American political theory Essay

            The 1944 state of the union message by FDR is in continuous discussion because it actually relates to the present situation of America being a nation at war (“Second Bill of Rights” 1). I couldn’t completely agree and disagree with FDR in this second bill of rights.

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            Definitely, I saw the “Economic Bill of Rights” as not the best thing the administration can decide not only for its people but also with regard to a degree of universality. As contextualized before and up to now in the American history, America is the most powerful nation and therefore whatever it decides for its people has repercussions towards other people in the world, especially with regard to its nations’ military force and economic strength. This statement just gave a reason justifying America’s pursuit of war- to generate more taxes that will in turn fund more armaments and weapons that kill. Also, the other intriguing recommendation from FDR is the National Service Law which in his own perspective involves every American through selective participation of citizens to produce war materials. Here, he has a preconceived pretense that the future generations will be proud of these acts done by their forefathers, that everyone participated in the war, that the Americans before them sacrificed their lives and brought the future of the nation into a publicized security, but in reality, it is very evident that it is nothing but a war fought to create an economic advantage against other nations.

            These arguments are very timely in particular with the present issues of war on terrorism. The second bill of rights of FDR provides a clear American perspective of the 1944 war that might bring us a clearer and more analytical view of our present situation. There are truths in FDR’s statements about our rights as individuals, that is, as Americans we should possess the privilege of enjoying life (Rosenman, 41). And as stated in the 2nd bill of rights, the establishment of the new basis of security, and prosperity is very important (“Second Bill of Rights” 1). As FDR stated, it is regardless of station, race or creed that these ideals in our society should remain true. Nonetheless, FDR has forgotten the fact that through this war that he is vying for, we are in turn denying the very idea of these same principles to the other people of the world. As Americans or should I say as privileged people, I daresay that to be a part of the strongest political and economic nation, we must also be vigilant vanguards of truth and be bearers of the light of freedom that will encompass even the other “less-privileged” people of the world.


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