An Import Cost Of Raw Material Marketing Essay

As clip is traveling really fast in today ‘s universe, endurance of anything is non possible without following the alterations forced by the clip. European traditions are altering quickly by presenting new engineering and traditions. Pakistan is besides one of the states which are following those rapid altering tendencies. In building, people are going so witting about the mentality and many alterations and tendencies are coming sing building of places and offices. It is the better representation of life manner than old one because of rapid alterations in tradition.

More briefly, a new tendency had been introduced about doing Doors and Windows of aluminium instead than traditional wood or Fe stuffs. Pakistan has a immense market for use of aluminium for doing doors and Windowss. A figure of companies are now bring forthing aluminium profile locally in Pakistan ( on a cost ) .

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The major cost which these companies are paying is an import cost of natural stuff, which has straight impact ( Increase cost ) on the monetary values of aluminium doors & A ; Windowss. In Asia there is one works, situated in China which is supplying natural stuff ( Aluminum Bars ) to those companies for fabrication of aluminium profiles.

Here is an chance for us to set up an aluminium recycling works locally. This provides low cost aluminium to the profile industries besides with many other attractive characteristics. This will leads to increase in economic benefits to our state.

It would be profitable for our company to present a recycling works because of the being of possible purchasers in Pakistan. Our company can besides export its stuff to different states.

2.2. The Description of the concern:

Pak-Tech recycling works is started for recycling of aluminium for doing aluminium bars for bulge procedure. Presently many companies in Pakistan are importing aluminium bars from other companies for doing aluminum profiles ; the cost of production of aluminium profile is besides increased. Harmonizing to the concern program, by doing aluminium bars locally we can cut down the production cost of aluminium profile every bit good as it reduces the concluding cost of doors and Windowss.

On the other manus when monetary values of aluminium doors and Windowss will diminish it leads towards addition in the demand and finally increased in company ‘s profitableness.

2.2.1. Company History & A ; Background:

Pak-tech recycling works is get downing first clip in Pakistan. We are holding foremost mover advantage. We can hold monopoly by get downing this concern in Pakistan as no other company is involved in this concern so far. This factor of first mover advantage will assist us to pull the possible purchasers for our merchandise because of low cost On the other manus it would take to increase our net income by the addition in demand of clients.

2.2.2. Company mission and aims:

Mission Statement:

“ Provides quality merchandises to the clients at competitory monetary value, and ease more peoples to follow a new better lifestyle ” .


Reducing imports of the state.

Increasing exports of the state.

Pull offing aluminium bit.

Provide good quality natural aluminium at competitory monetary value.

Facilitate clients for better life style.

Competitive Advantage:

Harmonizing to the nature of concern, in Pakistan there is no any other rival for Pak-Tech recycling ; our major competitory advantage will be supplying low priced aluminium bars as companies are importing aluminium bars from other states at high monetary values.

Aluminum profile fabrication companies can cut down their import cost by buying aluminium bars locally. Other advantages include: more customization, concern on recognition, quality confidence. Current Status and Requirement:

Aluminum Scrap Suppliers,

Quality Control

Aluminum profile Manufacturers



Procurement Department

Inventory Department

Melting Procedure

Cleaning Procedure

Dying Procedure

Merchandise Packaging

Ready for Cargo

Quality Control

Suppression of Aluminum

2.3.1 Description of a concern theoretical account:

4: Company construction, Intellectual belongings, and ownership:

4.1. Organizational Structure:

Chief Executive Officer

Procurement Manager

Production & A ; Operation Manager

Selling Director

HR Manager

Procurement Staff/Labor

Production Labor

Specialized staff ( Engineers )


Finance Manager

Fiscal Staff

4.1.1. Organizational Chart:

4.1.2. Description of Organizational Structure:

The concern is concerned with industrial merchandise, and for pull offing our recycling works we need five directors Procurement, production & A ; operations, Finance, Human resource and Selling directors.

