An experience audit: Starbucks Essay

            Starbucks wants to convey an emotion of satisfaction and international recognition by making itself as a unique coffee shop. The over-all feeling when I entered Starbucks is that it has a positive working environment and that a customer will be comfortable and be enthusiastically satisfied as one enters the store. The mission statement of Starbucks somehow is being followed through the over-all feeling. The 6 guiding principles that Starbucks follow can be felt as conveyed and manifested.

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            I received the product I ordered in a very timely manner. It only took about 5 to 7 minutes as estimation upon receiving my order. It was given efficiently and it did not make me wait too long. The waiting time also seemed deterred by the beauty of the interior of the store. It helped pass the time while waiting for the product. The server of the product communicated politely well, adding up to the customer satisfaction that the store implicates. She also tried to sell other products that she seemed would raise my interest. But I stuck to my order despite her polite and friendly approach.

            The menu of the Starbucks branch that I went in also had a clear presentation of the menu. It’s presentation somehow adds up and conveys the feelings of the store. The sample photos of the products helps a customer gain interest or be more curious about a certain product. There was enough diversity of products ranging from different types of coffee drinks both hot and cold. The product that I ordered presented 100% satisfaction and being my favorite, it was consistently delicious.

            The whole exterior to interior atmosphere of Starbucks showcases appropriate lighting, well-mixed use of color combinations, and the smell of the store conveys the aroma of coffee, and the seating and waiting area are comfortable. My experience was good. It followed what their mission statement implies. The over-all experience professed a wonderful atmosphere between customer, server and the store itself.


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