An Inconvenient Truth Essay

An Inconvenient Truth

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            An Inconvenient Truth is a 100-minute controversial documentary film, about climate change, in particular, the global warming, presented by ex- vice-president Al Gore, and directed by Davis Guggenheim (“An Inconvenient Truth”, 2006). Here, Gore discusses logical facts behind global warming; elucidate how it has begun to influence our surroundings, talks about the catastrophic consequences if the world’s governments and people do not act, and shares what each human being can do to help  mother Earth for this and future generations.

            An Inconvenient Truth is a full of discussion which was increased by a display of charts, graphs, data and even computer graphics was used just to show numerous details, all pointing to the bad effects the current rate of emissions has on the surroundings (Crust, 2006). But what Gore really presented was a well-packaged review of recognized data (Berardinelli, 2006b). If an individual accept the fact that global warming is real, and its effect not just on the environment but for the Earth’s sake, they can easily skip to watch An Inconvenient Truth because the way the message was delivered and the presentation was shown, even a non-professional man can understand it (Crust, 2006).

            The problem with this documentary film is that, at some point, Gore debunks an ordinary belief that we need to prefer between a good nation and a well surroundings. In the sense that, what would be the use of having a good economy of one country if the surroundings they have living for is not safe? Of course, it is the responsible of everybody to have a clean and safe environment if they want to live in this Earth. Businessman should consider a having a business that is environmentally-friendly in order to achieve a good economy and also a healthy environment for everyone. Also, the messenger; because, if this film wants to inform and warn about the effects of the global warming, such as that oceans will warm up, which will direct to more powerful storm, like Hurricane Katrina that hit US on the latter part of the 2005, then why does he use one of the most divisive political figures of the last decade as the speaker? I don’t have any troubles to deal with Al Gore, but who’s Republicans or even Independents are going to pay attention and spend their 100-minutes just to watch or listen about global warming (Berardinelli, 2006a)? I think it’s more on political motive why he pursues on this kind of issue.

            Generally speaking this movie is somewhat stimulating to everyone. You will see and learn several steps that can be taken on personal and public levels that each individual can do in order to reduce the greenhouse gases that humans have been using many years from now.

            There are several ways that can help to lessen or to prevent the occurrence of global warming. First, each individual should help in planting trees because trees help to absorb the carbon dioxide and other toxic gases   that are mainly caused by humans. Although it has no big impact, al least it will lessen the effect of global warming. Then, emission of carbon dioxide should lessen. All of us contribute to the emission of this toxic gas and even those young ones. For example, instead of driving a car in going in such a near place, why not to take a walk or a bicycle, you’re not only reducing the carbon dioxide that your car is releasing but also you keep yourself healthy. Also, choose to buy products that are recycled and recycle some of the household waste. It will save energy and also resources that are not renewable. In addition to, do not burn those garbage especially those dry leaves because it will greatly contribute to the release of some toxic gases. Lastly, educate yourself. Because if you do not know anything about global warming and the things that you can do to prevent it, you will carelessly do things that will greatly contribute to the continuous destruction of our mother Earth.

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