An Over View Of The Mc Donalds Company Marketing Essay

McDonald ‘s Vision

”McDonald ‘s vision is to be the universe ‘s best speedy service eating house experience. Bing the best agencies supplying outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value so that we make every client in every eating house smiling ”

McDonald ‘s Aims

Gross saless – Entire gross of the concern earned by selling nutrient and service

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Growth – Provides a better or greater service by increasing the market portion

Net income – Supply good sustainable profitable growing for its stockholders.

Customer Satisfaction – Friendly and fun environment for clients.

Main installations

Drive – thru

Wi-Fi system

Party room

Comfortable siting adjustment

Play land which childs can do free usage of and have tonss of merriment.

awards and surprises with selective repasts

LCD Television systems

Vouchers, price reductions etcaˆ¦

Background of the house

When the word McDonalds is mentioned, there are batch of impact of the turning adolescents and grownups. McDonalds Corporation ( MC ) is the Sri Lanka ‘s 3rd largest concatenation of fast nutrient eating houses, functioning about 4000 clients daily. McDonalds chiefly sells beefburgers, cheeseburgers, poulet merchandises, Gallic french friess, breakfast points, soft drinks, milk shakes and sweets. More late, it has begun to offer salads, wraps and fruit. Many McDonalds Restaurants have included a resort area for kids and advertisement geared toward kids, and some have been redesigned in a more ‘natural ‘ manner, with a peculiar accent on comfort: introducing sofa countries and hearths, and extinguishing difficult plastic chairs and tabular arraies.

External environmental analysis

Plague analysis is an analysis of the external macro environment in which a concern operates. These are frequently factors which are beyond the control or influence of a concern, nevertheless are of import to be cognizant of when making merchandise development, concern or scheme planning.

Political & A ; Legal

The international operations of McDonalds are extremely influenced by the single province policies enforced by Sri Lankan authorities.

This would include environmental protection Torahs, revenue enhancement Torahs, authorities subsidies, foreign trade ordinances, stableness of authorities etc.

Any alterations in ordinances, the infliction of extra ordinances, or the passage of any new statute law under the McDonalds ‘s disposal that impacts employment, trade, merchandise safety, transit, wellness attention, revenue enhancement, privateness, or environmental issues could hold an inauspicious impact on McDonald ‘s fiscal status and consequences of operations.

The operations of McDonald ‘s are affected by the authorities policies on the ordinances of fast nutrient operation. Currently authorities are commanding the selling of fast nutrient eating house because of high wellness concern such as cardiovascular and cholesterol issue and fleshiness among the immature and kids in the state. Governments besides control the licence given for unfastened the fast nutrient eating house and other concern ordinance demand to follow such as for a franchise concern. Good relationship with authorities in giving common benefits such as employment and revenue enhancement is a must for the company to win in any markets. McDonalds should besides protect its employees by guaranting all the hiring, compensation, preparation or repatriation is harmonizing to Sri Lankan Labor Law as stipulated.


Working within many societal groups.

Addition employments.

This involves lifestyle alterations, calling outlooks, consumer activism, growing rate of population, age distributions, regional displacement in population etc.

The altering life styles of Sri Lanka due to development of Sri Lankan economic system should be besides taking into consideration. While more people are able financially to eat at more expensive mercantile establishment such as fast nutrient eating house, they have higher outlook. They want to hold quality in services and more comfortss that can distinguish one eating house from another. Young urban consumers want new engineering in their life and installations such as recognition card payment, wireless cyberspace, cosy and loosen uping ambient topographic point, and other attractive force for their haunt and feeding. All these demands should besides be taken into consideration. There is non much difference between cultural and the purchase of merchandises in a individual state but for different states cultural sensitiveness should be upheld. So far McDonalds has shown good attempts in localisation of its bill of fare to accommodate local clients but it should invariably study and larn approximately local civilization to better understand and design the best merchandise for them.


Advanced engineering development.

Quality criterions.

This involves passing on research and development, patent protection, new developments in engineering, productiveness betterments etc.

