American Growth Essay

American Growth

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            Americans nowadays can be seen rapidly growing in weight. This can be considered a threat since there is an imbalance when it comes to proper health nourishments. Growing faster but not growing up better because of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. “Poundage. Excess avoirdupois. In a word, obesity” (Bigger isn’t Better). American children are seen growing up faster than expected in their age. This can be overwhelming for some parents who think it is an advancement. But then this faster growth is considered not good since this may develop obesity that may progress to a fatal illness.

            Obesity problem in the United States is not only limited to children. It happens to all ages when improper diet is practiced. Unhealthy lifestyle causes a person to gain more weight and grow up faster than the desired weight and size. “Americans die each year as a result of conditions associated with overweight and obesity. Rates of obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma are on the rise and affect Americans at younger ages than ever before. And while Americans are getting bigger across all demographic groups, those with a lower family income are affected disproportionately” (Bigger isn’t Better).

            Both American adults and children experience rapid growth because they are eating more while working out less. Calories are not burned down properly, this leads to improper digestion which causes obesity. Binging in junk foods and artificially made products also give the body improper nourishment. This is such a saddening fact because Americans who grow up faster may end up getting old with diseases out of artificial ingredients and chemicals. In terms of life style, couch potatoes are everywhere, people who do not mind working out or at least walking instead of taking a ride on their way home from school or office. The rate of  “physical activity levels were decreased. Sedentary recreation like television and video games became increasingly popular. Due to budget cuts, schools offered fewer opportunities for physical activity, particularly in after-school programs. And in many neighborhoods, parents regarded the streets as unsafe for children, leading to less time outside” (Bigger isn’t Better).

            Americans are said to be growing up faster but not growing up better because of excessive dependency on instant meals and beverages. It is not highly recommended by food and health experts since more nutrients can be acquired from fresh fruits and vegetables. The consumption of snacks and carbonated drinks are also soaring up, making Americans more prone to obesity, which are brought about by calories and artificial ingredients. Fast foods  are also set up every where making “families, increasingly crunched for time, eat more meals away from home, while those eaten at home often relied on highly processed prepared foods. As a result, Americans consume calories, fat and sugar at an increasing rate” (Bigger isn’t Better).

            Health and lifestyle go hand in hand. Americans see growth as an important factor in improving their lives. But watching out the food being eaten and maintaining a well balanced diet is as equally important so that growing up will be faster and better at the same time. Getting fat is not the issue here but how a person manages to be fat and fit at the same time.

            Growing faster can also be based on the genetic components adopted from parents. But the greatest factor for Americans growing up faster are the food and and activities performed. Consulting nutrition experts is one way of growing up faster ad better. In addition dropping off an unhealthy life style and bad eating habits will also ensure a more health friendly America.


Colford, Ann. “Bigger Isn’t Better”. 20 November, 2003 The Pacific Northwest Inlander Online. 31 March 2008 ; ;.

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