America’s Break-Away From Great Britan Essay

                               America’s Break-Away From Great Britan

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            Just before the Revolutionary War, America closed all ties with England. Why would America forfeit such an ally in their struggle to become a Nation? There are many reasons for this. Many believed that it was the act of “Taxation Without Representation” However, could this act alone radiate enough motivation for the American Colonists to forfeit all protection and benefits from their motherland? Or could the work of a handful of revolutionists known as The Sons Of Liberty have played a part in this drama?

            The Sons Of Liberty represented propaganda in a sense that they brought out all of Great Britain’s flaws, and showcased them to the public. The genesis of their activity can be found in the Boston Tea Party where many disgruntled American Colonists dumped several tons of teal into the Boston Harbor in retaliation to the newly placed Townshend Act. However, one of the most commonly forgotten but possibly the most important factors involving America’s break with England, is none other than the Boston Massacre.

            The Boston Massacre in itself represents death in two different terminologies. We see the death of 6 colonials killed by nervous British soldiers who opened fire on a crowd of citizens, and the death of the relationship between the two countries. Naturally, the colonists were outraged with this “Accident”, but were fueled with rage even further when England did little about the matter, as it gave the colonists the sense that Britain had overstepped it’s boundaries. America was just to large to be overtaken by a dictatorship. Therefore the Sons Of Liberty brought to the table a simple solution.

            America would sever it’s ties with Britain and declare itself an independent nation. Taxes had gone far enough. Nearly every marketable product and been taxed. Whether it be purchasing, exporting or even importing, America had no way to make a profit off of any products they withheld. As well, Britain also forbade all trade with any other countries. Obviously, because it did not benefit England or their Kingdom. This had American Colonists on edge, but what really tipped the iceberg, was when Britain took the lives of several colonists without remorse. This lead to more riots and even more angry citizens. I believe that Americas break was inevitable, but this tide was definitively turned by the revolutionists involvement.

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