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Language is said to be a means of communication between one another in a particular place environment or also our society personally think that it is best to learn a foreign language from the country of which it was originated, than to learn it in one’s own reasons would be stated below. First foreign language is a borrowed language which was brought to us from the foreigners that is the British .and I believe that since it is their native language that they were brought up with and they also spoke every day of their lives they would be able and willing to teach that language and Teach it with the right intonations and pronunciation’s.

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But in our country where we have our own languages like Yoruba, Igbo ,Hausa and all that then we learn that foreign language in most cases when most people who learn it here are affected by their own native intonation because even the people teaching it also have problems trying to adjust to the intonation of the foreign language. Second, in our country it would be hard for anyone to totally learn the foreign language .this is because most people around you don’t speak this language, especially when you are around most elderly people they prefer speaking their own native language that is Yoruba ,Igbo ,Hausa and all that but if you go to the foreign country where foreign language is spoken you would be able to learn it completely and even be very fluent in it .this it because everyone around you would be foreigners who don’t understand your own native language and all they would speak to you would be their foreign language and with time you’ll have no choice than to adapt to the system .it would even be just like learning without even knowing you already learnt it .

Also ,if you say for example someone from Nigeria who is a typical Yoruba man travels to the united states Delaware to go and stay with maybe his nephew or cousin for three years .when he gets there the only person he would be able to speak his native language to would be his cousin, but when he goes to the shopping mall ,the book shop, the cinema, he would have no choice than to speak English ang with time the language would just flow with him even without him thinking of learning it, to now talk of someone who traveled there just to learn the language with determination . In conclusion I think it’s better to travel to the country which it was spoken to learn the language than to learn it in his or her country.

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