Procurement director has its ain staff and labour for buying aluminium bit from provider and analyze the quality of scrap stuff. Logistics section besides fulfill the demand of procurance section.

Finance director is responsible for supplying financess to the activities and maintain fiscal studies for the top direction. He is responsible for agreement of finance on organisational demand.

Production and operation director has the duties to transport on all the procedures for doing aluminum bars like runing, cleansing, deceasing and packaging with the aid of required labour and chemical applied scientists.

Human resource section has the duty to supply competitory human resource for organisational demands. Recruitment and hiring of forces and labour is the major duty of HR section.

Marketing section has the major duty for developing Local ( industrial ) clients and international clients every bit good as happening beginnings of bit aluminium. For the intent of despatching merchandises logistics section is besides controlled by marketing section.

5: Industry Analysis:

5.1. Industry description:

In Pakistan ‘s market there is high demand for aluminium doors & A ; Windowss, and to carry through this demand aluminium profile makers are bound to import natural stuff from other states. Because there is no works exists in Pakistan for recycling of aluminium. As clip passes through, the new tendencies of building going more popular among peoples of society. A big figure of clients are utilizing more and more aluminium profile for restituting their places and offices. This rapid addition in the demand of aluminium besides increases the monetary values of natural aluminium rods by the international providers.

In Pakistan no such provider of aluminium rods available, and all aluminium makers are bound to import natural stuff from other states. Besides the monetary values are controlled by the other state. Pak-Tech recycling company is get downing with a construct of work outing this issue from aluminium industry and supplying quality natural stuff at competitory monetary value.

Pak-Tech recycling will be on its debut phase of merchandise life rhythm in a mode of first mover party. Where as its concerns with the net income potency is besides really high because all aluminium profile makers will capture for buying natural stuff on competitory monetary value from Pak-Tech recycling instead than importing from other states.

5.2. Target Market:

Pakistan has a big figure of aluminium profile makers at different graduated table of production. But all these makers are importing natural stuff ( Aluminum bars ) from other states for fabrication of aluminium profiles ( Extrusion Process ) . This importing of stuff increases the cost of production and besides presents legion quality, security and legal issues related to imports.

5.3. Competitive place within mark market:

As Pak-Tech recycling has the first mover advantage in Pakistan. So, there is no such rival at national degree but at international degree many rivals are exists. And for these rivals Pak-Tech recycling nowadayss a strong monetary value competitory advantage which is non possible for rivals to catch. The low cost factor will assist us to fulfill and pull our mark market.

5.4. Industry Analysis: The five forces:

There are five forces which we should analyse while developing a new concern program. These forces impacting profitableness are frequently beyond the control, so you must take tactics to react to the forces instead than seek to alter the concern environment. These forces are as follows:

Dickering power of providers,

Dickering power of purchasers,

Menace of new entrants,

Menace of replacements, and

Rivalry among rivals.

5.4.1. Dickering power of providers:

Any concern requires inputs-labor, parts, natural stuffs, and services. The cost of your inputs can hold a important consequence on your company ‘s profitableness. Whether the strength of providers represents a weak or a strong force flexible joints on the sum of dickering power they can exercise and, finally, on how they can act upon the footings and conditions of minutess in their favour. Suppliers would prefer to sell to you at the highest monetary value possible or supply you with no more services than necessary. If the force is weak, so you may be able to negociate a favourable concern trade for yourself. Conversely, if the force is strong, so you are in a weak place and may hold to pay a higher monetary value or accept a lower degree of quality or service.

Pak-Tech recycling has big figure of providers of natural stuff ( Aluminum bit ) . Major providers are located in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi. They can supply a big measure of natural stuff per month, harmonizing to the demand of Pak-Tech recycling. Due to the big figure of providers in the local market, providers have no high power to negociate monetary values and footings & A ; conditions. Another of import facet is that our needed merchandise is non alone and easy available in the market. So the monetary value of the merchandise is consequently, non really high.

