Amy Tan, Two Kinds Essay

This story’s chief events take topographic point in Chinatown throughout the 1950s and possibly early sixtiess. The chief character of the narrative. who is besides the supporter. is the writer herself: Amy Tan. The adversary happens to be her ain female parent. who is ever forcing Amy to detect some concealed endowment and be person she is non. There are a few other minor characters in the narrative. There is Lindo Jong ( who she calls Auntie Lindo ) . who is a close friend of Amy’s female parent. Waverly Jong is Auntie Lindo’s girl. who is near to Amy’s age. Amy’s piano teacher. who she calls “Old Chong” . plays a little function in the narrative.

Amy’s pa is included in the text. but does non play much of a function. In “Two Kinds” . the expounding is clear in the first twosome of pages. The narrative begins by explicating that Amy’s household moved to America when she was a babe. in 1949. Her female parent is clear in her ends: she wants Amy to be a kid prodigy ( a individual with exceeding endowment ) and celebrated. Although in the beginning Amy seems accepting of her mother’s end. there are some undertones which are clear to the reader that her female parent may travel excessively far. Symbolism in literature “might include ocular or sound elements every bit good as language” . Amy’s piano was the chief symbol of this narrative.

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In the terminal of the narrative. the fact that she had it tuned and really sat down to play shows us that she truly cared about her mother-and the piano-after all. The vocals that she plays at the terminal are besides a symbol of the narrative. itself. She mentions playing two vocals. The first is titled “Pleading Child” . and the 2nd 1: “Perfectly Contented” . These are vocals that she had played when she was a kid. She notices for the first clip. after all of these old ages. that these two vocals are really two halves to the same vocal.

The vocal represents Amy’s life. This is how the narrative ends. We get a reasonably good thought of what Amy’s narrative is about and the subject behind it. She regrets non seeking her best. and the manner she has taken her female parent for granted in her life. A strong message like this makes us reflect on our ain lives and relationships with the 1s we love. Amy constructs the narrative in a manner that makes the secret plan flow. and we are interested in what will go on to her following. Some of us may even experience like she is excessively difficult on the protagonist-her female parent. The stoping resolutenesss these feelings. because we discover she feels this. excessively.

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