An example of Normal Distribution output process at an Army kitchen Essay

An example of Normal Distribution output process at an Army kitchen

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A normally distributed process refers to the situation where the various outcomes can be measured as variables which form a continuous range centered around a mean.

 A perfect example of this would be the weight of output of trash or refuse produced by an army kitchen  throughout the year. For example in the curve depicted below, the horizontal (x-axis) depicts the weight of the trash taken out every day, starting from 0-5 kgs to a maximum of 115 kgs, as we know these minimum and maximum figures already.

If on the y-axis, we plot the number of days in the year a particular weight category is recorded, then the mean weight of trash would lie around the 40-55 category mark as an example. Although this is depicted as a perfectly symmetrical normal distribution, in real life, most curves tend to be skewed to one way or the other. If more instance, the trash on most days tend to be on the higher side of the 50 kg mean, the curve would be tilted to the right ( called a positive skew). In addition, how much the average trash differs daily from the mean can also be described by standard distribution and variance from the mean.

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