An Action Plan on Environmental Business Markets Essay

An Action Plan on Environmental Business Markets

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The desire to own a business that will create money and also provide a useful goods and services to the society creates no conflict with the environmental policies provided. The misconception of the people in the past that environmental products are always expensive is diminishing while more research and development is being done. The environmental products nowadays are made to be less expensive through new technology and the availability of large scale production capabilities, where by the reducing gap between the grass root environmentalists and the other businesses have also led to an increased demand for environmental products. A commitment to the environment with good ideas is the most essential component for beginning an environmental business.

In this case my action plan on this business is that Before starting the plan of the business, I should be in a position to know the company’s objectives, write them down and develop them so that they can be expanded and adapted for every area  my business analysis, this will enable me to state the product development to in-house environmental policies, I will also help the consumers who are always demanding for the genuine information on the products and the companies that produce such kinds of products to get the real information of the products that one intends to produce. (DeAngelis, 1989)

Marketing is also known to be a core leader into a successful environmental business therefore; I should have more than a good idea of producing a nice product. So before launching the new product the identification of the markets for the products is required and I should also use research to find out if consumers share the same desire to invest in the natural resources. The type of the research should depend on the size and scope of the business. This may be done by examining ones own behavior with that of his friends, spend time in stores that promote environmental products and do some reading on magazines, books and literature focusing on environmental issues. Am always encouraged to talk and listen to the potential consumers this will enable me to know the issues that will be faced and the encounters I will face while carrying out the business. There is an increased concern about the environment and the health and well-being of the people, this has paved ways for me to have an analysis on the new market of the environmentally sensitive products through which the simplicity of this products holds a great appeal for the consumers who are aware of the environmental status.

The requirements for such businesses include a well planned knowledge on policies covering the environmental ethics, recycling programs and research and development, this will definitely allow me to define my goals and commitment in the business areas giving me the foundation that I need to develop a successful plan for this environmental business. Under this, the type and size of the business helps me formulate the objectives of the organization in which all the environmental policies and plans should be flexible to grow and adapt with the growth of the intended business.  (Bowker, 1991)

There are also ethics that requires me to have a defined commitment to environmental issues and to the protection of the natural resources, this making it to be the most important factor for consumers to choose to buy an environmental safe product. The ethic of the company should be one having respected for and in investment in social programs in the countries and communities that will be providing the company with raw material this is stated by the international reliance on rural culture of raw material. For me to achieve this I will definitely be required to give a certain amount of the company’s profits to the social programs or environmental organizations, whereby as the company grows it is expected to follow that its involvement and commitment to social programs also increases. I am also required to indicate that the company’s employees are provided with environmental work ethics which will therefore guarantee that the entire organization is dedicated to the providence of useful goods and services thus considering the natural resources.

To come up with a clear action plan on this business I am therefore supposed to monitor the company’s commitment in operating its business in an environment where trash is clearly dealt with, this including the in-house policies for recycling and packaging of its products, meaning that I should have the knowledge on what happens to the product containers and packaging when consumers have finished using the products. Under this the company should plan to use minimal and recyclable packaging whereby, systems need to be provided to make it easy for the users of the product to be able to return, refill and recycle the packaging.

The other information I am supposed to consider is the financing that is always practiced in the environmental business since it is the key element to the success of such businesses therefore, it is necessary for me to know the ways of financing to this trade. Under this, we find that banks are considering the long-term benefits of investing in environmentally based companies that have the preservation of the natural resources as their corporate objectives. (Blythe, 2001)


The desire to own a business that will create money and also provide a useful goods and services to the society creates no conflict with the environmental policies provided. The misconception of the people in the past that environmental products are always expensive is diminishing while more research and development is being done


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Washington DC

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