For a fast nutrient eating house, largely engineering gives a really high impact on the company and it is non a important macro environment variables. However McDonalds should be looking to rivals new invention and better itself in term of incorporating engineering in pull offing its operation. For illustration in stock list system, supply concatenation direction system to pull off its supply, easy payment and telling systems for its clients and wireless cyberspace engineering. Execution of engineering can easy do the direction more effectual and cost economy in the long term. This will besides do client happy if cost nest eggs consequences in monetary value decrease or promotional run price reduction which will benefits them from clip to clip.


Strengths and failings every bit good as the chances and menaces confronting the organisations. These give McDonalds an thought of where possible chances for enlargement bing every bit good as it the company have the necessary resources in topographic point to run into the altering organisations demands

Organizational capabilities- McDonalds will be able to turn to issues as the handiness of resources needed for any new merchandise development.

Environmental forces- by carry oning a PESTLE analysis McDonalds will be able to place the environmental forces act uponing the company and they can therefore develop and implement schemes to run into these demands.

Competitive forces impacting the house



The barriers to entry are reasonably high for new entrants, in fast nutrient industry McDonald ‘s they have achieved high economic systems of graduated table and have better entree to raw stuffs and distribution channels. so new entrants may happen that a high cost of investing is required in securing works and machinery. So these factors will be menaces of new entries for new entrants. But in fast nutrient industry is deriving and showing an addition in gross revenues at the average clip because of their low-cost monetary values with recognition crunch, it makes it attractive to new concern.


In fast nutrient industry McDonalds is keep the rather low dickering power of purchasers. In this instance perceived to be reasonably low hazard for McDonald ‘s as consumers have small control over the fluctuations in the merchandise offerings, monetary value, and topographic point of distribution. However, Mother company should ever take topographic point and any necessary version made. The company should maintain clients satisfied, as exchanging cost is rather low and the opportunities of exchanging to another trade name in instance of dissatisfaction is comparatively low. But for that possibilities are really low because McDonald has created its image among the consumers through trade name name, distinction, quality, measure, environment, client attention, publicities and singularity.


In this instance Supplier power is rather high in this fast nutrient industry because there is lesser figure of providers, and clients can non exchange to other trade names because every trade name has created its ain image in the consumer ‘s head, that ‘s why consumer can non exchange to other trade names. On the other manus, McDonald has established long term dealingss with its providers and McDonalds has a great trade of influence over their providers, due to the fact that it supports them and trains them, the menaces from providers are rather low. Due to the graduated table of McDonald ‘s operations, providers are acute to keep their contracts with company. McDonald ‘s internationalisation could besides intend greater gross revenues potency for providers.

Menace FROM SUBSTIUTE PRODUCTS ronald_mcdonald_jumping1-1

Substitutes merchandise agencies, which can make the similar map as the original merchandise can make. In this country It could be argued that the menace of replacements to McDonald ‘s comes from pizza hut, KFC, Din more, Burger ‘s male monarch and other domestic fast nutrient houses. However, most of the above houses do non hold the same stranded of convenience that McDonald ‘s provide, and Peoples traveling to McDonald ‘s for feeding and amusement. This makes the list of replacement merchandises rather long specially ENTERTAINMENT & A ; ADMOSFIER.


Every houses looking for competitory advantage. It is the forces that holds their company above others in their concern and gives them strength of survive in market. Among the every organisation ‘s competition is based on the nature of concern. The concentration of houses within the fast nutrient concern is low due to the established presence of McDonald ‘s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dine More and KFC. However, in certain markets, McDonald ‘s will confront competition from established rival fast nutrient mercantile establishments. for illustration McDonald ‘s and KFC, and they provide every bit attractive merchandises and services, If purchasers do n’t acquire client satisfaction from McDonald ‘s, they ‘ll travel to KFC or someplace else so they should to be continually satisfied and besides they should be really advanced and alone in the merchandises at regular intervals to pull and keep the clients.


In every concern houses or industry has stakeholders.A It is really of import that transnational companies extremely consider and value their general populace or stakeholders.

Stakeholder for McDonald ‘s Sri Lanka includes.