Pak-Tech recycling providers besides provide the merchandise which is non straight useable for Pak-Tech recycling clients. That is another ground where the providers are dependent on us and hold low bargaining power.

These all above shown analysis ushers us that: Pak-Tech recycling providers hold really less dickering power and monetary values will under the control of Pak-Tech recycling.

5.4.2. Dickering power of purchasers:

The power of purchasers describes the consequence that your clients have on the profitableness of your concern. The dealing between the marketer and the purchaser creates value for both parties. But if purchasers ( who may be distributers, consumers, or other makers ) have more economic power, your ability to capture a high proportion of the value created will diminish, and you will gain lower net incomes.

Harmonizing to the concern program Pak-Tech recycling will fabricate an industrial merchandise. That means Pak-Tech recycling will hold less but big clients ( Industrial ) . Harmonizing to the theory of dickering power of purchaser, here Pak-Tech recycling may be bound to negociate monetary values with the purchasers. Industrial consumers are now importing natural stuff from other states which leads to the addition in the monetary values of aluminium profiles. But aluminum profiles maker ‘s profitableness remains the same and they have non every bit much concern with their importing cost, so purchasers have power to negociate monetary values with Pak-Tech recycling.

We develop a scheme to get the better of the purchaser power on Pak-Tech recycling. Harmonizing to the aluminium profile makers available in the Pakistan ‘s market upper limit has focus on their quality, and they ensures quality by utilizing imported natural stuff. We can supply a same quality stuff to those aluminium profile makers who can non bear high import cost. As they purchase natural stuff from Pak-tech recycling their cost of production besides reduced at the same quality provided by the company which is importing the natural stuff from other states. When our purchasers produced low cost aluminium profile at same quality of their rival, finally their market portion will increase. After that as Pak-Tech recycling will be the lone provider of natural stuff in local market the companies that have more bargaining power, forced to buy natural stuff from Pak-Tech recycling in a mode to guarantee their ain stableness in the market.

5.4.3. Menace of new entrants:

The menace of new entrants is so possibility that new houses will come in the industry. New entrants bring a desire to derive market portion and frequently have important resources. Their presence may coerce monetary values down and set force per unit area on net incomes. Analyzing the menace of new entrants involves analyzing the barriers to entry and the expected reactions of bing houses to a new rival. Barriers to entry are the costs and/or legal demands needed to come in a market. These barriers protect the companies already in concern by being a hurdle to those seeking to come in the market. In add-on to up-front barriers, a new rival may animate established companies to respond with tactics to discourage entry, such as take downing monetary values or organizing partnerships.

Menaces of new entrants are normally higher for fabricating industries instead than service industry because there is frequently a important disbursal in puting up a production facility.. Pak-Tech recycling has a menace of new entrants as harmonizing to the program we decided to develop a low cost construction for effectual concern program so here is possibility that new entrants came into the market. Although the natural stuff ( Aluminum Scrap ) providers exists in a big figure and stuff is besides non alone. The machinery for recycling is besides non every bit much dearly-won, so large investors or even aluminum profile makers can set up their ain workss.

Merely one facet can be a hurdle for new entrant that is, the recycling procedure is non an easy undertaking and requires immense investing on stock list. The return on investing is higher but the clip factor is besides higher that may be hurdle for short tally net income oriented investors. Besides recycling procedure requires independent concern unit, which may be hard to pull off by the bing aluminium profile makers.

Some facet which increases menaces of new entrant for Pak-Tech recycling:

Start-up costs are low for new concerns come ining the industry.

The merchandises provided are non alone. When the merchandises are trade goods and the assets used to bring forth them are common, houses are more willing to come in an industry because they know they can easy neutralize their stock list and assets if the venture fails.

The production procedure is easy learned. Just as rivals may be scared off when the acquisition curve is steep, rivals will be attracted to an industry where the production procedure is easy learned.

Entree to inputs is easy. Entry by new houses is easier when established houses do non hold favourable entree to raw stuffs, locations, or authorities subsidies.

