American Political Parties Essay

American Political Parties

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            There are two prominent political parties in the United States of America.  These are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  How different are their positions on certain issues?  How similar are their policies?  This essay seeks to discuss the similarities and differences of the Democratic Party and Republican Party regarding their policy positions on health care and education.

            The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are generally similar in their policy position about healthcare.  Both parties advocate policies which provide multiple healthcare options for the American people, eliminate discrimination and reduce the cost of healthcare while improving its quality.

            The policies of both parties uphold that the American population must be given the freedom to choose the kind of healthcare they want, as well as their insurance coverage (Democratic National Convention Committee [DNCC] 10; Republican National Committee [RNC]).  The coverage would be made available to the American public as funded through tax credits.  Both parties also push for insurance coverage which is not related to the work of an individual.  The person must be able to keep the insurance in the instance that he or she loses his or her job (DNCC 11; RNC).

            The Democratic Party and the Republican Party also have the same position against discrimination in healthcare.  Both parties focus on those whose pre-existing conditions have served as a hindrance in getting the proper care.  The policy of the Republican Party puts emphasis in healthcare which provides support to those with pre-existing conditions (RNC).  The policy of the Democratic Party insists that insurance providers must accommodate all applicants, and must not price their services based on the said conditions (DNCC 11).

            Both parties are also committed in making healthcare in America available at inexpensive prices without disregard for high quality (DNCC 11; RNC).  To achieve this goal, the healthcare policy of the parties is directed in cooperation between patients, healthcare providers and government (DNCC 10; RNC).  Such cooperation will guarantee an improved healthcare system in America.  Despite the attention given to healthcare services, both parties are also aware that prevention is more important than cure.  This is the reason why their policies are also directed towards the promotion of healthy living and wellness (DNCC 11; RNC).

            There may be similarities in the healthcare policies of both parties, but there are also some disparities between them.  Unlike the Democratic Party policy, the policy of the Republican Party does not support the increase in taxes in the healthcare system (RNC).  They also push for the non-involvement of government in the transactions between patients and the providers. Unlike the Republican Party, the policy of the Democratic Party disagreed with the expansion of insurance coverage (DNCC 10).

            The Democratic Party and the Republican Party also shares many similarities in terms of their policies in education.  Both parties are committed to recruiting the best educators for the students (DNCC 19; RNC).  They agree that the only way to provide world class education to the students is to provide them with world class instructors and principals.  This is the reason why both parties seek to educate and offer assistance to teachers for them to reach their full potential as educators.

            Another similarity is their policies reaffirming the importance of community colleges.  The Democratic Party proposes to financially support and assist these colleges through training and technical programs (DNCC 20).  They would also give grants to community colleges as reward for their great efforts.  The Republican Party also recognizes the important role of community colleges in American education, and offers its support to these institutions (RNC).

            The policies of both parties are also similar in their belief on the necessity of innovation.  The Democrats uphold the significance of innovating public schools; they believe that the curriculum and the resources must be updated to answer the demands of 21st education (DNCC 19).  The Republicans also believe innovation in education is important, as the American way of life has become more mobile (RNC).  They believe the approach to the education system should be recreated to adapt to the technological advances of today.

            Lastly, the policies of both parties are similar as they are directed towards addressing the issue of the price of college education.  Democrats and Republicans alike are aware of the costs of higher education, and are committed to making it more affordable (DNCC 21).  The Democratic Party aims to address the high cost of college education with the American Opportunity Tax Credit.  The Republican Party also seeks to accomplish it with the Education Savings Account and Section 529 account (RNC).

            Then there are those issues which are uniquely addressed by a single party.  The education policy of the Democratic Party puts emphasis on special education, minority institutions and the learners of the English language (DNCC 20).  The education policy of the Republican Party reasserts the crucial role of the family in education.  They are devoted to advance family literacy, as well the rights of the family to make choices in terms of schooling (RNC).

            Though they are opponents in the realm of American politics, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are remarkably similar in their policies on healthcare and education.  Hence, it appears that both parties are on the page when in comes to what they think should be done about the problems of the nation.

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