A A A A A A A A A A A A Customers

A A A A A A A A A A A A Franchise Holders

A A A A A A A A A A A A Employee


Community groups

Share holders

Investors-A since McDonalds is a public company, our stockholders are cardinal stakeholders. Stockholders, it ‘s a one of the pretty wide class but non rather as wide. Stockholders can be persons, companies, pension financess, common financess, etc. Every investor is managed on their ain and with company support every bit good. McDonald ‘s warrant the investors or stockholders an income that is better than what they could acquire it from any other topographic point in fast nutrient industry.

Employees-A , McDonald ‘s employees rely on us for income and benefits, The employees produce and sell the merchandises and services to the external consumers. Basically, employees are selling a large portion of their lives and must have sensible wage and particularly Directors are assured a good wage if they can develop the house and do it profitable. They regularly work for 50 to 60 hours in a hebdomad.

Community-A McDonalds needs the community to last in competitory market. Because the community builds path manner, provides electricity, security, communicating and engineering and all. In bend, house are obliged to maintain the community ‘s environment clean and viridity.

Suppliers-A if any houses that can non last without good providers. McDonald ‘s must work with their providers with good relationship and pay them a just monetary value for their merchandises and services. And besides already McDonald has established long term dealingss with its providers and McDonalds has a great trade of influence over their providers.

Customers- consumers are one of the of import stakeholders, McDonalds should supply fast, efficient, good nutrient and client services on a consistent footing. Then merely house can successfully last.


TOWS Analysis has been introduced to analyze the competition in the market.

So Strategy

Strong trade name acknowledgment

McDonald ‘s has the great strength for strong trade name acknowledgment in Sri Lanka. Because everyone knows about the McDonald ‘s trade name name. Besides McDonald ‘s is increasing the figure of mercantile establishments in Sri Lanka.

E.g. : – Very late it has opened a new mercantile establishment in Colombo – 13.

Produce high perceived value

Compare to other fast nutrient industry in Sri Lanka McDonald ‘s clients get the value for the monetary value that they pay and monetary values are lower than other fast nutrients.

E.g. : – Their Happy repast & A ; Breakfast bill of fare

Different sort of nutrients available

In Sri Lankan fast nutrient industry merely McDonald ‘s unfastened in the forenoon 7 am and they merely have breakfast at this Compare to other fast nutrient industry merely McDonald ‘s has more assortment of nutrient points.

E.g. : – Fish Burger, Fish McRice, Salads, Mc Cafe, and Fruit Juices etc… ..

Produce high quality merchandises with nice packaging

In McDonald ‘s they give playthings with every Happy Meal

WO Strategy

Establishing new merchandises

McDonald ‘s is presenting new merchandises continuously. Besides they increase efficiency in concern procedure. But at the same clip it can be failing sometime, because if it does non work out.

Low cost bill of fare

Low cost bill of fare that will pull the clients. At the same clip if it is low monetary value people will believe that it is low quality. So it will turn every bit failing as good.

ST Strategy

Provide high value concatenation than rivals

McDonald ‘s staffs are really acute in their work really fast excessively. With that they create strong client relationship.

E.g. : – Merely on McDonald ‘s once we order, if they can non function us within 3 proceedingss we can acquire the refund.

Make moderate alterations harmonizing to client demands

Compare to other fast nutrients merely McDonald ‘s unfastened daily at 7 am and particularly they provide breakfast and they have McCafe. And the new formats, holding Wi-Fi installations, kids play-parks, and clients can acquire any clip any sum harmonizing to their demands these straw, and tissue, because they have kept these in a separate topographic point.

WT Strategy

Benchmark with strong rivals

McDonald ‘s cheque rivals menu and they take it as a benchmark.

Limited figure of nutrient points

McDonald ‘s does non hold assortment of nutrients in poulet. Because they use merely one poulet Fry piece for all merchandises. They are McRice, Chicken Burger, and Crispy Chicken in Sri Lanka.

Strong rivals

McDonald ‘s has strong competition in Sri Lanka. Because before they start their concern here KFC and Pizza hut have already started their concern.

Focus by consumers on nutrition

Health professionals and consumer militants accuse McDonalds ‘ of lending to the state ‘s wellness issue of high cholesterin, bosom onslaughts, diabetes, and fleshiness. And people believe that.

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