Entree to clients is easy.

5.4.4. Menace of Substitutes:

Merchandises from one concern can be replaced by merchandises from another. If you produce a trade good merchandise that is uniform, clients can easy exchange away from your merchandise to a rival ‘s merchandise with few effects. In contrast, there may be a distinguishable punishment for exchanging if your merchandise is alone or indispensable for your client ‘s concern. Substitute merchandises are those that can carry through a similar demand to the one your merchandise fills.

6: Selling Plan

6.1. Product Feasibility and Strategy:

6.1.1. Merchandise schemes

Whenever a house has to bring forth a merchandise, it examines its external chances and menaces and internal strengths and failings and determines the type of merchandise. Our company is covering with recycling of Aluminum and bring forthing Aluminum bars that is an industrial merchandise.

merchandise ever develop to run into the competitory advantage and low cost factor is supplying a competitory advantage for our concern of aluminium bars that we are bring forthing first clip in Pakistan and have first mover advantage.

For a company it is of import to distinguish its merchandise from others and through advertizement we will distinguish our merchandise.

Adding value for the client without seting cost excessively much.

Supply the cost of adding the value less than excess premium the client is prepared to pay to have the benefits. Merchandise will be more profitable for us.

Our Production procedure will be pure and must be guided by rules of lawfulness, pureness, and guarantee ingredients obtained from lawful beginnings.

Our Product impact on society is to forestall struggle, fraud and injury to society.

Merchandise information

Our Merchandise will offer benefit which client will see as of import. Customer must hold a right to supply with equal information about the merchandise.

Merchandise design

Our Merchandise will be designed harmonizing to the demand of the clients that what type of rod is their demand, because aluminium rods are available in different forms unit of ammunition, square and etc. Customers must hold a right to be protected from harmful merchandises.

Merchandise quality:

Our merchandise quality is made in such a manner that is expected by the clients. Quality has direct relationship with outlooks of clients. If the merchandise is harmonizing to the outlook of the client the client feel benefit in it, otherwise client get disappointed. The merchandise must guarantee high quality result in the terminal. Our merchandise quality will be ensured by experts at different phases of recycling of aluminium.

6.1.2. Concept Testing

It is fundamentally used to understand the client response to our merchandise thought or we will utilize it for altering client attitude for our merchandise. We will make client study in this we will near our clients that make aluminiums profile and inquire them about merchandise quality and related factors.

We will set up group meetings with our clients and we will inquire them about our merchandise and this will assist us to concentrate on those countries in which they are non satisfied.

6.2. Pricing scheme:

Pricing is a really of import factor for any industrial merchandise since they are traded in immense measures and even decimals per unit can do a immense impact on the cost/profit. For Pak-Tech ‘ long term pricing scheme we plan on implementing “ Penetration Pricing ” . Since our lone rivals are foreign and people in Pakistan are importing all the aluminium we will offer them much lower monetary values that will heighten our gross revenues. While importing people have to pay the male monarch ‘s ransom in revenue enhancements and responsibilities and lose a batch of money in exchange rates. Buying signifier us they will non confront all these fusss and would of course desire to with to Pak-Tech aluminium every bit shortly as we start merchandising. Our high volumes of production will cut down our cost that will take us to long term net incomes. Our low monetary values will besides move as a barrier to new entrants so we will non necessitate to fear much competition in the part. Once we secure the local market and go the exclusive providers so we will be free to increase our monetary values if demand be. Pak-Tech is traveling to be the first and lone aluminium production installation in Pakistan so harmonizing to demand analysis the demand for aluminium is traveling to be inelastic. This means that the increasing and diminishing in the pricing of bars will barely diminish the demand of clients.

