrison in the Sahara Desert. Razim plans to do Alex his following topic, so he can non be physically abused before experimentation. Razim uses the chance to subject Alex to emotional hurting. He pretends to let Jack to get away from her cell by guaranting that one of the bars is weak plenty to be removed with a knife Jack has stolen from breakfast and lets her thrust off in an old Land Rover which, unknown to her, contains explosives inside. Alex tickers on unrecorded picture as Julius detonates the explosives. His heartache becomes so intolerable that Razim ‘s proctors go off the charts and he becomes unconscious. Alex is bound and gagged, so taken to Cairo in a new wave, where he is told what will confront him by Gunter when the Secretary of State gives her anti-British address, Julius presenting as Alex will assassinate her, and in the blare that follows, Alex ‘s organic structure will be found nearby. Days subsequently, Scorpia will get down their blackmail, endangering to expose their file on MI6aˆ?s usage of a schoolboy as an bravo unless the Elgin Marbles are returned to Greece. As a last petition, Alex asks for a coffin nail, and as Gunter opens the package, and a pissed off Scorpio inside the package stings him. This immobilises Gunter plenty for Alex to steal his gun and interrupt his olfactory organ. Alex leaves Gunter to decease inside the new wave and hastes inside, merely as Julius is mousing off in order to travel to his concealed sniper rifle and kill the Secretary of State. Alex follows him and distracts Julius merely in the dent of clip so that a shooting is fired, alarming everyone to the presence of a sniper, but no 1 is killed. This creates a craze and allows Julius to steal off into the crowd, go forthing Alex the demand to trail him or lose him once more. Alex chases Julius through the streets of Cairo, climaxing in a grassy brink by the side of a route, where Julius has slipped. He claims that Alex would n’t make bold kill him but as Alex turns off, Julius reaches for his gun and is shot in bend by Alex -A the first clip Alex shoots person. Alex meets up with the CIA, who is organizing a joint taskforce with the Egyptians to take out Razim in the desert. However, Alex is needed to turn up the garrison and to avoid intuition when set downing. They torture the pilot in order to calculate out the codification word, “ Selket ” , so they wo n’t acquire changeable down while nearing the garrison. Alex poses as Julius upon reaching. However, Razim sees through this and a gunfight begins. The gunfight ends on the lift bridge between the two halves of the garrison, which splits and sends Razim falling into the salt heap below. He is crushed by the force per unit area. Alex runs to put where Jack died and mourns. Mrs. Jones takes over from Mr. Blunt as the caput of MI6. Blunt announces that he plans to bask a life of relaxation in Venice. She reveals to him her cognition of him engaging the sniper in order to convert Alex to travel on another mission, which he does non deny. Blunt says that as the new caput of MI6, she will hold to do determinations and picks as hard. Scorpia is finished and several senior members, including Zeljan Kurst, have been arrested. Meanwhile Alex is last seen get oning a plane for the United States with Edward Pleasure, male parent of Sabina Pleasure, where he will be able to populate a normal life. Sabina ‘s parents have been made his legal defenders. The book ends with Mr. Pleasure inquiring Alex if he is alright and Alex responding, “ Yes, I ‘m all right. ”

The chief thought of Scorpia Rising is about a teenage undercover agent named Alex Rider hired whose parents and all of his household is dead, and was trained by his uncle to be a undercover agent. M16, the British intelligence service has hired Alex to look into an operation carried out by a condemnable organisation by the name of Scorpia, in which he must travel to Cairo to look into a school in which leery activity has aroused. Alex subsequently uncovers a secret confederacy set Forth by Scorpia to blackjack the British authorities into giving back Greece the Elgin Marbles and Alex must seek to halt Scorpia under impossible fortunes. I love this narrative! How he described the events are fantastic it makes me experience like I was at that place and during the action and nerve-racking parts it made my hart race that quality ( I mean the quality of doing you feel like you are in the book ) is difficult to happen in good books that is why I love this book.

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