An Inconvenient Truth Essay

An Inconvenient Truth

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“An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore has been described as a candid, informative and powerful documentary which  brings out the dangers that threatens us as human being if we do not take the necessary measures to control global warming. The movie is all about global warming and what will happen if no action is taken by all those who are concerned. In the documentary AlGore states that global warming is real and is caused by the human activity. He points out that the governments and the entire humankind should take an immediate action to stop this process and reverse its effects. He warns that if we do nothing towards this catastrophic phenomenon will have serious effects which might destroy our civilization and wipe out other species on earth (Steig, E 2006)

The documentary is based on speech that Al Gore has been developing for the last six years. In the movie he uses dramatic visuals which help in driving the point close home. He starts by showing the photographs which bring out two different times; in one of the pictures the earth is shown as it was when the first American astronauts took its photograph from the space, the next pictures shows a different status of the earth where the glaciers and the lakes have shrunk, shorelines retreating and snow has melted.

Al Gore provides facts, gives statistics in showing how man present action have and will bring terrible effects on this planet. He states that the ten warmest years in the history of mankind have been experienced in the last fourteen years. This is the period when South America has experienced the first hurricane in its history, the period when disastrous hurricanes such as Katrina wrecked havoc on our land, the time when pacific and Japan have been hit by numerous typhoons. Gore uses the graph to show the carbon dioxide cycle, the way it has been increasing over the years, if no action is taken he warns that worst is yet to happen as the temperatures will continue to increase threatening the life of every creature on earth. (Masters,J 2009)

In the film there is a segment which clearly refuting  the critics of global warming especially those who say that it will be so insignificant such that there would be no effect.He discusses the possiblity of major ice sheet collapsing raising the global sea levels by almost six meters.He uses animation to show what would happen to different species which are more at risk as far as global warming is concerned.The polar bears population will decline drastically as their enviroment will  be destroyed.The documentary comes to an end at the point where Al Gore points out what needs to be done so that the effects of global warming can be successfully reversed.The key point should be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air through planting more vegetation which will help in its consumption.He calls on his viewers to join hands with him so that his efforts can yield friuts as they are to benefit the whole world.

Some people have criticised the ninety minutes film as too scientific,they claim that Al Gore has bombarded them with a lot of scientific jargons that are not entertaining at all.Perhaps these critics were looking forward to be entertained by a person they knew to well from other quarters other than film industry but they were disappointed as the film did not make them feel good.There are other critics who term the movie as too realistic.They term some of the figures and so called facts given by Al Gore as far as climatic changes is concerned as too ambitious and vague. (Steve,L 2007)

The Convenient Truth is a movie that has made any person to stop and think,one either agrees with its content,partly agrees or completely refutes its content but the fact is that it has got the people thinking and has ignited a debate.There is a potential threat as far as this world is concerned.As Al Gore points out if we do not act now ,the whole world might be wiped out.

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