An Inclusive Christian Approach to World Religions Essay

An Inclusive Christian Approach to World Religions

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            The idea of an inclusion approach by Christians to world religions is something new and something that is very different from the exclusion approach that the Christian religion has been known to teach for years.  The difference is acceptance of respect of other religions and how they approach the idea of a god or the philosophy of being able to do things that are considered moral or right.  Some of these are that there are way that Christians can approach looking at these different religions and still be respectful and also look at the good that each of these religions incorporates.  The idea is that if some other religion is teaching morality and treating others well and with respect than their beliefs should be included on a basis of being able to spread the word of God.

            The old view for Christianity has long been the exclusion approach.  This approach taught that all other religions were wrong and that there was no way to get to Heaven except through accepting Jesus as one’s personal savior and renouncing all other beliefs.  This type of view was what a lot of people had a problem with when it came to religion as they could not understand how someone who was living a good and moral life would be condemned to Hell for eternity when they had not committed any wrong doings.  The view was judgmental and harsh and did not look at things in the way that others would have thought to include other religions as something that could be right.

            This new view is teaching Christians that there can be other religions that can be doing good.  These religions are capable of expressing love and morality.  These religions really can teach others about what is going on and help them to see that there can be a greater good in people who believe differently.  This new way of thinking and new beliefs are something that has really changed the Christian religion and is truly showing that Christians too can be accepting and loving of many different types of people.

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