Americas’ Dependence on Technology Essay

Americas’ Dependence on Technology

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Science Fiction has brought a prominent change in American culture, especially for the viewers of movies. Besides its attractiveness, it causes some adverse affects on the culture. In the most recent study, more than 700 technology individuals were asked to assess a collection of assumptions in an attempt to establish possible trends for coming era.

The extremely tentative scenarios confronted to respondents are all unclearly evocative of several themes generally found in modern science fiction. From non-natural intelligences dominating humanity to unsatisfied Antagonists engaging in violence, the survey looks more like a dumped script by Hafner and Lyon comparatively examined the future seriously “Let’s scrutinize some of the more colorful dilemmas, and see how many of the conceptions have been conspicuously featured in cyber age.”(p. 33) 

Influence of Science Fiction
Almost over 50 years, science fiction is being used as the one of the most essential and successful instrument, especially in Film sector. This product is so beneficial for American Cinema and is desirable of study for that motive alone. If we go in deep, the type has revealed important themes, apprehensions and improvement in American culture, so that a times past of science fiction film also does as a cultural history of America more than the past half century.

Among the presented films, nearly 15 movies has been chosen of the most winning and pioneering science fiction films of all time, and analyzed each of them at length-from cultural, technical and cinematic views-to look where they are and what they meant for the future, regarding influence of science fiction on American culture at large. The land marks films, such as “The Matrix”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” that showed our hopes and fears, our skills and our lack ness. By this thorough investigation, we can all achieve something of ourselves that we make out, as well as a little that we’ve never made out before. Science fiction can affect human brains and causes stress ness, because this is not a simple way to spend life. It is rather a complicated way, and a human can not longer suffer in such a round about manner way. As we see that in American society, people meet their relatives once in a blue moon and then this fiction will totally occupy the society then imagine how it will be so difficult to make a relation even with a neighbor. I mean, the life will be so hectic and the rest of the culture can be affected rather badly.

This exacting theme is studied lengthily in Star Trek Deep Space Nine season two, episode fifteen, “Paradise,” in which Captain Sisko and Miles O’Brien turn out to be grounded on a planet lived by the followers of an extreme Luddite philosopher who thinks technology is damaging to human growth. One is also prompted of season five, episode two, “Let He Who is Without Sin…,” in which a cluster of Essentialists undermines the weather control system on the planet Risa so that to win over vacationists that dependence on technology has made feeble them.

It is said that by the year 2020, virtual realism on the science fiction will come to permit more efficiency from most people in technologically-savvy societies than doing job in the real world. But the beautiful nature of virtual- reality worlds will also guide to serious habit problems for many, as we lose people to exchange realities.

Even though some self-depicted MMORPG addicts may be tended to disagree that this meticulous prediction has already come to pass, obsessive gaming has yet to turn out to be a far-flung phenomenon with clear communal significances. Technology consultant Robert Eller answered that people may see an enormous blurring of virtual reality with many players living an in-effect isolated lifestyle. Only in the online world will they contribute in any shape of human communication. “A member of IBM’s Internet Engineering Task Force, conceives that by getting valuable infrastructure, the Internet itself will turn out to be a target” (Berman, p. 6). Virtual reality compulsion is a well-known theme in Star Trek the Next Generation season three, episode twenty-one, “Hollow Pursuits,” in which Lieutenant Barclay’s harsh holodeck compulsion interposes with his skill to work and link to others.

American Culture And Technological Move

Like many discoveries before it, the science fiction is troubled. People must find out how to use this technology, of course, but in a more mysterious sense the culture as a whole must learn about it as well. “Much of the future-history consensus in S.F. accepted a very high estimate of humankind.  “Desertion” asks us to consider that “Maybe we are the morons of the universe” (Gunn, 41) Culture goes on in the routine forms of action and interface by which people organize their actions and discuss their lives jointly. As numerous social groups allow the technology and challenge the various kinds of admission, it gives the science fiction takes part in a thousand dynamics that make anxious these practices and set the culture in search of new balances.

There are many instances. Students going back home from college could better maintain connect to their old lives, and this can be fine or shocking depending upon the facts of the case. Natural hindrances that once made the employs of personal information rather unsurprising are substituted by electronic interconnections whose workings are absolute or counterintuitive.

Will we turn out to be slaves to our own inventions as smart computer systems develop to the point where they can manage our society? In the beginning of this year, It was predicted the coming Roomba revolution. Begin stockpiling ammunition now, because it’s just a matter of time before that malevolence little circular dirt busters solve that the best means to keep the house neat and clean is to dispose of the dirty flesh-bags that make it untidy in the first place. Elle Tracy, president of The Results Group, remarks that unless the testing, insect fixing, user interfaces, worth and basic application by subject-matter individuals is given a main concern than pure programmer ability, they were totally in hazard of developing into an out-of-control situation with independent technology.

The significances of fake intelligence are a common repeating theme in Star Trek, and it is boasted conspicuously in many of the best episodes. The concept is most effectively personified in the combination between the android Data, and his morally unrestrained twin Lore, but infrequent holodeck incidents also express the concept of out-of-control AI.

52 percent individuals have the same opinion with the declaration that the science fiction opens worldwide admission to accomplishment. I’m truthfully amazed that question made it on the list in the least. In a world with sophisticated fake intelligences and impressive virtual realities, one presumes that the Universal Translator would be devised someplace along the way.


Nearly under half of the answerers concern about fake intelligence runs amok, most important to the potential conquering of humanity. Almost 42 individuals’ experts agreed with the assumption that by 2020, intelligent factors and disseminated control will cut down direct human input so entirely out of some key actions such as observation, security and tracking systems that technology further than their control will produce dangers and reliance’s that will not be familiar until it is unfeasible to reverse them. Some of the observers compassionated that the 19th century English workmen who destroyed laborsaving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment. Ryan Paul says “people needed some strong disagreeing voices about the affect of this technology in their lives” (n.p.). As yet, it has been mostly the hope of a cure-all, just like the past Technological revolution.

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