An attractive man Essay

Introduction and thesis statement

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Attractiveness is taunted as a standard in measuring beauty. Attractiveness in men comprises of the physical, social, psychological and mental beauty. Attractiveness is also the ability to exhibit qualities that makes one to have a pleasant appearance and charisma according to the judgment of the cultures and standards of the parties involved. This paper critically analyses attractiveness in men as is portrayed by the societal expectations.

Attractiveness in men is measured in terms of masculinity. This varies from one society to another because cultures are different and more than often they dictate on the attractiveness aspect. Cultures are learned and as children grow up they are taught of what the society views as attractive and they grow up geared towards the same standards. An attractive man is better placed in terms of getting opportunities like jobs and even attractive women for relationships (De Santis, & Kayson, 1999). Attractiveness varies from one community to another and what one community sees as attractive is not necessarily what another community sees as attractive. For instance some communities view obese men as attractive while other communities see lean and well build men as attractive. These perceptions of the differences between what is attractive and what is not are also cemented by the impacts of these standards on men and the society. Something’s which may not make a lot of sense like funny looking hairstyles may have a very big impact on a society because they are used by influential people like musicians who are icons and role models of many people in a certain culture.

Attractiveness is also viewed in terms of the body smells elicited in someone. Biologically men are known to have varied strong body odors than women and according to some cultures their attractiveness is measured according to the stated cultural norms dictating attractiveness. Strong odors are normally seen as unattractive and associated with people who are dirty and who don’t bathe more often. On the other hand, there are those men who elicit strong body odors especially when they sweat even though they practice high standards of hygiene. Some foods like ginger and garlic makes one have strong body odors also and to cover this men use strong deodorants that in their view, this makes them attractive to women or people around them. On the other hand body odors are very important because they are used for sexual attraction.

Consequently lifestyles keep on changing and with globalisation people copy the cultures they see as superior so that they can look as attractive as their peers. For instance hairstyles keep on changing and men will more than often go for the current hairstyles to look attractive. Attractiveness is in most cases measured also from the personality of a person. A person who is jovial, one who is easy to talk to and is objective in life and is also opinionated is viewed as an attractive person. A person who is the opposite of these qualities will be considered as unattractive and people will tend to avoid such a personality.


            Attractiveness in men is defined by dominant cultural values and norms. Culture defines people and defines them and that is why many people are portrayed as slaves of cultures. Men will go to any heights and dimensions to be attractive according what the cultures dictate as attractive. Attractiveness in a person should not be seen in terms of physical appearance of changing lifestyles but originality should be preserved. Originality in terms of cultural norms makes people preserve their identity and the differences define attractiveness. If people copy other cultures and they look the same, then the attractiveness of originality and ideal culture will be washed away. Attractiveness is determined by the comfort and contentment of the man himself, whether he feels confident in his physical, social, mental and psychological attractiveness. This is important because it makes one confident in their day to day life and if they feel great about themselves, they will draw people towards their direction. What a man thinks of himself is what is portrayed on the outside and it is what constitutes of attractiveness in men.

De Santis, A; and Kayson, W. A; (1999) Defendants characteristics of attractiveness, race, & sex and sentencing decisions. Psychological reports, 81. 669 – 673.


I.                   Introduction

a.       Definition

b.      Thesis Statement

II.                Body

a.       Aspects of attractiveness in men

b.      Implications of attractivess of men

c.       Attractiveness and modern times

III.             Conclusion

IV.             Reference List

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