American dream – God’s dream Essay


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Christ’s faithful people are lead by faith and trusting in God according to the Christian theology doctrines and practices that are scriptured in New Testament. Catholic faith has strong approach to faith, God’s law and there is a clear differentiation between human law and God’s will. Gifts of the Holy Spirit, prophesies and powerful prayer are the source for God to reveal promises and covenants to His people.  U.S. is a super power on earth that is chosen and blessed by God. Americans believe and trust in God whereas every coin and paper currency of USD also carries “In God we trust”  .  This reinstates that every thing in U.S. is lead by the power of God and there is no other dominion of other God or Gods in U.S, it is a purely and wholly a Christian nation.  The fundamentals of St.Peter, St.Paul and St.Thomas are another source for Christian gospel work to take the lead around the world.

Truly U.S. is a nation that is chosen by God to lead other parts of the world for good purposes. What Americans dream about respective nation, holds less count in front of  moral theology and in view of God on which the nation is built.  The leadership of U.S nation is of prime most importance to both Americans as well to the entire world.  The will of God is still not known to this effect as to whose leadership is God willing and who would uphold the good faith of Christian religion and even prostrate the goodness to other nations.  Moral theology in Christian perspective clearly distinguishes between good and evil and whether human acts are in accordance with the will and commandment of God.  Vatican city and Pope are the messengers of God both for declaring the word of God and for undertaking corrective measures in respect of moral theology in Christian religion.  There is no other religion that is so fruitful and speaks about wisdom is a greater manner other than Christian religion which reiterates another fact that God’s will alone prevails in His land.


Fr.Wojciech Giertych, OP

Fundamental Moral Theology


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