An important learning experience Essay

An important learning experience

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The symposium which I attended recently was a revealing experience for me. I have listened to many lectures on the topic, “Women-their role in the society.”  But this one was unique both for its quality and content. You have, perhaps, never heard a discussion on the topic, “Men-their role in the society.” The discussion is always about women. Men have, perhaps, no role! Can men not perform some of the jobs normally done by women? Even, today the best chefs are men. Make study of the hotel industry. You would be surprised to know about the expertise of the men as for their culinary talents.

     The never-ending talk of giving equal rights to women goes on unabated. All the Acts of Parliaments all over the world will not bring equality to women. The change has to be achieved within-by both men and women! Are women equal to men? Certainly not! How can you give equal rights to women? God has created her, given her the status of more-equal. Nobody can deny that right and status to her. Mother, not father, gives protection for the initial nine months to the divine creative force of the future- male or female! But women do not get a fair deal in most of the oriental or western societies. A female child is victimized at every step of life. Women need to be the spiritual and legal equals of men. Sociologists and legislators are seized of this issue.

     One of the highest world bodies, United Nations has done the detailed exercise on the issue. Declaration  on  the Elimination of Discrimination against women as proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 2263(XXII) of 7 November 1967, sates among others, “Considering that discrimination against women is incompatible with human dignity and with the welfare of the family and of society, prevents their participation, on equal terms with men, in the political, social, economic and cultural life of their countries and is an obstacle to the full development of the potentialities of women in the service of their countries and of humanity..” (Declaration…..) The declaration recalls the great contribution made by women in all walks of life, particularly in economic, social, political and cultural life and the important part they play in rearing and upbringing children. It emphasizes the necessity of maximum participation of women in all fields of life. No one does any favor in the matter of giving rights to women. It is her constitutional right and if any laws prevents it, whether religious or secular, that is unjust and an offence against human dignity.


     Education is the primary tool that is conducive to the development of the personality of an individual, whether men or women, and as such it should get priority. Many good things follow education. It gives confidence, paves way for employment of women. It aids her liberation and empowerment. 50% of al public posts and offices shall be held women. She should be in a position to decide what is good for her and what is not. Men can not preside over her destiny. As for her marriage, the woman shall have the full liberty to select her spouse. This is not to undermine the importance the parental role and their experience to settle such matters. But you can’t expect a girl to marry a boy against her wishes. She should be fully involved in selection and decision making. The issue pertains to her life. Evil social practices like child marriage, polygamy, shall be curtailed by law. Minimum age for marriage shall be fixed  and all marriages shall be compulsorily registered with a government authority. Empowering women is a steady and continuous process. None can say—well, here we stop– no more powers for her. Women will decide what is in their best interest.


Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Retrieved on October 13, 2008

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