6.3. Distribution Channel – ?

6.4. Promotional and Advertising Schemes:

Television advertisement- Make an advertizement that will run on premier intelligence channels during premier clip and headlines to acquire a antenna in the market about our company. Channels like Business Plus, Geo News, Express intelligence, Dunya News, Ajj Tv and PTV universe. These are the most watched telecasting channels of the concern and professional community in Pakistan since about everyone follows the intelligence like soap-opera ‘s. During premier clip when our ads on air, people will acquire information about our handiness in the market. This is a technique used by other industrial providers like “ Pakistan Cables ” , “ Mughal Steel Mills ” etc.

Billboards – Strategically placed hoardings near caput offices of large contractors and building companies will besides hike consciousness in the market

Events – Since we have secured a list of the major aluminium importers in Pakistan we will form a expansive seminar in Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore, in which all these company caputs will be invited. They will be introduced to the advantages on recycled aluminium and how good it is for the environment. Then our applied scientists will inform them about how we are bring forthing optimal quality aluminium and sensible monetary values. Then there will be a munificent diner followed by a musical eventide. This will enable us to interact with our possible clients and do possible confederations. More significantly this will be a show of strength to the concern community in Pakistan where people will see that we plan on ruling our field.

7: Operational Plan:

7.1. Method of production:

Pak-tech recycling works will set up at Lahore. And the method of production is as follows:

Purchase of bit aluminium

Oppressing Procedure

Transportations crush aluminium bit to runing remoteness by Conover Belt

Melting of crushed aluminium bit in runing remoteness

Chemical cleansing procedure for separation of drosss

Pure melted aluminum transferred to deceasing processs


Cargo to client

7.1.1 Detailed description of method of production:

The procedure of bring forthing aluminium bars starts from buying of aluminium bit. In Pakistan we develop a information base of aluminium bit providers from large Pakistan metropoliss ( Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad ) . Procurement Department/Process:

Procurement section of Pak-Tech recycling has a major duty in a mode to lend quality in concluding merchandise. A procurement section trade with the providers of aluminium bit stuff listed in the information base and besides finds through research new providers for future concern.

Procurement section conducts a 2nd party audit to measure provider for corroborating the ability of provider to supply stuff for longer period. And besides develop long term relationship with providers. Aluminum scrap consist many good made of aluminum stuff like aluminium doors and Windowss subdivisions, aluminium tins, aluminium heat sinks, aluminium seals, aluminium caps, aluminium pipes, and trash aluminium industrial merchandises.

Procurement section examines the quality of natural stuff with the aid of quality control section and purchase the stuff harmonizing to the industry demand. Quality control section select the natural stuff which contains less other metal drosss instead than aluminium. The lesser the drosss in aluminium bit decreases the attempt of Pak-Tech recycling for purification of aluminium.

After choice of high quality aluminium bit, procurement section trades with the provider and negotiates on monetary value of the bit aluminium for cost effectivity. The costs is a sum of the monetary value of aluminium bit per kg plus logistics cost. Procurement section will analyze the both cost either it is executable to utilize ain logistics or includes in scrap monetary value per kg by the provider. Besides develop safety program for logistic and guarantee the measure with formal certification at the clip of presenting stuff to the Pak-Tech recycling works. Inventory direction procedure:

Aluminum bit stuff unloads to the Pak-Tech recycling site and stock list direction squad ensures the stuff ( measure ) harmonizing to the paperss provided by the procurance section.

Inventory direction section has equal labour that separates the bit harmonizing to the concentration of aluminum stuff. This separation is needed for following procedure of runing. All stuffs are separate manually harmonizing to the runing points of stuff. Material which consumes less energy for runing is separated from other which consumes high energy for malting and besides separates at in-between degree of energy used.

Inventory section besides has the duty to pull off finished merchandise and for that other labours and staff is hired to pull off finished goods ( Inventory ) . Oppressing procedure:

Pak-Tech recycling will put in a powerful aluminium bit shredder for oppressing the aluminium bit into bantam pieces of aluminium. Aluminum is an elastic metal and to oppress this metal Pak-Tech recycling installs 200hp shredder that ensures aluminum oppressing harmonizing to the demand of runing procedure. More bantam pieces of an aluminium crush consume lesser the energy for runing and besides it reduces the production cost.

