An important learning experience Essay

About  the  Learning  Experience

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Mohammad  Owais

President,  Information  Technology

In  1994,  I  left  the  comfort  of  a  “real”  job  to  form  my  own  Information  technology   and  Computer  engineering  consulting  firm  called  The  Learning  Experience.  In  the   past  few  years,  my  work  has  focused  on  providing  information  technology  providing  service  among  the  peoples  including  PC  training  and  consulting  and,  more  recently,  web  design,  Programming  in  C++,  C,  Java,  SQL,  SQL  Server,  ASP,   ASP.NET,  C#,  VB  and  most  development  technology.  People  love  to  me  and  happy  my  service.  Mostly  people  interest  and  thousand  or  more  people  use  my   service.  Mostly  people  use  my  assignment  and  purchases  my  CDs,  Videos,  Books   and  love  to  me.

As  a  lecturer  and  professional  speaker,  I  have  presented  seminars  on  customer   service  and  other  information  resource  topics  to  literally  thousands  of  people   throughout  the  U.S,  Europe,  South America,  North America,  Middle East,  Southern   Asia,  Japan,  Korea,  Australia,  New Zealand,  South  Africa,  Kenya,  Canada.  My   audiences  represented  hundreds  of  business,  educational,  government  and  non-profit   organizations  from  the  U.S,  Canada,  Europe  and  South  Asia.  I  was  speak  lecture  in   many  languages  like  French,  German,  Spanish,  Turkish,  And  many  European   languages  throughout  the  world  and  I  love  my  peoples,  loving  my  job.

Formalized  education  included  graduating  from  Harrisburg  Area  Community  College   and  attending  Oxford  University,  PhD  from  London  University,  where  my  superior   talent  and  intellect  allowed  me  to  excel  at  mediocrity  (hey,  I’m  being  funny  here!).   My  favorite  subjects,  not  surprisingly,  included  theater  and  speech.  I  had  ability  to   lecture  other  peoples.

As  a  student  (and  very  proud  alumnus)  of  the  Canadian  High  Secondary  School  for   orphan  boys,  I  worked  on  a  farm  milking  cows  and  doing  other  farm  stuff.  During

these  formative  years,  I  slung  incredibly  large  amounts  of  manure  which  prepared   me  well  for  my  current  occupation  of  consultant,  entrepreneur  and  trainer  as  well  as  I  interest  many  debt  competition,  Song.  My  remember  my  friends  learning  with   me  and  love  my  friends.  I  remember  past  stories  in  School  and  my  teachers.  I   couldn’t  forget  my  child  period  and  first  time  enter  in  School.  I  loved  my  teachers   and  friends.

A  true  learning  experience  in  my  life.  My  father  loved  to  me  but  I  hated  my  father  because  I  loved  my  suze  friend.  My  father  hated  my  friends  jokes  but  I  was   like  my  friend  joke  and  One  time  my  friend  claim  me  in  court  and  I  got  his   money  without  his  permission.  I  went  to  court  disagree  his  claim  as  far  as  I  leave   this  friendship  and  remember  my  father  after  I  Loved  my  father  because  my  father   told  true  and  very  bad  period  in  my  life  after  I  continue  My  education  and  enjoy   my  teacher  lecture  after  my  father  happy  to  me.

Living  a  close  smelling  distance  from  the  Hershey  Chocolate  factory  in  Ontario,   Pennsylvania,  my  days  are  kept  full  as  a  full-time  single  dad  to  two  teen  boys  and   a  kitty  named  Molly.  My  beautiful  daughter  fisa  lived  with  me.  I  remember  my   spend  period  in  my  old  home  and  I  remember  my  grandfather  and  loving  people.

As  for  my  time  at  the  Milton  Hershey  School  my  home  away  from  home–I  will   never  be  able  to  repay  the  kindness,  caring  and  love  shown  to  me  by  the  teachers,   houseparents  and  administrators.  You  all  know  who  you  are  and  thanks.

Thank  you.


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