American Politics: About the candidates Essay

  American Politics: About the candidates

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            The article of Thomas Sowell seem to be giving a not so rosy picture of the Ameriacn primaries as he sees it. It is also evident of his choice of being a Republican voter. The following statements seem to give his preferences away, but in the middle of his statement he balances the assumptions out. So how can he deduce the correctness of his statements?

            The author, as stated earlier, seem to be hinting at the unvialibilty of a good choice for both camps. Statements like,”The short answer is that most of the Republicans are questionable and all three leading Democrats are dangerous.”(Sowell, Primary Dilemmas, 2008), seem to say that the voters have very little chances on making the correct choices. But are the statements justified, or just an author ranting?

            The short answer is, to use a term by the author, is yes. Note how the author constructs his thoughts and his justifications for the voters to chew on. The author seems to dwell on the trivial matters on the part of the candidates. For example, the choice of diplomatic incidents that marked the presidency of the husband of one of the candidates, rather than the platform of the candidate herself.  Or the religious background of other leading candidates. Or the record of others while holding another public office.

            But I do agree that the choice is and must be the best person for the job, not the most ideal(Sowell, 2008). There are no ideal candidates for any job, much less the presidency. The  choice must be left to the voters on the merits of the candidates, not on the matters that involve his or her personal life. Unless, of course, that life will affect his or her way of running the country.


 Sowell,T. Primary dilemmas. Friday, January 18, 2008. Retrieved January 22, 2008.

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