Shredder unit is made of Pakistan from Gujranwala industrial estate for cost effectivity. And it has an option to choose the size of end product bit ( size of bantam pieces of aluminium ) . Shredder unit operates by the specialised worker who has adequate experience of operating tear uping units. And besides the operator put scrap stuff manually to avoid breakage in tear uping unit.

End product of tear uping unit ( bantam aluminium crush ) transferred to the thaw unit through screen belt in order to salvage clip and labour cost. Melting procedure:

Aluminum stuff is melted at the temperature of 660C or 1220F. This temperature can be produced through thaw or warming furnace. Furnace is normally made by the anti-metal stuff that produces heat of high temperature. Melting furnace uses external beginning of energy E.g. electricity, natural gas, spiral, etc with air force per unit area to bring forth high thermic temperature in the furnace cubic. The aluminium metal put in the cubic for runing or boiling procedure. These furnaces are manufactured harmonizing to the warming or stuff processing capacity, normally determine by the industrial demand.

This Pak-Tech recycling works will purchased runing furnace of local Pakistani made with an end product capacity of 100kg per hr. The runing unit has all manual maps of inputs, processing and end product measuring. Aluminum bit crush will be use as input and melted aluminium will be the end product of the thaw procedure. The measure of aluminium crush controlled by the operator: that confirms the measure of aluminium harmonizing to the stuff processing capacity of the runing unit. And operator besides has adequate experience in a relevant field in order to analyze that all stuff in the furnace is melted wholly and so transferred to the following procedure. Separation procedure:

The procedure includes separation of drosss from melted aluminium. At the clip of buying aluminium bit, procurance and quality control section checks the stuff that has really less drosss.

Otherwise some drosss are exists that demands to divide in order to keep quality. Aluminum metal has chemical belongings that after runing it subtracts all other metal from itself and that other metal part is considered as drosss of our merchandise ( Pure aluminium bars ) .

Aluminum has the chemical belongings that after runing, pure aluminium sets down to the base due to its chemical weight and all other drosss floats on the surface of pure aluminium. These drosss can be separated easy by utilizing industrial viper tools or spoon tools from melted aluminium surface. This occupation is besides performed by specialised experience individuals who have accomplishments and abilities to judge the drosss from melted aluminium, and ensures the degree of drosss with the aid of material testing tools and techniques. Diing procedure:

Die casting is a various procedure for bring forthing engineered metal parts by coercing liquefied metal under high force per unit area into reclaimable steel casts. These casts, called dies, can be designed to bring forth complex forms with a high grade of truth and repeatability. Partss can be aggressively defined, with smooth or textured surfaces, and are suited for a broad assortment of attractive and serviceable coatings.

Die castings are among the highest volume, mass-produced points manufactured by the metalworking industry, and they can be found in 1000s of consumer, commercial and industrial merchandises.

Pak-Tech recycling will put in the dice projecting line in a mode to bring forth aluminium bars for aluminium bulge procedure. The dies are made harmonizing to the demand of industrial client. For illustration the sizes, weight, form etc. Pak-tech recycling besides will travel for high force per unit area die projecting instead than forging, for bring forthing a glistening ( Grain loose ) and smooth ( cracklings ) surface of aluminium bars.

Radiances and smoothness are depends upon the dice interior surface and force per unit area of seting liquefied metal into the dice. More clear and smooth interior surface of dice and the high force per unit area of seting liquefied metal into die guarantee the both factors of end product merchandise. Pak-Tech recycling will unify these factors into its deceasing procedure to bring forth quality merchandises for its client. Quality control determines the factors that prevent all non conformances with the coordination of specialised employees and workers.

