An Interview with Sally Fuller Essay

An Interview with  Sally Fuller

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       Sally Fuller is a forty years old single woman.  She is a successful in her business and owns several apartments and condominiums.  She said “ I should be contented by all of these blessings, what more could I ask for?  I have a smooth sailing business.  I own several apartments and cars.  But inside I still feel so empty”

               She is the eldest daughter in the family of four girls and two boys.  Her father was a commercial airplane pilot and her mother was a full time housewife.

            “Being a pilot,  we seldom see him.  He always had his schedules.  We grew on that set-up.  I still remember he never spend his time with us during Christmas and Thanksgiving.  He was always out of the country” ( Janine Corlleto personal communication, September   13, 2006)

            That experience alone, made her childhood days very lonely.  She became more cold, distrustful and lonely when she accidentally overheard her mother and father fighting.  Her mother wanted her father to stay for Christmas.  But his father said he cannot.

            Janine said, “I still remember I was very shocked, I got cold feet and was unable to move for a little while when I heard my father said that he cannot spend his Christmas with us because he’ll be spending it with his first family”

            That was her most unforgettable night.  It made her cold, distrustful especially with men.  That’s why she is still single up to this day.  Thou she admitted that she has her share of short relationships but it did not last because before it end, she leave.  She don’t want the guy to end the relationship,  that is why she leave first.

            The weak broken child was hiding in the suit of a successful, happy go lucky lady.  Beneath those fancy clothes and cars was a picture of a unhappy woman.  Why does she feel so empty in spite of all the success in life that she achieved.  What will make her truly happy.

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