The end product of casted ( Diing ) aluminium is available harmonizing to the size of aluminium saloon. Normally melted aluminium takes 2-3 hr to keep its form and ready to take out from the dice. Boxing procedure:

Packaging of stuff refers all activities sing protection and standardisation for the concluding cargo of the merchandise. Standardization develops for brining relaxation in the cargo of merchandise to the client. That includes: unit per package, bundle per box, safety sheets, etc.

As the merchandise of Pak-Tech recycling works is breakage free or rusts free so there is no demand for concentrating on high safety measurings. But for safety from abrasions Pak-Tech recycling develops the packaging procedure in which minimal five to six units per package are strongly attached with a strong plastic strip seal to forestall abrasions. The measure of units per package decided harmonizing to the size and weight of per aluminium saloon. Shipment procedure: ?

7.2. Handiness of Qualified labour:

Oppressing units are extremely efficient to oppress aluminium bit into little pieces. Manual resources are required to set scrap stuff into production line. After that an experient individual is required to run furnace and have proper cognition about runing province of aluminium. The chemical applied scientist will develop cleansing procedure which separates pure aluminium from drosss. Specialized quality control panel will prove the stuff to go through on the production line. After go throughing choice trial stuff will flux towards deceasing procedure where experienced labour controls the measure and have proper accomplishments about deceasing procedure.

Other labour and assistants will besides be hired for mobility intents of a natural stuff and finished merchandises.

7.3. Business Partnerships: ?

7.4. Quality control:

Quality control panel will be developed which includes extremely qualified and skilled forces. Quality control section involve at every measure of production line through buying of aluminium bit boulder clay packaging of finished goods.

At procurement degree quality control section test the stuff for few drosss than at oppressing. Process quality control keep cheque on the crushed stuff that it would be every bit little as it consumes less energy for runing. After chemical cleansing procedure quality control section develop the quality evidences with the aid of chemical applied scientists to O.K. quality of pure aluminium. Than after deceasing process quality control checks the concluding quality of aluminium bars that it must be bubble free bars.

7.5. Customer Support Strategy

It is a scheme where clients back up out concern in order to be successful and assist us in increasing our gross. We will develop client support by guaranting high quality merchandises and by making so we can retain our clients. If we will develop a good client support and this factor will take to increase our sale volume. It will construct a good reputation and image and acknowledgment in market about our merchandise.

If we can non retain our bing clients than to happen a new client would be hard for us. Once satisfied the client he will reiterate concern activity with us by buying our merchandise and this will increase our gross and maintain our concern in the industry. We will utilize proactive attack for clients support in order to avoid jobs that clients have to face.

We will seek to execute such activities that will assist us to maintain our clients out from the defeat

We will make programming of our activities and we will execute our activities on clip. We will seek non to detain our work, by proper get the better ofing our inefficiencies.

Good relation with client ever requires a good and direct communicating with clients and so for this we will make client relation direction.

We will reach our client through personal electronic mail or call to client.

8: Fiscal Plan: ?

9: Critical Hazard Factors: ?

9.1. Management Hazards: ?

9.2. Selling Hazards:

As we are the first movers and presenting this works first clip in Pakistan. So we have many hazards sing state state of affairs and related Aluminum market.

The political instability in Pakistan will make a hazard for our merchandise because as GOVT changes the monetary values of the merchandises will besides affected by that alteration. This will make job for pull offing our merchandise quality.

This would be the 2nd works in Asia so there are opportunities that neighbour states will besides reach us for aluminiums bars. This can do job of carry throughing the demand of our clients. If we will non be able to run into their demand this will do client dissatisfaction.

9.3. Operating Hazards:

There are long-run jobs with recycling of aluminium,

aˆ? Lack of a mature substructure for roll uping lasting goods,

aˆ? Lack of economical methods for leveling lasting goods,

aˆ? Troubles placing aluminium within durable goodss,

aˆ? Lack of economical engineerings for screening aluminium,

aˆ? Conflicts between merchandise design aims and recyclability,

aˆ? Unpredictability of trade good markets ; and

9.4. Fiscal Hazards: ?

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